Tuesday 21st November 2017
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It’ll be foul weather boot season before we know it

Seriously, do not delay in making a purchase if you’re in the market for this item, because if you wait until the first snowstorm, all the good ones will be sold out in your size. This, I have learned the hard way. Foul weather boots are one of the unsexiest necessities in existence, but they are crucial for getting through winter in many parts of this country. And they don’t have to be straight-up ugly: I think that this one is almost chic.

These are from Birkenstock, and I love how fluffy they are.

There are a lot of hiking boot-style options to choose from lately, and I like these because of the shearling and the cute laces. (Here’s a similar cheaper pair from J. Crew).

A lightweight sneaker-style boot that’d be perfect for those days when there’s a little snow on the ground but not too much.

A classic, heavy-duty Sorel boot can’t be beat.

This is just the cutest, and I want.

Moon Boots are rather ridiculous-looking, but something about them has always intrigued me—they do look an awful lot like something one would wear on interplanetary travels. (Here is a pair where the logo is less visible and without fur.)

A shearling-lined Chelsea boot: so adorable.

I rarely show any fur that isn’t faux, but I had to include a pair of Mukluks because I know how much some of you love  them.


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It’s the Net a Porter sale, everyone

So hop to it, because the popular sizes always go fast. This Isabel Marant jacket is a pretty good place to start.

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It might be time to pull the trigger on a plaid blazer

Farrow blazer

I like how Seventeen magazine back-to-school issue plaid blazers are: I didn’t own one then, though, and I still don’t, and I’m not sure why. I’m thinking one of the following might do the trick, starting with this particularly elegant specimen.

J. Crew blazer

I love houndstooth—done right, it can be so stylish—and this jacket gets it right.

Veronica Beard blazer

Herringbone isn’t really a plaid, but I always classify it as one (I realize this is arbitrary)and this blazer is just so sharp.

Evidnt blazer

Black and white with very subtle blue makes this windowpane plaid a rather winning proposition.

Smythe blazer

Another windowpane plaid, this one in chic camel, with excellent elbow patches.

Isabel Marant blazerThe colors here are just so damn good.

Kenneth Cole blazer

This one has a hoodie attached, which is nifty.




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Tops with good prints

I’m looking for cute tops to pop out from whatever sweater I’m wearing now that it is certifiably chilly out. And I like the unexpected color combination on this one.

Diagonal stripes are usually way too much, but I think this top is really cool.

A bold bird print.

I like how nice and graphic this star pattern is.

There is something kind of appealingly vintage-y about this floral number.

Red and black are always so good together.

A subtle dot-dash print on a highly wearable blouse.

The vivid colors here would be such a nice ray of sunshine on a drab day.

This just seems so delightfully easy.

This comes with a bow that I’d ditch. It’s such a sweet floral.

And here’s another pretty dear floral.

A straight-up button-down with a crisp, fun print.

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It’s Diptique’s 2017 advent calendar

And I, as usual, am sorely tempted. If you’re at all interested, act fast: it always sells out almost immediately.

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15 classic black pieces that are $100 and under


This pleated midi-skirt is really sharp—I’d wear it with a fitted crewneck sweater and boots.

These jeans from & Other Stories look nice and skinny, but not skin-tight (and here’s a good-looking pair in extended sizes).

A nicely (but not overly) oversized denim jacket—which for reasons I can’t understand are really tough to find at a decent price.

Just a really easy blouse.

Everlane’s cashmere crewneck sweater is such a good deal, and it’s got a nice, streamlined fit. It comes in a ton of other colors too, if you’re interested.

Here’s a cashmere V-neck too, for even cheaper. I know that cheap cashmere tends to pill, but in my experience, so does expensive cashmere (the Nili Lotan sweater I wear even as I type is testament to this) so I have learned that it pays to go cheap.

I like the gold buttons on this double-breasted blazer—they’re very French chick.

A nice big huggy turtleneck sweater is a fall essential.

This car coat comes with a detachable hood, which is fun.

This sweater is a mohair blend, which is always so good and fluffy.



I like that this blazer is ever so slightly cropped.

This bomber seriously looks like it costs more than it does.

We have all bemoaned the fact that it’s tough to find a denim skirt that isn’t a mini, but here’s a quite excellent one.

Can’t go wrong with a classic Adidas Gazelle.

I like the slouchiness of these pleated trousers.

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