Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Suddenly liking kimono jackets

It’s good every once in a while to find yourself interested in some look that is completely out of your wheelhouse—it keeps you from falling into a wardrobe rut. And that is pretty much how I feel about kimono jackets, which are pretty far from my aesthetic, but which I find myself drawn to lately. Part of it is that so many of them are vehicles for good prints, but I also just like the easy glamour of them, and how they instantly elevate an otherwise everyday outfit. I’m quite tempted by this one, because the lines are nice and clean, and I think it would look so good with black jeans.

I actually tried this Ace & Jig jacket on at Bird the last time I was in Brooklyn, and was sorely tempted, but couldn’t quite justify it given the number of jackets that are already in my closet. They do matchy-clashy really well, Ace & Jig does.

The embroidery here is very sweet.

nicely priced option, and the blue pops in such a lovely way.

I am crazy for this splurgetastic choice from The Kooples—it is the ultimate throw-it-on-and-you’re-ready-for-a-party piece.

And this quilted denim jacket is exactly perfect for the weather right now.

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Dresses with grown-up hemlines, spring edition

good one for kicking around on summer weekends.

DKNY dress—Dresses with grown-up hemlines

This dress is a little tricky, but not intimidatingly so, and the lines are really sophisticated.

Maje dress—Dresses with grown-up hemlines

I am actually really tempted to go to Maje on Prince Street this afternoon to try this  floral  midi dress on, because they’ve got it in the window and it’s been tempting me for days.

& Other Stories dress—Dresses with grown-up hemlines

A pleasingly simple shirtdress with a nice, subtle print.

James Perse dress—Dresses with grown-up hemlines

Sexy, but also really easy-looking.

Rachel Comey dress—Dresses with grown-up hemlines

I think the ruching business at the shoulder is quite cool.

Frame Denim dress—Dresses with grown-up hemlines

Lacing like this almost always looks cheesy to me for some reason, but here, I really like it.

I can’t resist a star print.


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Wardrobe classic: Cropped pants

I like cropped pants all year round (and have held forth more than once on the appeal of wearing them with boots) but this time of year is when they really make the most sense. I always feel like a crop just makes my whole outfit feel more together and tailored somehow, even if the pants in question are on the casual side. I like pairing them with clogs, of course, for a little height, and even sneakers sometimes, if I’m just kicking around.

White army pants are kind of a revelation, and I like the twisted seam.

Just a rather perfect pair of skinny pants, simple as you please. (And here’s your cheaper-and-quite-similar option.)

These just look like fun, and I like the elastic at the ankle.

An elegant pleated navy pair that tapers down nicely.

These are quite similar, but they’re black.

Since I’m in a camo mood lately, I had to include these.

And these pants just tickle me, what with all those adorable dots: they’re a good choice if you’d like to try a pair of pants with a print but the prospect also scares you, because the dots are pretty subtle.

These are quite nicely tailored, and I dig the army green.

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All I want to wear are button-downs

Everlane button-down—All I want to wear are button-downs

Here is my uniform of the moment: jeans or trousers, a button-down, and clogs  (or boots, depending on the weather). It sounds a bit dull, but somehow isn’t, and I feel like I’ve at last nailed a French fashion editor look (except of course that no French fashion editor would ever show up anywhere in clogs). The trick, I’ve decided, is to always size up. You want the shirt nice and blousy. And I’m still half-tucking, because I think it gives you a flattering silhouette, especially in profile. Plus, I always have on a few necklaces (they’re pretty delicate, so I sleep in them and then don’t have to worry about putting them on every morning) and try to do something interesting—but never too interesting—in the way of a belt. As far as the shirts go, I like them pretty classic, like this one from Everlane, which is a great value, and comes in white as well.

This particular blue is classic preppy, and I like the idea of mixing it up with faded-out black jeans.

This is actually cotton-chambray, and I love the look of it.

Here’s a nice classic white shirt that’s very soft.

A good black button-down is one of life’s necessities—at least according to my rather skewed perspective—and I love Xirena’s because they’re so lightweight (here’s a less expensive and quite similar option).

I believe I wrote about this shirt some time ago, but I recently acquired it and can’t stop wearing it: most military shirts are heavy but this one isn’t at all, and it’s just sort of magically flattering.

I have too many striped shirts already, but this one is so good I might just need to add it to my menagerie.

A nice deep cuff, and a really good price.



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Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

Street style: Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

I was not a denim shirt person until fairly recently, when I acquired a nicely oversized one from The Great that I now wear with stunning regularity. It’s pretty casual, and I’m looking for more tailored options, as well as ones that have a little something interesting going on (some people look fantastic in those with Western-style pockets—and I’ve included one below, just in the spirit of pleasing everyone—but that’s not so much my thing). I like wearing them best with jeans, for a classic Canadian Tuxedo look.

Topshop denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

A very nice, ultra-faded, well-priced option.

J Crew denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

J. Crew’s Always cotton-chambray shirt is pretty much perfect. It’s also forever sold out in most sizes, so I’ve linked to Net A Porter, where it is simply sold out in many but not all sizes.

Grlfrnd denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

Here’s a perfectly adorable Western-style shirt, for those who are so inclined.

J Crew denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

I’ve got my eye on this shirt—also from J. Crew. It feels very 70s Lauren Hutton.

NSF denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

And here’s a slightly spendy (so of course it’s my favorite) denim tuxedo top. Clever.

PRPS Goods Co denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

And finally: I like this one because it’s hefty enough to be worn as a jacket.



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All of a sudden, camo

Zara camo jacket—All of a sudden, camo

I’ve never really worn camo,* but lately, quite out of nowhere, it’s really appealing to me. And what I’m learning is that as with leopard prints, there is good camo and bad camo, and right now, there’s a decent amount of pretty good camo out there. This jacket is a prime example, and it’s dirt cheap.

Current-Elliott tee—All of a sudden, camo

On the other hand, I wish this tee went for less, but it’s pretty perfect.

& Other stories jacket—All of a sudden, camo

Another very nice jacket.

Monrow sweatpants—All of a sudden, camo

These sweatpants are awfully cute, and they’re on sale.

Athleta gym bag—All of a sudden, camo

I especially like blue camo, so of course this gym bag appeals.

NSF camo shirt—All of a sudden, camo

I know that the paint splatter on this shirt will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I sort of think it works.

Herschel Supply camo suitcase—All of a sudden, camo

And finally: I absolutely adore this suitcase.

*I know it offends some of you to turn anything that has to do with our hard-working troops into fashion. But the military has been influencing fashion for as long as the two have existed, so to my mind, it’s OK.

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