Monday 19th February 2018
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17 Winter whites that feel right just about now

winter white

It has been dreadfully cold in New York—even the days that aren’t that bad are pretty awful—and it’s really beginning to affect my mood. This just about the time of the winter that I 1. Begin planning my annual trip to LA, and 2. Start wanting to wear winter whites, because they’re so fresh and even optimistic. I also like the way the woman pictured here is doing it, because it’s nicely sophisticated to mix in  a touch of print or color.

joseph sweater

This is just a good basic ribbed sweater, not too formfitting, which is how I like a ribbed sweater.

r13 boy skinny white jeans

Here is a great pair of (yes, super-pricey) R13 jeans that I like because they’re a good weight for winter and because they’re boyfriend-cut and I can’t bear skinny white jeans (and here is a white pair in extended sizes I like, as well as a cheaper—but not cheap—pair in straight sizes).

madewell sweater

Another ribbed sweater, but this one with a nice deep V-neck.

the great cardigan

I like that this sweater has that fun, fluffy business going on only in the front, which keeps it from being too bulky.

fleurette coat

A really lovely, well-cut coat that is less splurgetastic than it was, thanks to a nice markdown.

vince camuto cardigan

A long cardigan is always flattering.

brooklyn coat

How cute is this furry cropped number? I’d wear it layered over a hoodie.

joie jacket

This is a nice off-white shade that’d be desperately versatile.

AG sweater

I love the look of this simple, lightweight V-neck sweater.

zadig coat

So rock star glam I can scarcely stand it (here is something similar that I also like, and here is a quite fabulous longer version).

veronica beard moto jacket

This jacket is Veronica Beard so it isn’t cheap, but it’s so excellently put-together. I always get my puffers a size larger so I can layer something like this under them.

calson tunic sweater

This is well-priced and very throw-it-on-and-go.

The North Face vest

I think this vest would look great layered under a puffer, or even a tailored coat. Also, I like this super-cheap faux-shearling vest.

vince corduroys

I really want these slouchy corduroys.

kensie parka

I like the layered look here (and here is another white puffer I like).

Michael Stars coat

The tan on white is super-chic here.

free people teddy peacoat

And I’m crazy for the cozy look of this peacoat.


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I am actually serious about fanny packs

rachel comey fanny pack

Or Belt Bags, as they’re referring to fanny packs these days. I love the fact that this once-totally-dorky accessory is enjoying a big style moment, and am very tempted to try it, because it seems like it would be really handy for dog walking. I also like the way they look worn as crossbody bags (I am informed by a super-cool friend that this look is a bit overly trendy, but I still like it).  This crocheted version by Rachel Comey is number one on my list.

rebecca minkoff fanny pack

A cool camo print from Rebecca Minkoff.

kara fanny pack

This pink shearling number is just sort of fluffy and fun.

Matt & Nat fanny pack

Here is a vegan option, for those of you who require such things.

opening ceremony fanny pack

This one is on the bigger side, so I’d probably wear it slung across my shoulder as opposed to around my waist.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.19.01 AM

I love the notion of a monogrammed belt bag from Clare V.

herschel fanny pack

A quite utilitarian, very well-priced option from Herschel.

Rag & Bone fanny pack

This is on the smaller side, and I like the look of the leather zipper pulls.

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Week of requests: dressing for a corporate environment

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.12.03 PM

“I would love to see your ideas for stylish workwear for the corporate office,” writes a reader who goes by MLP. “I know that’s not your wheelhouse, but I would love to see what you come up with.” This post is, in fact, so far out of my wheelhouse that I have avoided executing it for the longest time because I have so little experience in dressing for a true corporate environment (I’ve only ever worked places where jeans were permissible), and feel I have little to offer. But I’ve received so many requests for my take on this over the years that at last I’m giving in. What follows are pieces I would wear if I suddenly found myself working in an office office. For starters, I know for sure I’d wear a lot of button-downs because I own so many of them already, and they make me look put-together on days that I don’t especially feel that way.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.13.21 PM

Of course I have to throw on a few necklaces to keep the button-down from being too boring. Here’s one I’ve got my eye on.

everlane blazer

Throw a blazer over almost anything and it becomes instantly office-worthy.

cigarette pants

If I were to find myself in an office environment again, I’d definitely acquire a good pair of skinny cigarette pants (here is a cheaper pair).

marant belt

An interesting (but, as I always say, not too interesting)  belt is a small, cool way to let a little of your personality shine through.

halogen boot

I’d wear a pair of boots like these, which look like the ones I splurged on here (and here is a sort-of-clunkier version I also like.

marant dress

When I worked in offices, I wore a lot of dresses—mostly simple ones with something architecturally interesting going on, like this one.

sea dress

I think you could get away with this in a more creative corporate environment (I’d probably add a cardigan).

vince dress

I’d layer a shrunken leather jacket over this.

preen dress

It’s on the investment-y side, but this dress makes such a statement and is really flatteringly cut.

jill dress

And you couldn’t beat something like this on days when you want to look especially polished.




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Week of requests: Tops to wear under blazers

The Great top—tops

I’m continuing with the week of requests because last week was a short one, and there are still some fun queries to answer (and if you haven’t answered this question yet, please do so in the comments). A reader named Marisa wrote in to say that she’d like to see a post on “Work-appropriate tops to wear under blazers—preferably things that add a little color and personality without getting too Madonna “Express Yourself” (although I love that look—just not for work.)” I like the boldness and ease of this red choice.

Rebecca Minkoff top—tops

This is a tiny bit more Little House on the Prairie than I typically go, but I think all those pretty colors would look great peeking out from under a jacket.

 Other Stories top—tops

A very feminine—yet still nicely streamlined—option.

Xirena top—tops

This smocked top has a lower neckline than other tops like it, which is a bit more flattering.

 Other Stories top—tops

Such a very pretty blue.

Equipment top—tops

A black and white floral would be a nice, graphic touch.

LAgence top—tops

This has an eensy star print, which I love.

Rebecca Taylor top—tops

Another pretty floral, and one that would be especially good with a navy blazer, I’m thinking.

Cooper and Ella top—tops

This reminds me of a Maria Cornejo top I wear endlessly (and that I paid a lot more for).

Etoile Isabel Marant top—tops

The notion of a brown floral sounds kind of unappealing, and yet this could not be a whole lot cuter.

Joie top—tops

This, at first glance, might seem too casual and hippie girl for work, but it’s made of silk, which polishes things up a bit.

Tibi top—tops

True, this is on the pricey side, but I love the idea of the stripes peeking out at the cuff.

Wayf top—tops

A lace top that isn’t too fussy is a good thing.

Alice and Olivia top—tops

Yet again another floral, this one bright and poppy as can be.

Rebecca Minkoff top—tops

Don’t dismiss this cami as too bare—it’ll be under a jacket and nobody will be the wiser (if you still can’t quite imagine that, here’s a similar tee).

Michelle Mason top—tops

Just a vivid, gorgeous green—an underrated color, if you ask me.

Etoile Isabel Marant top—tops

I like the way collarless shirts look with blazers, and this is just so good.

Stateside top—tops

And finally: you can’t beat a good blue stripe.

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Week of requests: How to dress when it’s freezing out

“I’d love to see a post on what to wear when it’s cold as hell,” writes a reader named Andrea. “You have written about this in the past but I’m always stumped in the winter on how to look fashionable but keep warm.” This request couldn’t be a whole lot more timely, as it is deathly frigid in New York right now. I’m not sure how fashionable I look in the following getup, but it does keep me cozy. Having two dogs to exercise means going out in the awful weather three times a day, and I loathe being cold, so I always start out with a base layer of long underwear, which I get from Uniqlo. It’s super-lightweight, really effective, and quite cheap, and on sale now so it’s even cheaper. I just ordered a couple of extra pairs so I always have some that are clean.

Vince wool pants

Typically, I wear jeans over the long underwear, but lately I’ve been thinking about getting myself some cozy wool pants. These joggers look just about perfect: nice and slouchy, with a drawstring waist, and they’re a cashmere blend, so possibly won’t be too scratchy. Perfect for throwing on to take the pooches for a spin (here’s a cheaper option).


On top, I’ll start with a cotton camisole.

Then I’ll layer a long-sleeved tee over that. This one is from Uniqlo, and is made from the same Heattech fabric as the long underwear, and it’s great.

If it’s really frightful out, my next layer will be a cashmere hoodie.

Then I’ll go for a big old chunky sweater like this one, which I purchased a while back from Vince. It’s on sale now.

As for gloves, I wear the cashmere ones I wrote about here, but were the temperatures to suddenly turn Arctic, I’d go for these, by a company called Hestra, because a friend of mine whose hands and feet get unusually cold swears by them.

In the footwear department: I’m loving my No. 6 shearling boots (which I wrote about here) but also am quite partial to my crazy-ish Penelope Chilvers boots, which are also shearling-lined, and so easy to walk in.

My quest for the perfect red puffer recently ended in the purchase of this one from Aritzia. Sadly, the red sold out, but it’s available in lots of good colors, and also this excellent camo print. It, too, is on sale.

My Chan Luu scarf is warm, warm, warm, and not too bulky.

And finally: A few years back, I acquired a faux fur hat by an Austrian company called Muhlbauer, and wish I could find one just like it for you, but this trapper hat comes pretty close.

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11 Bright and happy scarves for the dreariest of days

Missoni scarf

I love bright, borderline loud scarves this time of year, when it’s too easy to walk out of the house in the drabbest colors from head to toe. The right scarf can light up your whole face even when makeup fails you, and I’m also always looking for items to put a little spring in my step when it gets to be grey and miserable out and I start feeling deathly pallid no matter how much bronzer I apply. This one from Missoni is all fierce oranges and yellows, with a little black thrown in for good measure.

Eileen Fisher scarf

There is a very subtle herringbone pattern here that I quite like, and the combination of reds is so good. It’s Eileen Fisher, who occasionally surprises one.

Charlotte Simone scarf

This is possibly a bit much, but just the right thing for certain circumstances.

Mango leopard scarf

Red leopard is never a bad idea, and the price is quite nice.

Free People scarf

I like the chunkiness of this option,and the stripes are cute in a slightly preppy Ali McGraw kind of a way.

White + Warren travel scarf

This is White + Warren’s excellent travel scarf, which is absolute genius on a frigid airplane, and again, I’m liking the stripes.

J. Crew scarf

I always get really happy when I see red, white, and blue together: it’s so graphic and appealing.

 is so chic and under-used, and the stripes of color are fun.

Pendelton scarf

Pendelton’s National Parks series strikes again. I’m going to venture to say that this is actually a really sophisticated color combination, and that it looks fancier than it is—sort of like Gucci right now, if that’s your thing.

Mango scarf

Why not something pink and floofy?

Echo scarf

This has a small diamond-plaid print, something I’d never seen before but quite like—it makes the wee-est of statements.

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