Monday 27th March 2017
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Staying cozy: A mini-primer

Leave it to me to schedule a trip to Miami right when a blizzard is set to come through town: Readers, it looks like I’m stuck here in New York. But I’m determined to make the best of it, by getting just as cozy as I can in my little apartment,with the help of a few carefully chosen items. I very much like the color combo on this throw, and it’s quite reasonably priced.

These lounge pants look like the soul of comfort.

As do these Minnetonka slippers.

If I were a tea drinker, I would so go for this Marimekko teapot.

But instead I go for hot chocolate, and this is my brand.

These cashmere-blend socks are pretty much the cuteness.

And this cashmere robe is definitely on the splurgy side, but so luxe.

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My favorite minis

Portrait of a Lady perfume—my favorite minis

I haven’t checked a suitcase in ages; even a couple of years ago when I went to Central America for two weeks, I managed to fit everything I needed into one carry-on. So I’ve gotten pretty adept at locating some truly quality mini-size toiletries, and—continuing on the travel theme of late—thought I’d share my favorites.  First up: my favorite perfume, Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady, comes in this nifty diminutive spray-bottle. You can even buy this cool case to put it in.

Davines Oi Oil—My favorite minis

I’ve written about Davines Oi Oil before: I love it immensely. You put it on after you blow-dry but before you style your hair and it gets rid of frizz and smooths brilliantly.

Davines All in One Milk—my favorite minis

My other Davines miracle product:  All in One Milk, which you apply when your hair is wet. I think my hair has actually changed since I started using this product: it’s so much more manageable, tangle-free and shiny.

Mitchum antiperspirant—my favorite minis

I sweat a lot. And I hate scented antiperspirants. So I use Mitchum for men, which helpfully comes in mini sizes. I order them in bulk so I always have one to pop in the suitcase.

ExfoliKate—my favorite minis

For reasons that are not entirely rational, I only exfoliate when I travel: I feel like airplanes are really tough on the pores, and am always in the mood for a deep-cleaning when I get off of one. So I bring along an itsy tube of ExfoliKate, which is really powerful and leaves my skin feeling super-fresh and soft.

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In search of the elusive perfect travel bag

Clare V gosee tote—In search of the perfect travel bag

I love all goods having to do with travel, which is why—even though I have more than one suitable option in my closet—I can’t help looking for new and exciting versions of the travel bag. You know the kind I’m talking about—the one you carry on with you, that’s bigger than your normal handbag and that can accommodate your laptop and magazines and whatever other junk you pick up along the way. Usually these bags are totes, but they don’t have to be: I own this bag, and it’s the perfect combination of a handbag and a tote, much slouchier (and cuter) than it appears here, and it comes with a shoulder strap too. It comes off smaller somehow than it is—a plus in my book—but manages to easily fit a laptop.

Oliveve tote—In search of the perfect travel bag

This is so rich in the navy, and really roomy.

Everlane tote—In search of the perfect travel bag

Here’s one that’s pretty good-looking for just under $50.

Steven Alan tote—In search of the perfect travel bag

I like that this comes with a nifty little zip pouch, and that the shape is adjustable.

Mango tote—in search of the perfect travel bag

And here’s another insanely good buy that looks more expensive than it is.

Steven Alan drawstring bag—in search of the perfect travel bag

The bucket bag vibe here is fun.

baggu tote—in search of the perfect travel bag

And this cobalt leather tote from Baggu is just the best.

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Packing list: Miami

Zero maria cornejo dress—packing list: Miami

I’m taking a very quick little jaunt to Miami next week, and because I know you guys love a packing post—and because I’m still in the middle of sorting out what to bring with me—I thought I’d lay it all out here. As it is such a short trip, I’m not doing my usual sticking-to-one-color-palette trick, but instead, throwing a little bit of everything in there. But of course a healthy amount of black will be represented, in the form of a couple of my favorite Maria Cornejo silk jersey dresses (which helpfully pack down to nothing); I have a longer version of this that will definitely be going in the suitcase.

I just saw this on Shopbop this morning and am seriously considering purchasing it for the trip as well. So easy and just a little sexy.

J. Crew denim skirt—Packing list: Miami

A denim skirt is also absolutely coming along for the ride.

Other Stories button-down—packing list: Miami

Even though it’s not the most practical for travel, I must have a crisp, slightly oversized white button-down.

And I never regret packing a simple white tee.

The Great blouse—Packing list: Miami

I just rush-ordered this top from The Great’s new spring line to bring with me, because it is the cutest.

Everlane Cardigan—pavking list: Miami

Since it cools off in the evenings, I think a nice cotton cardigan is probably called for.

R13 boy skinny jeans—packing list:Miami

I’ll wear my grey R13 boy skinny jeans on the plane, then have them to wear in the evenings.

The Upside shorts—packing list: Miami

And I’ve become such a little yoga freak lately that I’m going to try and take some classes while I’m there. I’ll wear these shorts and a ratty old tee.

Chan Luu sczarf—packing list:Miami

As most of you know, I always travel with a Chan Luu silk-and-cashmere scarf, and I’m tempted to go for this pretty pale pink one, which feels very Miami.

No 6 Huarache clogs—packing list: Miami

I’ll bring some manner of No. 6 clog sandal, probably a pair I already own, although I’m mighty tempted by their Huarache clog.

Stan Smith sneakers—packing list: Miami

I must have some sneakers along too.

I’m very excited to use my poppy new travel blowdryer, because I always find hotel blowdryers wanting.

And because almost everything I’m packing is capable of wrinkling, I’ll probably bring along my trusty travel steamer, which is so, so tiny and and amazingly good.

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Top 5 of the week

REbecca Taylor top—Top 5 of the week

Just a bunch of slightly femme-y blouses with nice prints, starting with this pretty black and white floral.

J Crew top—top 5 of the week

A winning giraffe print from J. Crew.

Ulla Johnson top—Top 5 of the week

Everything Ulla Johnson makes is too expensive, but this is one seriously adorable top nevertheless.

Mango top—Top 5 of the week

A really easy, well-priced option.

Vince top—Top 5 of the week

This one is seriously sheer so you’ll need a cami, but I think it’s so, so pretty.

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Wardrobe classic: the V-neck sweater

The V-neck sweater truly is a cornerstone of my winter wardrobe: I’ve got a black cashmere one from Nili Lotan I bought a few seasons back that I get endless wear out of—I like to layer it with button-downs and striped tees—and a big brown chunky Mes Demoiselles one I got on sale at Net a Porter. I prefer them when the V is on the deep side, and the cut is slouchy (I’m so full of surprises) and everything else is pretty straightforward.

Other Stories v-neck sweater—wardrobe classics: The v-neck sweater

Here’s a nice, classic black cashmere specimen. UPDATE: It’s sold out. Here’s an alternative.

See by Chloe sweater—Wardrobe classics: the v-neck sweater

And here’s one I chose because it looks a little like the one the woman in the picture is wearing.

Rag Bone sweater—wardrobe classics: the v-neck sweater

I love that this one looks so 70s tennis-preppy.

Other stories sweater: WArdrobe classics: the v-neck sweater

And this one has such a wide, sexy V it almost comes off the shoulders.

Vince sweater: Wardrobe classics: the v-neck sweater

Just a good blue and a lot of slouch.

Nothing better than a good heather grey, and the price is nice.

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