Thursday 20th July 2017
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Where do you stand on covering up your grey/going natural?

If I thought I could look as good as Linda Rodin, I’d go grey in an instant

This topic came up in the comments last week, so I thought I’d open conversation up to the group at large: I’m curious what your perspective is about going grey, and if it has changed at all. Like, if you were obsessed with dying your hair so that not a speck of grey showed through, and then one day just decided screw it, and went natural. If you went natural, what made you do it? Conversely, if you are like me and run to the salon the second you see roots, why can you not imagine going grey?

Sunglasses in fun colors


I am wildly tempted by this yellow pair: they are so excellently loud, and the hue is so unexpected on eyewear. They’re the type of thing I’d go ahead and wear with everything, because they sort of don’t match anything.

A comparatively subdued light blue.

This green isn’t exactly bright and poppy like the others, but it is just so good.

Dirt cheap and super-adorable.

I could have done an entire post on pink sunglasses, as there are so many out there; I like the simplicity of these.

Another pink pair: the shape here is quite sculptural and cool.

I feel like everybody needs a pair of red sunglasses, just for kicks.

Do check out the Totokaelo sale

Right now they’re offering an extra 25% off sale prices with the code EXTRA25 at checkout. I scored these Jil Sander heels for under $200 (down from $695), which is not so bad at all. They’ve also got a decent amount of Zero + Maria Cornejo marked nicely down. Sizes are limited, but isn’t that always the way?

Monday links


  • I loved this clever, insightful review of Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style, and not just because it was written by my former assistant—and now successful novelist—Rumaan Alam, but also because it appears on my friend Margaret’s excellent criticism site. (4 Columns)
  • 25 pretty cool staircases. (My Modern Met)
  • Here are some really gorgeous animal tattoos. (Colossal)
  • Fun facts about this year’s Emmy nominations. (Vulture)
  • A marching band played a Daft Punk Medley on Bastille Day for Our National Embarrassment and Emmanuel Macron; Macron gets it, laughs. Our National Embarrassment looks on cluelessly. (Kottke)


Things I bought, things I want

I wrote about this top ages ago, and wanted it for ages too, but something in me resisted. Finally it went on massive sale at The Great, and I could resist no more. And I’m so glad I gave in because it is such a good shirt—don’t let the fact that it’s 100% synthetic put you off: it is ultra-light, and the fabric is so breathable, even in this hideous heat.

I got these camo shorts purely for lounging-about purposes (I very much like these, too).

I can’t stop thinking about this adorable clog sandal: the color is so good, and the back-tie is just a little sexy.

And I absolutely adore this clutch. It comes in black too, but there’s something so appealing about the lilac.

It’s a Nili Lotan trouser I do not yet own, and I am very intrigued by its overall slouchiness. I don’t even mind the drop-crotch: it is a minority view, I know, but I think a drop-crotch can be quite chic, and I think it is here.

Another pair of trousers, but these  are pretty much for transitioning to fall—forgive me for showing such a piece in July—as they’re made of wool. The topstitching on the waistband is a cool touch, and the crop is just right.

OK, just one more item that is not of this season (and one that skyrockets beyond the GOACA price limit too): this faux fur coat is just too much perfection and I want want want it.

Friday links

  • This slideshow of vintage bicycle headbadges is fun. (Collector’s Weekly)
  • Some of these old war posters warning soldiers against catching STDs are really quite beautiful. (Atlas Obscura)
  • 25 notable women on confidence. (The Cut)
  • Here are the 2017 Emmy nominations. (Vulture)
  • These photos of a sunken Italian cruise ship are pretty cool. (Flavorwire)