Monday 21st August 2017
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Things I bought, things I want

I’ve been wearing this belt nonstop since ordering it from Madewell a few weeks ago. It’s a really good army green, and a nice alternative to the usual leather, which is lovely this time of year. Plus, it allows you to add a hit of print to whatever you’re wearing, which keeps things interesting.

I’m liking the idea of higher-waisted (if not exactly high-waisted) jeans, and ordered these because I like the wash a lot and the frayed hem. They have a lot of stretch in them—more than I typically like—but it keeps them very comfortable, and they don’t look like they have a lot of stretch in them, which is key.

This blouse doesn’t look like much, but click through, and zoom in on cutest car print (it also comes in a very pretty dress).

I’ve been fixating on a pair of metallic boots for months now, and these are pretty perfect, and would be even more so once they were broken in a bit (here is a cheaper pair, if you’re interested).

A stylish friend of mine pointed out recently that all the cool chicks are wearing canvas bags, sort of as an anti-status-bag statement, which of course made me want one immediately.  This one has a great shape, and is big enough for a laptop.




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Taking requests: A whole ton of navy blue

I had a few requests for this particular post—there seems to be a consensus that it is a bit softer next to your skin than black and therefore a good alternative as we reach a certain age—and am happy to oblige. I love navy pieces and tend to under-utilize them in my wardrobe. Also: Some of you worry about mixing it with black, but I think blue and black are fantastic together. First up: this crepe blouse is just the right amount of sexy. 

Just a good, slouchy tee.

These sweats are well-cut enough to wear out in the world, and not just for lounging.

I like the slight crop on these trousers.

Navy is pretty much the perfect color for these classic, old-school Adidas.

A smart, easy blouse that would look fantastic with a long pendant.

A very-nearly-perfect bomber.

I’m all about a seemingly straightforward piece with unexpected details, which is why this silk blouse appeals—those sleeves are great.

Just about everyone needs a nay blazer—it’s very French chick.

This jacket is definitely a bit of a statement, so I’d wear it very dressed-down with jeans and a tee.

These are one of my favorite pairs of Nili Lotan trousers—they’re insanely comfortable and (weirdly) flattering.

You can’t beat a classic striped tee.

I can’t allow myself to buy any more Barbour jackets, but if I did, I’d buy this one (and here’s a similar—though not cheap—plus option)


Skinny, straight trousers are always chic.

Another blazer, this one oversized and double-breasted.

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Taking requests: work dresses

A lot of you have questions about how to dress for the office—particularly, it seems, for creative workplaces—and I am at a bit of a disadvantage as to how to answer, as it has been such a long time since I’ve found myself in such a situation. But I do know that when I worked in an office, I found that reaching for a dress in the morning—instead of bothering with separates—simplified matters greatly.And I would totally have gone for this one, because it looks fantastically comfortable and is very chic in a slouchy way.

Polka dots are a little un-serious for a work setting, but the cut of this dress is so clean that I think it works.

Such a great floral, and I’d probably add a cotton cardigan to make it more work-appropriate.

Click through to zoom in on the print here—I think it’s really cool.

Here’s a dress that would work in even the most conservative of offices—yet it still has interesting details.

Again, I’d throw a cardigan (or, even better, a shrunken leather jacket) over this choice.

This is a really good combination of flattering and elegant.


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10 blazers that aren’t black

I feel like blazers are going to be a key component of my early fall wardrobe—they make sense with my current button-down-heavy uniform, and I love how they dress up jeans and a tee, and just in general add a touch of snappiness to anything you pair them with.  I am currently quite fixated on this cutaway jacket (or at least I think that’s what you call them); it’s just the tiniest bit Sgt. Pepper, in a good way.

Such a good dark, dark grey, and I love that it’s velvet.

A solid navy option at a good price.

A nicely dark camo choice—I owned (and got rid of, regretfully) a camo blazer a decade ago, and this feels like a suitable replacement.

Just a good, blushy tweed.

I like that this blue is lighter than navy and even a little cobalt-ish—seems like it’d be an excellent transitional piece.

A red blazer is a bit of a risk, but if you keep things dressed down, it can work.

Meanwhile, a white blazer is so damn cool.

These stripes are so fun, and pretty chic.

This one is nicely oversized, and the plaid is nifty.



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Backpacks under $100

Just a bunch of cute, cheap backpacks, because a couple of you requested such a post. This one from Fjallraven is a classic, and I like it a lot in this stone-toned color.

Navy is a solid alternative to black, and the canvas is nicely light.

This woven version would be perfect for the beach.

Such a cute peachy hue.

I like the lines of this faux leather option.

This doubles as a cross-body bag, which is handy.

Kind of preppy, in a rugged kind of a way.

And this olive green is quite chic.


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Taking requests: A few things I never travel without

“Would love to see a post on what you wear and carry with you when you travel and what you pack for your stay/how you organize things,” writes a reader named MP. So let’s start with the one item that always goes in my carry-on no matter where I’m traveling: a silk-and-cashmere scarf from Chan Luu, because—and we can all say this together because I’ve said it so many times—it’s the perfect weight (nicely light), and airplanes can be temperature torture chambers and I chill easily.

I am committed being a carry-on person, even if I’m going to be away for a while, because it is my philosophy that we always wear the same few things on vacation, and it’s just a question of accurately predicting what those items are going to be. Right now I’m liking this suitcase from Away, which I got before my Miami trip over the winter. It’s relatively lightweight and you can cram  an awful lot into it.

A brand-new acquisition:this tote from my pal Fabiana Trosman of Not Rational. I like how the camo print is nice and dark—it doesn’t clash  if I’m wearing a print. And it was Fabiana’s idea to place a star next to my monogram, which I think it’s aces.

I can’t read anything too serious on vacation, and definitely not on the plane: Samantha Irby is stupidly hilarious, a little dark, and very smart. And her essays go down easy.

If the weather is warm where I’m headed, I always take along at least one of my Maria Cornejo silk jersey dresses. They are eminently cool and flattering and just so easy. Here’s my most recent acquisition.

If I’m going to be somebody’s houseguest or,  will be seeing people first thing in the morning before coffee (as was the case in Italy), I bring my Emerson Fry caftan, because it’s super-comfortable for sleeping and suitably modest.

As far as what I wear on the plane goes, I play it simple: for the trip to Italy I wore these Nili Lotan trousers.

And a sized-up striped button-down.

And clogs, because they’re so easy on, easy off at security (you do have to walk barefoot for a few feet, which is a little unsanitary-seeming, but I’ve gotten used to it).


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