Thursday 23rd March 2017
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Suddenly it’s all about grey jeans

Madewell jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

This winter for some reason, all I’m interested in wearing are my grey jeans. I think they’re just a bit more sophisticated than blue, less expected than black, and easier to dress up when you’re in the mood to. I love the way this woman looks with jeans and a blazer in pretty much the same shade.

This skinny pair from Madewell seems pretty leg-elongating.

Frame jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

I like these because the grey is nice and dark, which is more flattering.

R13 jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

I’m delighted by the extra-fringed hem here.

Mango jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

Here’s a very well priced pair.

Frame jeans—suddenly it's all about grey jeans

A nice boot-cut, slightly cropped option.

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Fiorucci is back! And selling out fast!

When I was a teenager from Texas visiting New York in the 70s and early 80s, there was no more glamorous place on earth to me than Fiorucci, which was nicknamed “The daytime Studio 54,” and had the coolest and most intimidating sales staff, who were outmatched only by the incredibly stylish customers. Whenever I was in town, I would visit there every day, buying the safest thing—a pair of jeans—but browsing the multicolored cowboy boots and bright plastic belts. And, of course, I had a tee with the Fiorucci cherubs on it, which I have many times kicked myself for getting rid of. Fiorucci has relaunched several times over the years rather tepidly, but this time it looks like they’re doing it right, focusing on jeans and those excellent cherubs. Of course I had to buy the tee. I am posting this on a Saturday because I just found out about it and the good stuff is going fast—this sweatshirt is only left in extra small, which is such a drag—so hop to it!

I also like the look of these jeans.

And this pencil skirt is rather smart.

Posted on February 11th, 2017 20 Comments

All I want are slouchy trousers

capucine safyurtlu-slouchy trousers

I love my jeans, but I’m so damn tired of my jeans. Lately, I’m in the mood for something with a little more, I don’t know, elegance maybe? And I’m thinking that thing is trousers, nice and slouchy like my girl Capucine Safyurtlu wears here. It’s a look that is at once relaxed and polished, which is kind of what I’m going for these days.

Maria Cornejo gabi pant-slouchy trousers

One option would be the Zero + Maria Cornejo Gabi pant, which has an elastic waist and just pulls up—not a traditional trouser, but super-flattering and the soul of comfort.

The Great trousers-slouchy trousers

I own so many pairs of pants from The Great that it’s ridiculous to think I need another, but these just came out and they look pretty perfect.

Topshop trousers-slouchy trousers

Excellent slouch factor on these.

James Jeans trousers-slouchy trousers

I love the rich, deep color here.

The Kooples trousers-slouchy trousers

A very classic menswearish grey.

Vince trousers-slouchy trousers

I like the subtle tapering here.

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Not the same old blazers

Rag & Bone blazer

This is not to suggest that there’s anything wrong with the same old basic navy blue or black blazers—to the contrary, we depend on them—but a girl’s got to have a little variety sometimes, and I’m liking the less-than-orthodox shapes, colors, textures, and patterns here. This striped Rag & Bone number is so English schoolboy. Or uproariously mod, depending on your perspective.

Etoile Isabel Marant blazer

Just a really easy, super-Frenchie one-button option.

Rebecca Taylor blazer

So excellently tweedy and fringe-y.

Smythe blazer

A very polished, slim-cut chambray jacket.

Pas ded Calais blazer

I always think an inverted lapel looks really clean and modern.

Veronica Beard blazer

The pairing of the pinstripes with the silver buttons here is just good fun.

Etoile Isabel Marant blazer

Nicely cut, in a bold black and white.

Derek Lam blazer

I’m digging the truly funky lapel and great blue-on-black print.

The Great blazer

A super-casual, throw-it-on-and-go choice.


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Suddenly intrigued by: Pale pink

street style pale pink

I’m kind of liking this barely-there hue, which at first glance might strike one as overly prissy, but upon second consideration has a nice and nuanced sophistication to it. I prefer it as shown here with all light colors, but it can hold its own with darks, too.

Madewell transport tote — pale pink

Madewell’s  Transport crossbody tote looks extra-fabulous when executed in pink suede.

Vince cashmere sweater — pale pink

I very much like the engineered slouchiness of this cashmere sweater from Vince.

Seavees sneakers — pale pink

The tweedy texture on these Seavees sneakers is just excellent.

Madewell clogs — pale pink

I love a clog that has studs and not staples, and these are not too expensive either. And the color is just right. If you want them, buy them soon, because I fully expect them to sell out.

Theory sweater — pale pink

A really nice, gentle V-neck sweater from Theory.

Everlane clutch — pale pink

And finally, this nifty foldover clutch from Everlane.

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Wardrobe classic: the hoodie

As I mentioned briefly last week, I have very much been feeling hoodies again, for the first time in about a decade. I used to wear them all the time—to toughen up jackets and coats that might otherwise come off too ladylike, but these days my wardrobe is more streamlined, and coats and jackets I’m wearing them under are too. This first option is quite chic in army green.

ATM Hoodie—Hoodies

And the shirttail hem here appeals, as does the fact that the material is quite thin, making it good for layering.

Neiman Marcus cashmere hoodie—hoodies

A quite luxe choice in cashmere.

A nice classic grey zip-up style.

Champion hoodie—hoodies

And finally: you can’t beat a solid, heavy-duty Champion model.

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