Sunday 28th May 2017
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So very many clutches

Kara clutch

I love clutches and find them endlessly chic, but wear them less than I’d like to because they make not so much sense in the life of the owner of two dogs. They’re perfect for evenings out, though, and I find I never have quite the right bag for that. I so went looking, and located, for starters, this rather simple but cool specimen from Kara, my new favorite bag line. The big ring makes it somewhat more practical, and adds a hefty dose of style.

Lizzie Fortunato clutch

The floral print—and contrast of black and orange—here is just so good.

Clare Vivier clutch

This one comes with those buttons, which I would definitely remove: there’s enough going on with the excellent contrasting stripes.

Anya Hindmarch clutch

Very spendy but rather adorable.

 Other stories clutch

Silver, like all metallics, can serve as a neutral, and has the extra added benefit of really popping.

Sole Society clutch

This looks like a pricey Antonello bag, but it’s way cheaper.

Clare Vivier clutch

Just a nice, streamlined foldover with attractive handles.

Mango clutch

straw clutch is good for summer fun.

Samudra clutch

And this is nice and vacation-y too.

Kara duffel wristlet

Another Kara bag, this one with a little mini-duffel shape.


Tuesday links

  • Lovely landscapes by artist Jeremy Miranda. (Colossal)
  • Watch the First Lady swat away her husband’s hand in Israel. (The Cut)
  • Some highlights from Cannes. (Vogue)
  • This rundown of highly specific museums—food additive museum, anyone?—is quite amusing. (Atlas Obscura)
  • Fun facts about famous album covers. (The Chive)

A big fat Net a Porter sale is here

Frame Denim leather boyfriend jeans

I wanted to get this information to you guys first thing this morning, but the Net a Porter people only sent me a limited selection of items that are included in the sale, so I’ll expand this post later in the morning. For now, how great are these Frame boyfriend leather jeans?

OK, here are the rest, starting with a perfectly classic blue cotton shirt from J. Crew.


peasant top with a lot going on, but all of it is good.

A silk-and-cashmere sweater, perfect for the kind of weather we’re having right now.

I like that these skinny jeans have minimal whiskering.

I just recently wrote about how much I adore this shirt; it is lightweight, so flattering, and a really good army green.

I own these carpenter pants by The Great and adore them; they’re hugely comfortable and flattering in a way that baggy pants often aren’t.


And finally, The Great’s swingy army jacket, which they do every season, and which I’ve never seen on sale.

Are you dating?

Photo by New York street photographer Arthur Leipzig, who was also my mom’s first cousin

It takes a lot of courage and stamina to put yourself out there, and I am frankly not always up for it. I go through periods when I don’t date at all, and periods when I do, and right now I am in an on period. Sometimes it’s impossibly fun—who doesn’t love making out with someone new?—other times, not so much. I’m curious to know how many of you who are single are dating, and how you do it. Are you fixed up by friends? Do you go online or use apps? Have you retained the services of a professional matchmaker? Do you find it a joy or do you view it as a job? I want to hear all.

The mightiest steamer

The only problem with my new uniform of button-down shirts is that it requires an awful lot of upkeep in the ironing department, and I am awful at ironing. My cleaning lady is expert at it, but she’s got her hands full with my place. We struck a deal that if I take care of the laundry, she’ll attack the ironing, but there are still—over the course of the week—plenty of shirts in dire need of de-wrinkling in my life. So I bought this very serious steamer, and it works wonders. You don’t get that perfectly crisp look you get with an iron, but if you persevere, you can come pretty damn close.

Monday links

  • The Fug Girls revisited the pilot episode of Twin Peaks to see how it holds up. (Go Fug Yourself)
  • Relatedly, here are the strangest things David Lynch has done since his last major project. (Vulture)
  • I enjoyed this slideshow of the many hats of Pippa Middleton’s wedding. (The Cut)
  • Here are eight actresses making their directorial debuts this year. (Elle)
  • It’s the RV Hall of Fame and Museum. (Atlas Obscura)