Friday 22nd September 2017
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Just a handful of cute white sweaters

Aside from coffee-spill factor (which is substantial if you’re me), there is no reason not to be wearing white sweaters as the weather goes chillier. They’re so fresh and pulled-together, and look as good with jeans as they do with dressy little trousers. I have a couple of them, but neither is exactly perfect, and I feel as though the quality of my life would improve if I found that ideal one. It might look a bit like this Nili Lotan version I dug up at Barneys Warehouse.

A nice deep, wide V-neck is so far up my alley, and the price is decent.

This big huggy turtleneck would look so good with corduroys.


This is splurgy (and not technically all white) but I want it so.

Pretty straightforward looking, but it’s made by Demylee, who always use great wool.

The wide sleeves here are flattering, and I like that it’s a little sheer, so you could have a pretty cami peeking through.

Another good buy, and I really dig the neckline.

The straps here are just totally random, but I like them. And also knew that one of you would come up with something clever to say about them in the comments.


J. Crew has some decent stuff at the moment

I have stopped even checking the New Arrivals tab on J. Crew’s site because the yield of nice, must-have pieces has continued to diminish as they struggle with changes in upper management and clarifying their vision. But just for kicks I clicked through today, and found a number of pretty cute items. Like for instance, I am dying for this pink velvet blazer: it’s a flattering hue on many, and the extreme pinkness takes the formality of the blazer down a notch.

Zoom in and check out the adorable lip print here.

This popover is so pretty with all the lace at the bib. I’d wear it with khakis, just like here.

This just looks like a good everyday piece.

I always love a star print, and the fact that this one is metallic just increases the fun factor.

I really like this model, and am sometimes not sure if it’s her or the item in question I’m responding positively to. But this is objectively cute, right?

So appealing: like a Barbour jacket, but with the length of a trench.

The Crew has lowered the prices of all of their cashmere, which couldn’t be lovelier.

This leopard print faux fur coat is already beginning to sell out in some sizes, so if you’re at all interested, jump to it.

I’d also bet that this quilted version of their Downtown Field Jacket will go fast. It comes in black, too.


So I’m making a Spotify playlist

A few of you have requested a GOACA playlist, so I’m making one for you, and thought I’d give you an opportunity to make requests. I can’t promise that I will honor them—I am picky, picky when it comes to my music. But I do want to hear them, and if enough of you ask for a particular song,  I probably will include it. Right now I’m having a 90s moment (who am I kidding? I am always having a 90s moment) so I’m listening to a lot of Yo La Tengo. Their song “Our Way To Fall” in particular, which is everything a love song should be.

Tuesday links

  • These neon texts against trippy landscapes are on the dark side, but also amuse. (Flavorwire)
  • Some bodybuilders apparently drink breast milk in an attempt to get pumped.
  • Some of the most wackadoo nail art I’ve seen in some time. (Dangerous Minds)
  • Good on Miss Texas. (Elle)
  • The trailer for Mother!, starring Jennifer Lawrence and my boyfriend Javier Bardem, looks extra-creepy. (YouTiube)


Top 5 of the week: lingerie resources

I really like nice lingerie—bras in particular—and don’t much care that there isn’t anyone to share it with at the moment. Wearing it always feels like a sexy little secret I’ve got going with myself. I used to have a couple of very nice bras and bikini briefs I saved for special occasions, but now I look only for really good pieces that aren’t too delicate or constricting so that I can wear them every day.  This bra is my most recent acquisition from from Fleur du Mal, a brand that skews toward fashiony, streamlined pieces.

I don’t go to Agent Provocatuer as much as I might like because it is so damned pricey, but I keep my eyes peeled for their sales, because they mark items to move. I have been known to splurge there, though, on a couple of hand-embroidered bras so pretty I’d wear them as outerwear if I could. This is just so gorgeous and almost graphic.

I’ll head over to Nordstrom if I need something very specific, like I did when I was searching for a not-unattractive  T-back bra to wear with a particular dress. They’ve got a really hardworking lingerie section.

For bikini briefs, I like UK outfit Mimi Holliday. Their pieces are just really cute and not terrifyingly pricey. These have such good star embroidery.

Also, I always check out Journelle to see what’s new in the panty department, because they’re good at stocking stuff that’s sexy but functional, like this.

Taking requests: knee-high boots

My friend Margaret requested a post on knee-high boots that would be good for walking her new puppy, so I decided to just do a post on all the knee-high boots I like, regardless of height (and there are only a couple that are on the perilous side). This wasn’t the simplest task: the thing at the moment is over-the-knee boots, and stores are crammed with them. But I did manage to find a decent number I liked a lot, including this attractive lug-sole option.

The oxblood hue is just so good.

Here’s one you could walk a dog for miles in.

This looks more expensive than it is, and I love the chunky heel.

I’d wear this with my flowy Ulla Johnson dresses.

This is a good choice for when you’re in the mood to dress things up a bit, and the price is decent.

Grey suede is so damn chic.

This is ever-so-slightly western-looking in a way that appeals.

This has a sheepskin lining, which just sounds so perfect for frigid days when you have to wear a dress.

This is nicely sophisticated.

The pointy toe and clunky heel are an unexpected—but winning—combination.