Sunday 19th February 2017
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Suddenly it’s all about grey jeans

Madewell jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

This winter for some reason, all I’m interested in wearing are my grey jeans. I think they’re just a bit more sophisticated than blue, less expected than black, and easier to dress up when you’re in the mood to. I love the way this woman looks with jeans and a blazer in pretty much the same shade.

This skinny pair from Madewell seems pretty leg-elongating.

Frame jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

I like these because the grey is nice and dark, which is more flattering.

R13 jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

I’m delighted by the extra-fringed hem here.

Mango jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

Here’s a very well priced pair.

Frame jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

A nice boot-cut, slightly cropped option.

Tuesday links

  • Behind the scenes pictures from New York fashion week.
  • The highs and lows of the Grammys. (Vulture)
  • Just lovely: Ten libraries with gardens. (Flavorwire)
  • The Simpsons is such a pioneering show: here’s a short history of their John Waters episode back in 1997, and its importance to LGBT culture. (The Ringer via Kottke)
  • Well this is nice: libraries across the country are getting rid of late fees. (Mental Floss)

Tuesday trifecta

Clare v. backpack—tuesday trifecta Clare V bags

A few new arrivals I’m liking over at Clare V, starting with this nifty canvas backpack. The lips patch is a bit twee, but I find I do not care.

Clare v clutch—tuesday trifecta Clare V bags

I’m digging the op-art vibe of this clutch, as I do love a loud clutch.

Clare v bag—tuesday trifecta Clare V bags

A nice crossbody shape, and a good blue.

One step to pretty

In real life, this stuff looks fluorescent pink in the bottle, but the minute you apply it to your cheeks, it goes on nice and sheer and you get just the prettiest, subtlest glow. Such a good dead-of-winter pick-me-up.

Monday links

  • Oh goody, it’s time for street style from fashion week. It’s been a bit too cold for the real crazy to come out, but there’s still some pretty good crazy. (The Cut)
  • Did you catch Melissa McCarthy reprising her role as Sean Spicer on SNL?  So perfect. (Vulture)
  • Sears and K Mart just dumped Trump Home products. (Reuters)
  • The 21 most important moments in Oscar history. (Elle)
  • There’s a Hamilton movie in the works. (A.V. Club)


Top 5 of the week

Today, for Top 5 of the week, I’m featuring items from Neiman Marcus, because I hardly ever show stuff from them, and they dropped Ivanka’s line* so I’m thinking they deserve a little love. First up: I like this quilted liner jacket to wear under an overcoat, or on its own, when it gets warmer.

This gauze tuxedo blouse is right up my alley.

I find this sneaker bootie rather cute, and bet it’s comfortable and cozy as all get-out.

I adore the grey hue of this jacket from Iro.

And I’m intrigued by these cropped chinos from Frame.


*So did Nordstrom, of course, but I show them all of the time.