Monday 23rd January 2017
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Week of Requests: the dogs

Barbour dog coat

Hick from the Styx asks, “How do you dress your dogs for insanely inclement weather?” When it gets rainy and snowy or the weather dips below 25 degrees, I outfit the big guy, Mister, in a Barbour coat, and the little guy, Sammy, in a down puffer (his little body’s a weird fit for the Barbours) and off we go.

Musher's Secret

When it snows in the city, everybody sprinkles the sidewalks with salt, which is murder on their paws. I used to put booties on Sammy, but Mister wouldn’t go for it, so now I just use a thick coat of Musher’s secret—seriously thick—and they’re good to go.

Conway Air Purifier

And Allison wants to know, “How do you keep your house clean/pet proof/smelling good with two dogs?” First of all, I have a cleaning lady, who comes once a week. Second, I invested in this thing—an air filter—and I’m convinced it has kept my place from acquiring that multiple-animals-live-here-funk.

African basket

And I have this basket, which is where all the dog toys live.

Evercare pet lint roller

Also: I have discovered the stickiest lint roller of all time. It truly gets off every last bit of fur.

Kim France's dogs


And Janie Lynn writes, “I would definitely like to see something on your dogs, whether or not it’s shopping-related. As long as [there are] some cute pics of the pooches, I’ll be happy.”  Here’s a picture for you, Janie Lynn.

Kim France's dogs

And here’s another, where you get a slightly better sense of Sammy.


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Smells like winter

Roland Pine Soy Candles

Today, I thought I’d share my favorite woodsy-scented candles with you, as it has just occurred to me that I like an awful lot of them. Right now, in lieu of having an actual Christmas tree (which, given my faith, would be a bit off-brand) I am burning Soap & Paper Factory’s Roland Pine, which smells uncannily like the real thing.

Red Flower Wanderlust Candles

Red Flower’s Wanderlust is similarly woodsy, with just a hint of something else—citrus?—thrown in for a nice kick. I love it.

Fornasetti Otto Candles

A pick from Fornasetti will set you back a bit, it’s true, but when the candle’s all melted down you’re left with a cool little objet. I like their  Otto scent best—it’s a lovely, earthy mix of thyme, lavender and cedarwood.

Diptique Feu de Bois Candles

Diptique’s Feu de Bois smells like entering a room in which the fireplace has been going for hours.

Tom Dixon stone candles

This Tom Dixon stone candle is the only one of the bunch I haven’t actually tried, but is it not fantastic-looking?

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Tuesday trifecta

Just a few cool notebooks—maybe if you’re still searching for stocking stuffers?—starting with this jazzy geometric print from Delfonics.

Such pretty hand-dyed shibori paper on this choice from Postalco.

Purple and black look so great together on this Diptique number.

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Don’t need, must have

I can’t think of one thing I could actually do with these Indian pom pom garlands (home/design mavens: hints?) but their presence in the universe delights me.

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Gift Guide #4: It’s always fun to give spiffed-up travel gear



What a very chic luggage tag.


This speaker is small in stature, but it delivers big sound.


I actually think the zebra print on this water  bottle is pretty sophisticated.


It’s a handy evil eye and iPhone charger in one!


A travel jewelry case—very handy.


This Smythson travel journal is rather adorable—and affordable, by Smythson standards.


Everyone’s passport case should have a bold pop of hot pink.



This pop-tastic travel blow-dryer just delights me—in addiction to which, it’s apparently quite good at its job.


And finally: I never get on a plane without a Chan Luu scarf, and I never hesitate to take the opportunity to tell you so.

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Gift Guide #3: Cheap and cheerful and under $50


I like the idea of a bright, happy sugar bowl accompanying one’s morning coffee.


Tokyo Design Studio’s espresso set is perfect for whoever on your list loves a good print, and is down for some serious matchy-clashy.


These graphic paper placemats from France are just genius—for parties or everyday use.


From Rifle Paper Co: a happy jumble of prettily decorated pencils.


Orla Kiely’s storage jar would brighten just about any countertop.


Just a nifty, cleverly-designed bottle opener.


Who wouldn’t want a gift from Le Creuset? I kind of want to spring for this charming utensil crock for myself.


This tray is pretty damn happy.


This box set of 100 Marimekko postcards will keep the print fanatic in your life pleased and occupied.


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