Friday 28th July 2017
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The jacket that makes the outfit


The jacket that makes the outfit is a close cousin to the party in a top, and is quite useful this time of year. The right one—like this almost-too-much sequined number from Iro—can turn even just your most basic jeans and tee combo into a memorable party ensemble.


This wine-hued blazer is so luxe in velvet.


Nothing says party like a nice glossy bomber.


Tweed and studs: unexpected, but it totally works.

I love the vintage-y feel of this drapey item from Elizabeth and James.

This super-graphic Indian print jacket from Ace and Jig would look fantastic with black trousers and the simplest top.

A cropped tuxedo jacket that will instantly spiff whatever it is paired with.

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A party in a top, part 6


For those of you just joining in, the notion of a party in a top was born when I realized that at crowded holiday gatherings, all anyone really notices in the crush is what you’re wearing from the waist up.  To me, this is a very freeing concept, as it is so much easier to find a great top than it is to locate the perfect dress, and afterward, you’re left with a fun little piece to work into your wardrobe however you may please. And you can dress a top up or down, depending on the occasion, with cocktail trousers or a little skirt, even jeans.  A party in a top is maybe something you wouldn’t wear every other day of the week, like this metallic blouse, say.


A good party in a top can even be a little bit crazy, as this one most certainly is.


tuxedo shirt is very classic party in a top—throw on some skinny trousers and you’ve got as elegant a look as you could ask for.


Something that sparkles is always party-appropriate.


A little sheer is welcome at all the best parties: just slip on a cami underneath.


Too often, lace comes off prissy, but this very well-priced, super-femme-y option is anything but.


From the sale at Maria Cornejo: you can’t go too far wrong with something quietly sexy and shoulder-baring.


Call me nuts, but I’m a complete sucker for sequins, and think they look especially great dressed down with jeans.



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Good winter white jeans, and what to wear them with


I pull out my white jeans pretty regularly, and am so glad when I do: there’s nothing fresher to wear on a nice, crisp fall day (or a crappy, rainy Parisian one, like Emmanuelle Alt and Geraldine Saglio show here). There doesn’t have to be anything at all tricky about this look: the simpler you keep it, the better.


Geraldine and Emmanuelle like their white jeans tight, but I prefer a boyfriend cut—in particular this pair from FrameDenim which, annoyingly, is sold out in many sizes.


So I bring you my second-favorite white jeans:  these from Current Elliott


And for those who insist on going tight, I suggest this pair from J. Crew, as they are in ecru, which is more flattering than going for straight, snug optic white.


As for what to pair them with: more often than not, I go super-straightforward, and choose a black cashmere crewneck.


But a nice, chunky handknit-looking sweater in a rich light brown plays nicely off the white as well.


In general with this look I like to stick with solids, but this fair isle is a pretty perfect accompaniment.


As for outerwear: think oversized. I don’t know why, I just like the look of it. This coat is almost as tailored as a blazer, and I love the very subtle herringbone pattern.


This is for if you want to look all dramatic and Ice Queen.


I just love the way grey looks with white—and this is so winningly fuzzy.

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Wardrobe classic: the crewneck sweater


I used to think crewneck sweaters were desperately boring, but I have decided that I just misunderstood them. A good crewneck, as Capucine Safyurtlu so aptly demonstrates here, can turn a whole outfit chic in the quietest of ways. All you need is something interesting—but not too interesting—going on in the way of color or texture.


This oversized sweater has little sparkly bits in it, which I love.


These stripes are in such a good palette, and I like how the red really pops.


I am crazy for the ribbing on this cashmere offering from Everlane.


I really dig the unexpected color combo here.


This is cute, with the side-zipper, and the price is nice.

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Fun with faux fur


I very much believe that the faker a faux fur coat or jacket looks, the better. Furs are dead serious, but fake furs have a sense of humor, and they’re a whole lot chicer—and cheekier—when they’re not trying too hard to approximate the real thing. This coat, for instance, couldn’t look less like actual fur, and I couldn’t be crazier about it.


This fluffy number practically looks like the hide of a Teddy bear, and I love it.


A really good leopard print from British label Shrimps.


Such a great cropped jacket—sort of 70s, but not in a costume-y way.


The subdued camel color and the clean-lined cut contrast so well here with the crazy-ass “fur.”



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Wardrobe classic: the denim jacket


I have gone on record as passionately against any person or institution that endeavors to tell women that once they reach a certain age, particular articles of clothing are off-limits to them, and one of the (many!) reasons  for this is that they are forever telling women over 40 that they are too old for their denim jackets. This strikes me as absurd. What should change, as you get older, is the way you wear something, and not whether you wear it at all: my chicest friend, who is 50, has her denim jacket on nearly always, layering it under heavier coats when the weather turns colder, but she doesn’t wear it like she did when she was 23. That’s the trick. A good denim jacket is timeless and ageless, and I think they can look terrific on just about anyone. Here is my vote for the perfect, classic specimen, from Madewell.


And of course, you can’t go too far wrong with the old $69.95 special from Gap.


I am crazy for the sherpa-lined collar here.


And from Levi’s: another sherpa collar, and an excellent buffalo-check lining for warmth.



I like the faded-out black wash here,  and the price isn’t bad.


And I think this collarless option is super-chic (here’s something similar and less expensive).

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