Monday 24th April 2017
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All of a sudden, camo

Zara camo jacket—All of a sudden, camo

I’ve never really worn camo,* but lately, quite out of nowhere, it’s really appealing to me. And what I’m learning is that as with leopard prints, there is good camo and bad camo, and right now, there’s a decent amount of pretty good camo out there. This jacket is a prime example, and it’s dirt cheap.

Current-Elliott tee—All of a sudden, camo

On the other hand, I wish this tee went for less, but it’s pretty perfect.

& Other stories jacket—All of a sudden, camo

Another very nice jacket.

Monrow sweatpants—All of a sudden, camo

These sweatpants are awfully cute, and they’re on sale.

Athleta gym bag—All of a sudden, camo

I especially like blue camo, so of course this gym bag appeals.

NSF camo shirt—All of a sudden, camo

I know that the paint splatter on this shirt will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I sort of think it works.

Herschel Supply camo suitcase—All of a sudden, camo

And finally: I absolutely adore this suitcase.

*I know it offends some of you to turn anything that has to do with our hard-working troops into fashion. But the military has been influencing fashion for as long as the two have existed, so to my mind, it’s OK.

Thursday links

  • Here are a bunch of very early demos from the Go-Gos. (Dangerous Minds)
  • The ten best one-location movies. (Vulture)
  • Yes! (The Cut)
  • Here’a a trailer for the third season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. (Flavorwire)
  • And finally, a reminder: the party at Clare V in Nolita is tonight, ladies! That’s 239 Elizabeth Street, from 6-8. Everything Clare V will be 20% off, which is pretty great. Do show up! I’m dying to meet you.

A loud phone case just makes sense


Case Factory phone case—A nice loud phone case just makes sense

That way, you can always find it in your bag. It’s more fun, too, right? Currently, I have a boring red Apple store-issue case, and am looking to brighten things up a bit, and am wildly tempted by this leather lightning bolt, which is a little pricey, but so, so good.

Edie Parker phone case—A nice loud phone case just makes sense

And this striped number, by handbag designer Edie Parker, is just a kick.

Rebecca Minkoff phone case—A nice loud phone case just makes sense

Here’s one that’s on the quieter side of loud, but still nicely bold.

Zero Gravity phone case—A nice loud phone case just makes sense

An embroidered case is a clever thought.

Case Factory phone case—A Nice loud phone case just makes sense

Just a really good leopard print—and it’s made of snakeskin.



Wednesday links

  • 15 hotels made famous in the movies that you can visit in real life. (Mental Floss)
  • Proenza Schouler cast three transgender models in their new lookbook. (The Cut)
  • The Smithsonian will mount an exhibit dedicated to the life and art of Marlene Dietrich. (Flavorwire)
  • These Dolce & Gabbana kitchen appliances are just beyond. (Elle)
  • And this is late, but still pretty good: tons of looks from NYC’s Easter Parade. (Gothamist)


A couple of beauty products I’m loving

Lipstick Queen lip pencil—A couple of beauty products I'm loving

Don’t you hate falling in love with makeup that’s part of a limited edition run, and therefore can’t become part of your regular regimen? This is just what happened with a certain MAC lipstick that Tribeca Mom brought me from the Redbook beauty closet a while back, and the whole situation had me in a mini-panic. I never get compliments on what lipstick I’m wearing, but when I have this on, I do. It’s a rich, berryish shade, very cheery, a little sexy, somehow not too much. I’ve been dreading the day I run out, and I wear it so much that day is fast approaching. So I went to Bigelow, where the ladies behind the counter know their stuff, and asked for the closest match they had. They came up with this—it’s called Apollo—from Lipstick Queen. The match is almost perfect, and I consider the day to be saved.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow—A couple of beauty products I'm loving

And here’s another find from my friend Andrea—queen of the no makeup-makeup look: Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, which does just what it sounds like: you apply it under or over your foundation or BB cream or tinted moisturizer or whatever, and it just makes your skin all luminous and fresh and younger-looking. It’s super-sheer, so you don’t feel like you’re glopping on another layer, and makes the biggest difference.

I dig my new sneakers

Greats sneakers—I dig my new sneakers

They’re from an indie brand out of Brooklyn called Greats, and they remind me of this far more expensive Alexander McQueen pair. The platform doesn’t stand out quite so much when you’re wearing them, just adds a nice amount of height. And they are seriously comfortable.