Saturday 18th November 2017
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Just for kicks: poufs

Poufs, as far as I can tell, are utterly pointless items for the home—too squat to sit upon, to un-sturdy to place anything on—and yet I find myself wanting one. Particularly, a bright and happy one, like this, which is kind of too adorable.

These crocheted stripes are pretty stellar as well, and the price is quite decent.

Here’s an altogether splurgetastic option from Missoni.

And here’s a fun print.

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Little dishes and trays for your whatnots


I store my jewelry in dishes like this, but they can have so many uses—it’s handy to have one bedside, too, and for makeup, and they’re quite useful for office supplies, too, if you’re the type of person whose home is your workplace as well. I really like the gold and green on this tiger tray from Jonathan Adler.

Here’s a slightly splurgy—but so very cheery—one from Missoni.

This one costs a mere $19, and comes in several good colors.

This is quite tiny, and so sweet, and perfect for rings.

I love the idea of this placed on something red.

And I’m crazy for the vintage look of this Waylande Gregory option.

Rather elegant and slightly rough-hewn at the same time.

You can’t beat a John Derian plate.

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Thursday trifecta

A few notebooks with very cool prints, starting with this one from Diptique.

dizzyingly geometric pattern, in bold red and white.

From the geniuses at Astier de Villatte, a really quite pretty one that is also a bit dizzying in its way.



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How about we look at some beach towels?

I thought I’d round out beach week around here with a look at beach towels, because why not? And how gorgeous is this one from John Robshaw?

I love Pendelton’s National Park series, and the one for Glacier National Park is probably my favorite.

This woven Turkish towel is just the cuteness.

There is cotton voile on one side of this towel and terry on the other so it can double as a picnic blanket: clever.

I do love a traditional Pendelton print.

And I’m a total sucker for crisp red, white, and blue.

This is just so damn cheery.


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Excellent items for under $25 from H&M Home

It’s very hit or miss on the H&M Home site, but I did manage to find a few items I liked a lot, like this jute storage basket.

This washed linen napkin also comes in a very good grey and some other colors, but I’m feeling partial to the pink.

Bring this handy, cute cooler bag to the beach to keep your cold drinks cold.

How adorable is this denim apron?

I like the print on this bath mat, and the fact that it’s dark. My white bath mats get so dingy.

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Taking a very rare home/design request

I got a note the other day from a reader named Mary Kay requesting that I cover “attractive and not too pricey” bookends, and the note came just one day after I was contemplating just such a post. That felt like kismet, in addition to which I was in a procrastinatory mood book-wise, so here we go: These come in a set of three, and I like that they’re a classic shape, but such good colors.

Mary Kay requested nothing pricey, but I couldn’t not include these, from Fornasetti, because they are just too good.

This is very modern-in-the-70s, in a good way.

I found these at Target—they’re part of a collab with Dwell magazine, and I like the unexpected shape and most excellent redness of them.

These are just rather clever.

And I think the clouds here are pretty cute, if a bit twee.

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 2 Comments