Tuesday 25th April 2017
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Monday links

  • Check out these pictures of Nick Cave’s epic installation at Mass MoCA.
  • The most underrated place in every state. (Thrillist)
  • And here’s one for all the old fans of the Cure: footage of them rehearsing for their Prayer tour in 1989.
  • There will be a Friends musical. (A.V. Club)
  • And finally: you don’t want to miss the Fug Girls on the World Figure Skating Championships. (Go Fug Yourself)
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Friday links

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Thursday links


  • This brief history of the vibrator is educational and amusing. (Elle)
  • Hannah Horvath, by the numbers. (Vulture)
  • These very well may be the worst album covers ever created. NSFW. (Dangerous Minds)
  • This Sean Spicer/Veep mashup is hilarious. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • This “sky pool” in Houston is the trippiest. (Mental Floss)
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Wednesday links

  • Here’s the story of Marimekko. (Curbed)
  • 11 shows to look forward to if you loved Big Little Lies. (Elle)
  • Here’s a trailer for the new season of Orange is the New Black. (Flavorwire)
  • “Wild goose chase,” “Lie low,” and more phrases you may use without realizing you’re quoting Shakespeare. (Mental Floss)
  • I love this news anchor’s reaction to forgetting she’s on the air. (Jezebel)


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Tuesday links

  • These pictures of Chicago in winter are awfully pretty. (Colossal)
  • Well this is news: turns out period syncing is a myth. (The Cut)
  • Here are the 2017 Pulitzer Prize winners. (Vulture)
  • These skateboard decks with photos of various rock stars by Spike Jonze are pretty cool. (Dangerous Minds)
  • 12 times women had the perfect comeback when being underestimated. (Elle)


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Monday links

  • What do you think of this argument for Nicole Kidman as the most underrated actress of her generation? I did enjoy her quite a bit in To Die For. (Vulture)
  • Seven notable things Hillary Clinton said at the Women in the World Summit. (The Cut)
  • These vintage photographs of  opium dens are rather fascinating. NSFW. (Dangerous Minds)
  • The Writers Guild of America could go on strike May 2, which would be a drag. (Flavorwire)
  • The 11 best first episodes in TV history. (Elle)


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