Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Things I bought, things I want

LL Bean boot

I finally got this classic preppy LL Bean boot, lined in shearling, because my friend Andrea linked to it the other day and I was reminded of last winter and the winter before that, when I tried to get a pair but they were back-ordered until spring. I have wanted these since I spied all the cool girls wearing them in boarding school, and can’t wait until they get nice and beaten up a bit.

shearling-lined Vans

And I also bought these shearling-lined Vans, which are a lot of luxe for a mere $65. There is a total theme with the footwear in this post.

Kara bag

This satchel I’m dying for is such a good bottle green—so dark that it really comes off as a neutral. And it’s nice and roomy and quite suitable for travel, I feel.

J Crew leopard print coat

I tried this leopard print coat at J. Crew the other day, and it’s really pretty excellent: very well-tailored, and with an appealingly fuzzy texture and the just-right length. I didn’t buy it because I already own too many coats, but I’m still thinking about it, a lot.

PE Nation sweatpants

Another item I seriously don’t need but desire very much: this pair of sweatpants—I’m a sucker for a sweat with stripes, and red and army green is such a good combo.


It has gotten seriously cold here in New York, and I don’t have the most well-heated apartment ever, so I’m thinking of going for these Birkenstock shearling-lined Boston sandals for kicking around in the house.

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