Monday 23rd January 2017
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Suddenly loving the notion of high-rise jeans

cher—high-rise jeans

Does Cher not look fabulous here? I remember being so struck by this image of her in the brilliant style guide Cheap Chic (which came out in 1975 and has since been reissued and which you should by all means snap up, as it’s a timeless classic). I’m very much feeling this look. It seems polished and sexy and new, even though it’s been around for a little while.

Frame Denim—high rise jeans

I like the solid dark wash on this pair from Frame denim, and it’s got a staggered hem, which is very of the moment.

Rag & Bone—High Rise Jeans

It’s tough to find a high-waisted pair in a boyfriend cut, but these—from Rag & Bone—are rather good.

Current Elliot—high-rise jeans

Here’s a slick black pair.

Citizens of Humanity—High rise jeans

I’m liking the grayish  wash on this Citizens of Humanity pair.

Citizens of Humanity jeans

These have a nicely beaten-up look.

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Dresses with grown-up hemlines, winter edition

& other stories dress—dresses with grown-up hemlines

Of all the recurring posts I do, there is no greater pain in the ass than dresses with grown-up hemlines. This is because I like to show you dresses with actual sleeves as well, and this additional requirement always manages to whittle the choices down with alarming efficiency. I did find a handful I liked quite a lot, however, starting with this flatteringly-cut dot print from & Other Stories.

Badgley-Mishka dress—dresses with grown-up hemlines

A very ladylike—but not at all prissy—silhouette.

Tucker dress—dresses with grown-up hemlines

I just love this fun print, and the dress itself looks so easy and even a little sexy.

Tibi dress—dresses with grown-up hemlines

I like that this manages to be shoulder-baring and long-sleeved at the same time.

Zero + Maria Cornejo dress—dresses with grown-up hemlines

graceful, asymmetrical choice from Zero+ Maria Cornejo.


Totokaelo dress—dresses with grown-up hemlines

I am a big fan of a simple shirtwaist dress—and like the way this one looks in comes in navy, too.

Warm dress—dresses with grown-up hemlines

And finally, to round out the group: a really quite pretty silk floral.

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Week of requests: Work capsule wardrobe, guest post

Meredith Rollins work capsule wardrobe

I enlisted Tribeca Mom for this post, because a whole lot of you wanted help with a work capsule wardrobe, and  it’s been so long since I had to dress for an office that I didn’t feel like I could do a very credible job of it—and because TM has fantastic office style. (For the uninitiated, Tribeca Mom is my friend Meredith Rollins, and she is the editor-in-chief of Redbook.) I’ll let her take it from here. “Dressing for work is one of those things where it helps to have a uniform. Ever since I got the top job at Redbook, I’ve majorly streamlined my closet: it’s a lot of the same kind of dresses, variations on the same jacket, the same pant cut, the same shoes. Maybe it’s not the most exciting array in the world, but it helps me get out of the house in less time—and it also means I never feel scraggly if a big meeting is thrust upon me in the middle of the day. Though the shapes of my clothes are classic, I try to have some fun with the prints and colors and little details, just to keep things from feeling boring. My go-to items are right here. Let’s work on the assumption that you have a nice white t-shirt (I like a J Crew V-neck) and some dark-ish jeans that can pass muster on a casual Friday. Add those two elements in, and you’ve got roughly three weeks’ worth of variations. Kinda magical, no?”

NY Co sheath dress work capsule wardrobe

“A printed sheath dress (I like a floral). This is polished enough to wear on its own to an event, and also layers nicely under any kind of jacket or sweater.”

Massimo Dutti blazer work capsule wardrobe

“A simple black blazer. Self-explanatory, I think. It makes you feel instantly boss-like, and can elevate that t-shirt and jeans into something office-y.”

Club Monaco moto jacket work capsule wardrobe

“A cropped jacket. I’m really into this moto style, in a lush, deep green. It feels fancy. A black leather jacket would also work well here, if you’re in the kind of job where leather doesn’t seem wrong.”

Tory Burch skirt work capsule wardrobe

“A floaty skirt in a pretty print. Yeah, this isn’t cheap, but it really works hard, and nice fabric is key. Cute with a sweater, a button-down, a blazer, a cropped jacket….just cute, period. Yet professional!”

Phillip Lim pants work capsule wardrobe
Black pants. This is the other place where it’s worth spending some money. These Philip Lim ones are my favorite—the crop is cute with loafers or heels, they’re not too low-waisted, they’re simple yet a tad bit interesting. Perfect all around.”
Uniqlo cashmere sweater work capsule wardrobe

“A super-simple cashmere crewneck. Expensive-looking, luxurious-feeling, yet not a wallet-buster. You can even throw it over the sheath dress, to get more mileage out of that.”

Everlane silk shirt work capsule wardrobe

“A silk button-down. This is chic as hell with the black pants (or jeans) and either heels or flats. Plus, it’s just the right side of sexy, which I love.”

J Crew loafers work capsule wardrobe

Loafers. I’m living in these right now. You gotta be able to walk, am I right? So gamine and sweet with a cropped pair of pants and a sharp little coat.”

SJP pumps work capsule wardrobe
“Pointy-toe heels. I’m hearing Kim’s voice in my head and not recommending my favorite shoes on the planet, which are Manolo Blahnik BB pumps. They are not cheap ($595) but boy, are they comfortable for a heel. They last forever, if you don’t slog through the slush in them. They’re trend-proof but also cool. And in a surprising color or print, they make even an all-black outfit feel thought-out and glamorous. Such a good investment, IMO. That said, you can get very similar and equally stylish heels for less. So…People swear SJP shoes are insanely comfortable, and these grey flannels are cute as can be.”

Ann Taylor leopard pumps work capsule wardrobe
“Or you can jazz things way up with some animal-print velvet. Because your workday deserves a little jazziness. (Really: it does.)”

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Week of requests: Plus-size clothes

Beth Ditto blouse

Cecilia writes, “I’ve been reading your blog for years, and I only remember one post on clothes for plus-size girls. We’re a huge portion of the market, and it seems like there’s only a few brands that cater to us. I’d like to expand my clothing options.” Cecilia busted me but good. I’m pretty sure I’ve done more than one post on plus-size clothing options, but there haven’t been a whole lot more than one, and I definitely haven’t done any in a long, long time. I consulted my old friend and Sassy cohort Marjorie Ingall, author of the brilliant book Mamaleh Knows Best: What Jewish Mothers Do To Raise Successful, Creative, Empathetic, Independent Children and a stylish plus-size lady herself, for pointers.  She directed me to pop star Beth Ditto’s site, where I found this rather excellent eyelash-print blouse.

Beth Ditto dress

And also this pretty great dress—I’m not sure what exactly this print is of, but I sure like it.

Asos Curve dress

Marjorie  also likes Asos Curve, but cautions that it is a bit all over the place. Dig, and you can find some nice pieces, like this very flattering wiggle dress.


Asos Curve coat

Also from Asos Curve: this great grey cocoon coat.

Eloquii dress

Marjorie also directed me Eloquii, which specializes in bright, happy, trendy pieces. I like this brilliantly loud dress.

Eloquii blouse

And I think this top is really smart

Eloquii trench

Also from Eloquii: this very nearly perfect trench.

Maria Rinaldi dress

On the splurgy side of things, there’s Maria Rinaldi. This crepe de chine shift dress costs a fortune, but it is to die.

Eileen Fisher top

I don’t like that they don’t show choices on actual plus-size models, but Eileen Fisher has a decent selection in this category, though the sizes are limited. I quite liked this top.

Eileen Fisher serape

Also by Fisher: I love the look of this serape.

Universal Standard jeans

The one plus-size brand I managed to discover all on my own—and that I like quite a lot—is Universal Standard. If I were shopping in this category, this is where I’d be spending my cash. They make slouchy jeans that fit the way slouchy jeans should fit.

Universal Standard dress

They’ve got cool asymmetrical dresses that remind me of Maria Cornejo.

Universal Standard top

This faux leather top is just so good.

Universal Standard blazer

And this vested blazer (it’s all one piece) is so clever.

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Week of requests: 20 wardrobe classics

j crew shirt

Welcome back from the holidays, everyone, and welcome to the week of requests, which may well stretch into two weeks, as you guys sent in a lot of quality queries. First up is a bit of a hybrid. I had a number of requests for my take on wardrobe classics. I also had some readers ask what my personal go-to pieces are. So I decided to conflate these into one post for your reading pleasure. Some choices here are painfully obvious—like a simple white button down—while other picks might seem like classics only to me. Do with them what you will.

Frame denim jeans

I’d be nowhere without a great pair of jeans that fit exactly right.

Theory blazer

I’m not breaking any news with this one, but that doesn’t make it any less true: one can never underestimate the timeless chic of a good navy blazer.

No. 6 Clogs

Thank God that clogs came back, and may they never go out of style again, and even if they do, I’m not getting rid of mine. They provide height without pain, which is invaluable, and are eminently walkable.

Isabel Marant jacket

A good single-button mid-length wool coat is a key component to the wardrobe of anyone who aspires to dress like a French chick.

Madewell tee

A striped tee is forever.

Blundstone boots

A good pair of chelsea boots—and I do love my Blundstones—will take you everywhere. (Here is a slightly more refined pair, if that is what you’re after.)

James Colarusso necklace

I like a necklace that’s small enough that you can put it on and forget about it.

Nili Lotan blouse

I own an awful lot of popovers, and am partial to those made by Nili Lotan, though they cost more than I wish they did. I like to wait until they go on sale, as this lovely one is right now.

Zero + Maria Cornejo dress

I’ve never liked the expression Little Black Dress, as it implies a mere slip of a thing; nothing consequential. I like the idea of a Serious Black Dress, and invested in this one from Maria Cornejo a couple of years ago. It falls well outside of the GOACA price limit, but it is just so good—I immediately feel confident when I’m wearing it, and you can’t out a price tag on that—and I trot it out whenever I’ve got an important meeting or family event.

& Other Stories cashmere beanie

cashmere beanie is a nice little hit of wintertime luxe, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Mansur Gavriel bag

A good-quality grown-up bag for when you’ve got to look polished is essential. I like my new one from Mansur Gavriel because it’s elegant, but still has cross-body capabilities, which gives it a certain ease.

The Great slouch army pants

I go through periods when I live in my army pants—they’re just so comfortable, and surprisingly flattering. And nothing looks fresher with a white button-down. (Here’s a cute cheaper pair.)

Equipment cashmere V-neck sweater

I couldn’t quite manage without a cashmere V-neck sweater.

& Other Stories Cardighan

…or a generously proportioned cardigan.

Claire V Tote

A well-built tote with good interior pockets is essential for travel.

Manon ring

The older I get, the more rings I wear; this coiled snake from Manon is a favorite.

Canada Goose Rideau Parka

I’ve been kicking around a lot lately in my Canada Goose Rideau parka. The hood doesn’t have fur, as most Canada Goose parkas do, and I love the army green color. And, most importantly, it is warmer than anything.

Mother Demin skirt

And for summertime kicking around, you can’t beat a denim skirt (I also own this one from J. Crew, which is nicely marked down at the moment).

Matta blouse

And finally: one really good hippie girl top is crucial.




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Print of the week

Comme des Garcons is now making their zipper wallet in this excellent matchy-clashy tartan print, which could skew preppy or punk rock, depending on the owner.

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