Wednesday 29th March 2017
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Obsessing over quilts, again


I’ve been wanting a quilt in the worst way for the longest time now, and I’m not entirely sure what it’s about: they’re cozy and home-y, but traditional in a way that I’m not. So it’s unsurprising that the ones I’m drawn to are on the modern side mostly, and it turns out that Etsy is crawling with shops selling really cool contemporary specimens. I like this red-on-white number because it’s actually not too too far from traditional, but would not be out of place in my home, which is anything but.

I just really like the color palette here.

This would look so cool in my bedroom, which is all shades of black, white, and grey, that I might just have to pull the trigger. I love the subtle shards of color throughout.

And this is actually a baby quilt, and a rather pricey one at that, but boy is it gorgeous.

Another one I could easily imagine living with.





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GOACA home basics: Serving bowls

Kiri porcelain bowl—GOACA home basics: Serving bowls

I like the idea of doing some entertaining, but I lack some of the necessary tools, like for instance the kind of serveware you could display to anybody outside of family and your closest friends. So I’ve been doing some looking, and came up with the following specimens. First up: I don’t know how great actual food would look in it, but I love the trippy star print here.

Orla Kiely bowl—GOACA home basics: Serving bowls

The pop of yellow on this salad bowl is really quite delightful.

Food 52 cherrywood bowl—GOACA home basics: Serving bowls

And I think this dipped cherrywood bowl is rather elegant.

Bunzlau castle bowl—GOACA home basics: Serving bowls

The hearts here are on the twee side, but I can’t help but really love this.

Hawkins New York copper bowl—GOACA home basics: Serving bowls

I’ve been wanting one of these copper and enamel bowls for a while now, and might just have to finally give in go for it.

Yelloware mixing bowl—GOACA home basics:Serving bowls

Technically, this is a mixing bowl, but I love how old-school it is and would totally serve from it.

Staub bowl—GOACA Home basics: Serving bowls

Just a cheery, sturdy, happy option.

Food 52 porcelain salad bowl—GOACA home basics: serving bowls

The lines of this salad bowl are nicely graceful.

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We now turn our attention to jewelry storage

It’s a problem as old as time: how to store your jewelry so that it all doesn’t end up one tangled and confused mess. I’ve always thought a box would be nice, and you couldn’t beat this hot pink number.

I also like this less pricey mirrored option from Crate & Barrel.

I currently organize my jewelry on a cluster of John Derian plates on top of my dresser.


And I like this sweet little ring dish.

This is the most stylish jewelry tree I’ve ever seen.

And this just looks like it would blend into the surroundings nicely. Plus, it’s super-cheap.

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GOACA home basics: Plates

Le Creuset plate—GOACA home basics: plates

I’m still dining off the plates I got as part of my wedding registry over a decade and a half ago, and occasionally it bothers me that these relics of a failed marriage are part of my everyday life, and I’ll think about replacing the whole set. So far, I’ve had a hard time justifying the expense—they’re perfectly lovely plates, and their provenance is hardly their fault. Still, I’d love some of these bright, sturdy specimens from Le Creuset, just for starters.

CB2 plates—GOACA Home basics: plates

Or I could go super-cheap and buy this set of cool rimmed plates from CB2—just under $50 for eight of them.

Bernardaud plate—GOACA home basics: plates

Conversely I could go all-out splurgy and buy just a couple of plates in this rather gorgeous pattern.


Another splurgetastic option, this one from Missoni.

Heath Ceramics plate: GOACA home basics: plates

I actually do own a couple of these, from Heath Ceramics—they’re super-solid and really big.

Pottery Barn plate—GOACA home basics: plates

Such a nice grey, and really inexpensive.

Nikko Ceramics plate—GOACA home basics: plates

This is just quite graphically appealing.

Target plate—GOACA home basics: plates

I like the detailing here, and it’s another great buy.

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Don’t need, must have

These Day of the Dead correspondence cards from Smythson are simultaneously badass and elegant.

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GOACA home basics: vases

Heath Ceramics bud vases—GOACA Home basics: vases

I do consider vases to be an important home basic because I think it’s so nice to have fresh-cut flowers in your home as often as possible, and desperately wish I practiced what I preached. Occasionally, I’ll make it over to a neighborhood florist that sells the cutest mini-arrangements to go, or to the deli for some cheap tulips, but not nearly often enough. I’ve got plants, and they’re nice, but there’s something special about anyhing that’s in bloom—especially this time of year—so this post serves as a reminder to me to get cracking. I’m quite tempted by this bud vase set from Heath Ceramics—one vase is matte, the other glossy, which is such a nice touch.

Jonathan Adler vase—GOACA Home basics: vases

Here’s the one to reach for when a guest brings over flowers—it’s a perfect size, and pretty much everything looks good in it.

Orla Kiely vase—GOACA home basics: vases

I like the slick orange interior of this pick from Orla Keily.

West Elm vase—GOACA Home basics: vases

A really nice blue, and super-cheap.

HAY vase—GOACA home basics: vases

I just think this is rather clever.

Fornasetti vase—GOACA home basics: vases

And on the ultra-splurgy side of things: this beauty from Fornasetti.

West Elm vase—GOACA home basics: vases

Here one that’s very large and very well-priced.


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