Saturday 18th November 2017
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Cheap and chic of the week

A very cute toggle coat from JW Anderson’s collab with Uniqlo, on sale for a mere 99 smackers.

15 classic black pieces that are $100 and under


This pleated midi-skirt is really sharp—I’d wear it with a fitted crewneck sweater and boots.

These jeans from & Other Stories look nice and skinny, but not skin-tight (and here’s a good-looking pair in extended sizes).

A nicely (but not overly) oversized denim jacket—which for reasons I can’t understand are really tough to find at a decent price.

Just a really easy blouse.

Everlane’s cashmere crewneck sweater is such a good deal, and it’s got a nice, streamlined fit. It comes in a ton of other colors too, if you’re interested.

Here’s a cashmere V-neck too, for even cheaper. I know that cheap cashmere tends to pill, but in my experience, so does expensive cashmere (the Nili Lotan sweater I wear even as I type is testament to this) so I have learned that it pays to go cheap.

I like the gold buttons on this double-breasted blazer—they’re very French chick.

A nice big huggy turtleneck sweater is a fall essential.

This car coat comes with a detachable hood, which is fun.

This sweater is a mohair blend, which is always so good and fluffy.



I like that this blazer is ever so slightly cropped.

This bomber seriously looks like it costs more than it does.

We have all bemoaned the fact that it’s tough to find a denim skirt that isn’t a mini, but here’s a quite excellent one.

Can’t go wrong with a classic Adidas Gazelle.

I like the slouchiness of these pleated trousers.

Tuesday links

  • Soothingly ordered photos of food. (My Modern Met)
  • Here’s a trailer for the new season of The Crown. (The Muse)
  • Seven women hold forth on the book they think all men should read. (Elle)
  • This is unconscionable. I’ve heard too many bad things about Zara to keep linking to them (I rarely do, but this seals it).
  • This remembrance of Nicholas Cleves, a young man killed in last week’s truck attack in New York, is just beautiful. (Vanity Fair)

A post on silver jewelry, because I never do that

I pretty much always wear gold jewelry, but I really like silver too—it is so much cooler in some ways than gold, and less blingy and obvious. And it can look nice in sculptural shapes, like these stunners.

It also looks fantastic when paired with suede or leather, as it is here.

I crave a nameplate necklace, but want to get something more compelling and/or fun than just my name. Suggestions?

This ring has such a great simple-but-slightly-artsy shape.

A signet ring in silver is kind of a cool idea, and I like them best without monograms.

Just a really dramatic pair of earrings.

I also very much like how diamonds look with silver—so low-key and elegant.

The tiger eye here is just stunning.

The chain here is so nice, and I always appreciate a ball pendant.

Big hoops—as I have noted before—are the sexiest.

These initials by Monica Vinader are just really fun—I love that they’re all mismatched.

A ring that would look great in a stack.


Public service announcement: Everlane introduced puffers today

They come in three different lengths—each ideal for varying degrees of cold temperatures—and several colors, and they’re pretty cute.

Monday links

  • This rundown of 10 of Hollywood’s most enduring friendships is nice and juicy.
  • These innovative outdoor cat dwellings are really something. (Colossal)
  • I was a fan of actress Betty Gilpin on Nurse Jackie, and this piece—about how her body erupted in massive spasms for several days—is one of the best essays I’ve read all year. Do read it. (Lenny Letter)
  • Check out the art in this wine guide Salvador Dali published back in the 70s—beautiful and, of course, way trippy. (Kottke)
  • It’s amazing how many of these rules and traditions the president and first family are supposed to follow that our current president has disregarded. (Elle)