Thursday 27th April 2017
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I dig my new sneakers

Greats sneakers—I dig my new sneakers

They’re from an indie brand out of Brooklyn called Greats, and they remind me of this far more expensive Alexander McQueen pair. The platform doesn’t stand out quite so much when you’re wearing them, just adds a nice amount of height. And they are seriously comfortable.

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My kind of yoga pants

Alala sweats—My kind of yoga pants

I go to a pretty laid-back yoga studio, and nobody gets too worked up about what to wear to class. But everyone shows up in tight leggings, which is something I can’t get with—my butt just needs more coverage. My solution has been to wear leggings layered with gym shorts, which is fine, but a touch unwieldy. So I’ve been stocking up on lightweight sweats, like these from fitness brand Alala. I like that they have pockets, and are nice and slouchy.

PE Nation sweatpants—My kind of yoga pants

Also quite slouchy: these, from PE Nation, which I must say I’ve been wearing to lounge around the house in as much as I’ve been wearing to class. I love the side stripes and the slightly dropped crotch (which I know isn’t universally beloved, but which I think adds a wee dose of cool).

PE Nation sweatpants—My kind of yoga pants

These are made of lightweight cotton and I just think they’re the cutest. However, they’re non-stretchy, so perhaps better for hanging out than poses.

Outdoor Voices cuffed workout pants—My kind of yoga pants

This cuffed lounge pant comes in a variety of hues, but I really like the heather grey.

Beyond Yoga dip it low pants—My kind of yoga pants

And finally: I think this cropped pair is just cool.

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Things I bought, things I want

Clare V pom pom tassel—Things I bought, Things I want

Clare V’s pom pom tassels make the best keychains—you can always find them in your bag, no matter how much junk you’ve got stuffed in there. My old blue one was looking a little trashed, so I upgraded to this multi-colored wonder, and couldn’t be more pleased.

I don’t typically go in for small bags, and this one from Kara is pretty wee, but it fits the essentials—phone, wallet, reading glasses, keys, doggie poop bags—with just a tiny bit of room to spare. And it’s such a chic shape, and has cross-body capabilities, which is essential in the life of an owner of two dogs.

It’s a joke, how many pairs of jeans I have. They are piled high on my dresser because there’s no more room for them inside. So I can’t possibly justify the purchase of these, but they are so damn perfect I don’t know if I can resist. They idle in my shopping cart even as I type.

Ulla Johnson dress—Things I bought, things I want

This dress has a quiet sexiness about it that I quite like.

Nili Lotan trousers—Things I bought, things I want

I know there’s something a little daffy about red trousers, but I’m somewhat obsessed with these.

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Top 5 of the week

J Crew skirt—Top 5 of the week

A few picks from the New Arrivals at J. Crew, starting with this cute flouncy little skirt, which is not typically my type of thing at all, but that I really like the idea of pairing with a striped button-down.

J Crew embroidered top—Top 5 of the week

Just a cute little hippie girl top, of which one can never have too many.

J Crew leopard shirt—Top 5 of the week

The Crew rarely produces a bad leopard print, and this cotton-linen blend shirt will be really nice when the weather turns balmy.

J Crew linen popover—Top 5 of the week

This linen popover is right up my alley: nice and slouchy, with an excellent deep neckline: just the thing to pair with white jeans or army shorts.

J Crew dress—Top 5 of the week

Such a sweet, feminine sundress, with an unfailingly charming print and a great color palette. Wear it with a light cotton cardi if the thought of baring your arms ooks you out.

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Cheap and chic of the week

Madewell crossbody bag—Cheap and chic of the week

Today for Cheap and chic of the week, I bring you five bags under $100 that I respectfully submit do not look like they cost under $100, starting with this very simple crossbody from Madewell.

Sole Society tote—Cheap and chic of the week

The leather here is entirely faux, but the look is anything but.

Sole Society satchel bag—Cheap and chic of the week

Same thing with this roomy satchel; fake leather, but a very authentic vibe.

Mango tote—Cheap and chic of the week

I like how beaten-in the metallic effect is on this leather tote.

Mango clutch—Cheap and chic of the week

And I’m fond of the orangey-red (or is it reddish-orange?) on this leather clutch.

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A whole mess of Liberty of London items


It’s been a while since I foisted any Liberty of London items on you, and somehow, that just seemed wrong. So here are a whole bunch, starting with this cosmetic bag. It’s in their Hera print, which is one of my favorites.

J. Crew shirt—A whole mess of Liberty of London items

Click over to the J. Crew site and zoom in on the print on this shirt; it’s really good.

Liberty of London pouch—A whole mess of Liberty of London items

A person can never have too many pouches in her life—they just come in so handy—and the purple here is really a nice one.

Liberty of London wrapping paper—A whole mess of Liberty of London items

Liberty of London wrapping paper, people.

Liberty of London track shorts—A whole mess of Liberty of London items

These track shorts are just too adorable.

Just check out these gorgeous soaps.

And why not some Liberty underwear? There’s even a matching bra.

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