Monday 20th November 2017
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Just a few faux fur jackets and coats for you

Topshop faux fur

How excellent is this blood orange one?

Theory faux mongolian lamb jacket

Faux mongolian lamb is new on me, but I think this looks great—I especially like the leather trim, which elevates it a bit.

Mango faux fur jacket

This  is such a good green, and the whole notion of a green faux fur jacket is just kind of badass.

Frame Denim faux fur coat

This rust-colored number would look great with a lot more colors than you might think.

Via Spiga plus-size leopard jacket

This is reversible, which is nifty.

Eliza J faux fur jacket

I went back and forth on this one—I couldn’t decide if it was completely adorable or a bit off. In the end I went with adorable.

Topshop faux fur jacket

This just looks insanely cozy.

Zadig and Voltaire faux fur jacket

So rock star.

Tops with good prints

I’m looking for cute tops to pop out from whatever sweater I’m wearing now that it is certifiably chilly out. And I like the unexpected color combination on this one.

Diagonal stripes are usually way too much, but I think this top is really cool.

A bold bird print.

I like how nice and graphic this star pattern is.

There is something kind of appealingly vintage-y about this floral number.

Red and black are always so good together.

A subtle dot-dash print on a highly wearable blouse.

The vivid colors here would be such a nice ray of sunshine on a drab day.

This just seems so delightfully easy.

This comes with a bow that I’d ditch. It’s such a sweet floral.

And here’s another pretty dear floral.

A straight-up button-down with a crisp, fun print.

It’s Diptique’s 2017 advent calendar

And I, as usual, am sorely tempted. If you’re at all interested, act fast: it always sells out almost immediately.

Monday links

  • Just a whole bunch of famous people at the airport in the 70s: a supremely excellent time-waster. (Esquire)
  • Picasso really was quite awful. (Kottke)
  • This is cool: a graffiti camp just for girls. (Colossal)
  • Shirley Temple gone death metal: scroll to the bottom to watch the video: this might just be the weirdest/funniest thing you experience today. (Dangerous Minds)
  • Very interesting: why do certain men like to masturbate in front of women? (The Cut)



Things I bought, things I want

LL Bean boot

I finally got this classic preppy LL Bean boot, lined in shearling, because my friend Andrea linked to it the other day and I was reminded of last winter and the winter before that, when I tried to get a pair but they were back-ordered until spring. I have wanted these since I spied all the cool girls wearing them in boarding school, and can’t wait until they get nice and beaten up a bit.

shearling-lined Vans

And I also bought these shearling-lined Vans, which are a lot of luxe for a mere $65. There is a total theme with the footwear in this post.

Kara bag

This satchel I’m dying for is such a good bottle green—so dark that it really comes off as a neutral. And it’s nice and roomy and quite suitable for travel, I feel.

J Crew leopard print coat

I tried this leopard print coat at J. Crew the other day, and it’s really pretty excellent: very well-tailored, and with an appealingly fuzzy texture and the just-right length. I didn’t buy it because I already own too many coats, but I’m still thinking about it, a lot.

PE Nation sweatpants

Another item I seriously don’t need but desire very much: this pair of sweatpants—I’m a sucker for a sweat with stripes, and red and army green is such a good combo.


It has gotten seriously cold here in New York, and I don’t have the most well-heated apartment ever, so I’m thinking of going for these Birkenstock shearling-lined Boston sandals for kicking around in the house.

More cool stuff for the kitchen

This is pretty much a guest post, in that all of the items you see before you were chosen by my dear friend and neighbor Michelle, when she was hanging out with me the other morning while the cleaning lady worked on her apartment downstairs. And she did such a good job selecting pieces—everything here feels like the most stylish possible version of what it is—that I would outsource all of my home/design posts to her were she not otherwise engaged as an attorney. I like how this bread board is designed to catch the crumbs. And the ridges create such a cool pattern.


This is a bread bin, and the lid can double as a bread board in a pinch.

How chic is this gravy boat? And just in time for Thanksgiving, people.

I also quite like the looks of this black and silver kettle.

This is maybe the most stylish trivet ever.

A splurgy-but-so-fantastic Fornasetti tray.

Were I the type of person who had things like cheese domes in her life, I’d choose this cheese dome.

A set of mixing bowls is a good thing to have on hand even if you almost never cook—they just come in so damn handy—and I think the muted blue of these is quite pretty.

I like how the red contrasts with the wood on this dustpan and brush set.