Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Thursday trifecta: embroidered tops



And not just any embroidered tops, but embroidered tops with something unexpected going on in the way of pattern, and with a tight color palette, which you know is a thing with me.*  I lingered over but didn’t buy this one when I was at Mango the other day, and have been regretting it ever since.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.21.27 PM

A splurgy option from Suno with really exquisite handiwork.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.22.25 PM

Is deco ethnic a thing? Because that’s the vibe this top gives off to me.




*I know, I know. They’re all sleeveless. But that’s what cotton cardigans are for.

Posted on May 8th, 2014 10 Comments

Matchy clashy

One problem with turning your wrist into the permanent residence of a Liberty of London print is that it can cause violent clashes with a great number of your favorite articles of clothing. This, I had not anticipated, but many of my most boldly and brightly printed pieces have long sleeves, and that’s what they’re for, no? On the upside, the tattoo actually provides a built-in foundation for all sorts of really great pattern-mixing—just so long as I adhere to the golden rule of all pattern mixing and keep the color palette simple. In this case, that means nothing but black and white, and the more graphic the better.

Posted on November 5th, 2013 6 Comments

Print of the week

suno blooming

Yes, it’s a lot of statement. But how often does one see such a brilliant pop of art nouveau these days?

Posted on October 8th, 2013 1 Comment

Print of the week

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 11.04.55 PM

No two ways about it: this cell phone print is way too much. But happily so, no? And matching it up with such a simple, lady-ish  silhouette makes the whole thing actually kind of work in its own quite lunatic way.

Posted on April 1st, 2013 3 Comments