Friday 22nd September 2017
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Excellent items for under $25 from H&M Home

It’s very hit or miss on the H&M Home site, but I did manage to find a few items I liked a lot, like this jute storage basket.

This washed linen napkin also comes in a very good grey and some other colors, but I’m feeling partial to the pink.

Bring this handy, cute cooler bag to the beach to keep your cold drinks cold.

How adorable is this denim apron?

I like the print on this bath mat, and the fact that it’s dark. My white bath mats get so dingy.

Posted on June 30th, 2017 4 Comments

Taking a very rare home/design request

I got a note the other day from a reader named Mary Kay requesting that I cover “attractive and not too pricey” bookends, and the note came just one day after I was contemplating just such a post. That felt like kismet, in addition to which I was in a procrastinatory mood book-wise, so here we go: These come in a set of three, and I like that they’re a classic shape, but such good colors.

Mary Kay requested nothing pricey, but I couldn’t not include these, from Fornasetti, because they are just too good.

This is very modern-in-the-70s, in a good way.

I found these at Target—they’re part of a collab with Dwell magazine, and I like the unexpected shape and most excellent redness of them.

These are just rather clever.

And I think the clouds here are pretty cute, if a bit twee.

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 2 Comments

Top 5 of the week: Dog beds

My dog bed situation is very unglamorous—I have this not-entirely-scintillating option from Orvis because my big dog, Mister—as I have mentioned in the past—is a chewer, and he made quick work of the lovely Pendelton bed I bought a while back. This one is guaranteed by the company to be chew-proof, and so far, Mister hasn’t made a dent in it.

Gingham is kind of unexpected, and I like that it’s in black and white (here it is in the blue, which is cute too, but in such a totally different way that it’s funny they’re the same pattern).

This custom-made number is for the dog with a superior appreciation of Midcentury design.

The stripes here are just kind of fresh and fun.

This is a cool, clean-lined option that won’t interfere with the decor too much. It also comes in a nice array of colors, but navy is so classic.

Posted on June 16th, 2017 8 Comments

Making an extremely small outdoor space work

I have a balcony where I spend almost no time, because it is so teensy and vertiginous it feels almost like nothing more than a ledge. But I’m thinking part of the problem is that I’ve never bothered to outfit it with proper furniture—not that it can fit much—and maybe this will be the summer that I do. I would absolutely love this classic Sculptura Occasional Chair, which is exactly like the ones my grandparents had in their backyard in Houston.

I have wanted an Acapulco chair since I saw how great a cluster of them looked arranged around the pool at the house of Lori Leven (of Love Adorned) in Springs, New York. I could only fit one, probably, but it would be so fabulous.

This has a vaguely Acapulco chair feel, and I could fit two of them.

How fun.

I could fit a side table, as long as it was on the super-diminutive side. I like the white tiles here.

And this is nice and simple.

I think this one with the blue mosaic tiles is probably my favorite.

A wee little bistro set that folds up into nothing.

Posted on June 9th, 2017 9 Comments

Items for the home in that pale pink I like so much

Smeg toaster

It turns out that the pale pink I’m so enamored with is so prevalent that New York magazine has given it a name—millennial pink—and devoted a whole feature* to it. You’d think that this would dampen my enthusiasm a bit, knowing my taste was so predictable, and yet it does not. And while I can’t very well bring you one more post on clothing in that hue—having already foisted two of them upon you—I can bring you one on home decor items. I found so many good ones, like this excellent toaster, from the Italian company Smeg.

Aquanova trash bin

What a delightful little trash bin.

Tokyo Design Studio dinner plate

A star print and pink on the same dinner plate is almost too much good.

Tender Rose candle holders

I’ve never owned candle holders in my life, but these are quite tempting.

Bloomingville jars

These jars seem like they’d be good for storing makeup pencils and such.

Le Creuset French press

This Le Creuset French press coffee maker is pretty damn adorable.

Ferm Living pillow

An appealingly simple graphic pillow from Ferm Living.

Muuto vase

The kind of vase that would be good with whatever flowers you chose to place in it.


*The link to it appears to be broken this morning.

Posted on May 26th, 2017 8 Comments

The mightiest steamer

The only problem with my new uniform of button-down shirts is that it requires an awful lot of upkeep in the ironing department, and I am awful at ironing. My cleaning lady is expert at it, but she’s got her hands full with my place. We struck a deal that if I take care of the laundry, she’ll attack the ironing, but there are still—over the course of the week—plenty of shirts in dire need of de-wrinkling in my life. So I bought this very serious steamer, and it works wonders. You don’t get that perfectly crisp look you get with an iron, but if you persevere, you can come pretty damn close.

Posted on May 23rd, 2017 6 Comments