Sunday 23rd July 2017
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10 snappy beach cover-ups

Usually when I go to the beach, all I’m wearing in the way of a cover-up is a ratty oversized tee, and lately, I’ve been thinking it might be nice to go for an upgrade: nothing too fancy, just something cute and light. I love this wrap option—make sure to check out how pretty it is from behind—even though it is on the splurgy side.

Here’s an adorable little Indian print from J. Crew that is on the verge of selling out, so do not delay.

Everything about this caftan just spells ease.

You could totally wear this to drinks or dinner after the beach if you so chose.

Ultra-light, with a classic summer shape (and here’s a very similar plus version).

Just a cute little short number.

I like that this choice looks a little bit like Missoni.

kurta from Roberta Roller Rabbit gets softer each time you wash it, and is so comfortable.

The back dips alluringly low here.

From Lemlem: the cutest stripey sundress.



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A pox on pale legs

I only use self-tanner on my legs, because they are so damn pale, and seem to get more that way with every passing year. And I splurge a little on my brand—these tanning towelettes from Dr Dennis Gross. I like towelettes because they dry faster and are more mistake-proof than lotion, and I like this particular formulation because it’s natural-looking and goes on satisfyingly dark. Added bonus: it doesn’t smell funny.

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A whole mess of short-sleeved button-downs

Short-sleeved button-downs just look so crisp, and they’re infinitely breezier than their longer-sleeved counterparts, which get a little steamy on hotter days—even if you roll up the sleeves—I have found. I like them in all cotton this time of year, because that’s just what’s coolest to wear. And I like to keep them on the mostly simple side—maybe sometimes with an interesting detail here and there—because that’s just how I roll. The tie sleeve on this cute striped choice from The Great is so very fetching.

I am crazy for this frayed-hem, collarless shirt.

Here’s one that was just introduced by Everlane this week: it’s a bargain at $55, and I ordererd it in white and navy stripe.

Such stylish exaggerated cuffs on this plus-size option.

The color is just so spot-on here.

Just a good solid striped shirt, plus-size-version.

I like when the tie is nice and low on a tie -front shirt, like it is here.

A slightly utilitarian-in-feel linen choice.


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All manner of platforms, for your every summertime need

I rely on platforms to keep me feeling tall with minimal suffering, and am un-thrilled that they’re not having much of a moment this season. Scrounging up enough decent ones up for a post took some doing, but I did manage to find several I want to own, starting with these, which seem excellent for when you’re dressing things up a bit. I’d venture to say that the pale pink is light enough to function as a neutral, but it also comes in black.

I’m not sure why I am so tempted by these; they’re just this side of frumpy, but there is something a little French schoolgirl about them, so perhaps that’s the appeal. And the fact that they’re made by Dansko means they’ll be insanely comfortable.

Another Dansko pair: I love the mix of the metallic leather with the neutral.

As classic an espadrille platform/wedge as you could ask for.

I own these, by Robert Clergerie, and they come in handy for times when I want to dress nicely but also know I’m going to be doing a lot of walking.

I am no fan of Diane von Fursterberg—during my time in the fashion trenches, I heard too many stories about her being a really deeply unkind person—so I never show her stuff here. But will make an exception for this wrap-around pair: the studs are just so cool.

Not the most walkable pair in this roundup, but the mix of cork and suede is really rich, and they’re nicely dramatic.

I’m showing these on the model because you can’t tell quite how cute they are on their own.

Just a good solid crossover platform at a great price.

Here is the pair you just throw on before leaving the house without having to think about it. They come in a cool mushroom-y hue too.

I’d wear these with rolled-up jeans or chinos to show off the cute strap.

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Taking requests: Resources for eyeglasses

This request came from my Instagram feed: I posted a selfie of me in my new glasses (they’re from Selima Optique) and a follower named Nomi395 wrote “GOAC—glasses list! Puhlease. And only one WP. And no sunglasses. Regular Glasses.” I took WP to mean Warby Parker, and decided to take Nomi395 up on her challenge, because I’ve never done a post on straight-up eyewear before, really, and because the topic becomes more interesting to me every year as my eyesight continues to go. I love the idea of aviators worn as glasses, and they’ve got them—and loads of other attractive choices—at Steven Alan Optical.

These are so cute and smart-girl nerdy and I like the unexpected green; they’re from a selection at Selima Optique, my personal go-to. They really know what they’re doing there, and they’ve got great frames, both by their own label and others.

You don’t get much more old school than Sol Moscot, and the frames I like best from them, like these, are pretty old-school too.

Here’s my pick from the very satisfying, retro-tinged spread at Warby Parker.

You have to dig a little to find the good stuff at Fetch Eyewear, but it’s worth it, because they donate a whopping 100% of profits from the sale of their products to animal care and rescue. And I did find these,which are perfectly adorable.

You can find some dirt-cheap frames on Eye Buy Direct: for instance, this Clubmaster-style pair goes for a mere $22.

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It’s the little things

I went to Amagansett over the long weekend, mostly to check out my friend Christine’s excellent boutique, Ganeaux, where there was, as usual, much chicness to be had. The highlight for me is always the selection of jewelry on offer from Christine’s boyfriend, the extra-talented James Colarusso, and on this visit I finally allowed myself to acquire this gorgeous faceted heart, which I have wanted forever, and which which I’m currently wearing on a length of leather around my neck, where it looks cool amidst all of the chains.

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