Tuesday 21st November 2017
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My uniform at the moment

Really, this is a post on layering, because I’ve had a few requests for that, and I figured that the easiest way to show you how to do it is to show you how I do it. I’m still wearing a lot of button-down shirts these days, so I’ll start with one from  Xirena cause they’re nice and thin, which is essential when you’re layering under a sweater. This one has a cute red and blue stripe pattern, and it’s on sale too.

I am big into V-neck sweaters these days, and very much want this one from Vince.


I have been searching for a thin hoodie for a while now because I like wearing them under coats. After an exhaustive search, I found the ideal one: it’s from ATM and I especially like the shirttail hem. I sized up so it can fit over even bulky sweaters.

I have been wearing these pants nonstop: they are so comfortable and flattering.


Typically I wear a black Chan Luu scarf, but I just ordered this one and am excited for the little color injection it’s going to provide on days that I can’t be bothered.

I bought the cutest, cheapest shaggy faux fur cropped jacket a month or two ago at a boutique in the West Village and it’s sold out or I’d link to it, because it’s so good (check it out here) but this one is pretty good too.

My Officine Creative boots have become one of my smartest investments in some time—they’re tall enough to give you a little height, but at the same time quite walkable.



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All sorts of stripes for this time of year

Veronica Beard sweater

People tend to think of stripes as a summer/spring thing, but I like them all year long and maybe especially when it’s cold out, cause they’re a little more unexpected. Striped items are also quite good as layering pieces, as they add a little interest to an outfit. This sweater has a lot going on—the reversed-out sleeves, the gold buttons—but it all really works.

Cupcakes and Cashmere jacket

It is so tough to find a goodletterman jacket that doesn’t cost a fortune for some reason, but this one is—while not cheap—not crazy-pricey for what it is.

Mango sweater

I like the drop shoulders here.

Violeta button-down shirt

A red and white striped blouse looks so great peeking out from under a V-neck.

B.P. tee shirt

I always love black and white stripes—they’re so nice and graphic—and am pretty sure this would go into serious rotation were I to buy it, which I am considering.

The Great henley

I got this henley a while back and have been wearing it endlessly—it’s super-soft, and nicely oversized.

The Great striped dress

I might belt this dress—it could just hang there otherwise—and am pretty certain it’s the soul of comfort.

Splendid Seabound sweater

A striped hoodie sweater would look fantastic under a blazer.

Smythe blazer

Striped blazers are always so appealingly English schoolboy.

Perfect Moment ski jacket

This ski jacket is the very essence of sportif. Click through and check out the multicolored version too, cause it’s seriously cute.

Halogen V-neck sweater

This V-neck would be good with a matchy-clashy button-down underneath.

Mango sweater

This is just really French-looking and chic. And cheap!

Topshop t-shirt

I’d wear this tee with my bright fair-isle sweater.


Violeta sweater

This has barely-there metallic stripes, which is a cool touch.


James Perse sweater

This grey option is nicely understated.

Stateside t-shirt

Many crewneck tees are too high in the neck for me, but this one dips ever-so-slightly lower, which allows the collarbone to be visible. I have a thing about always showing my collarbone.

Karen Kane hoodie

I like the really fine stripes on this hoodie. Also, it looks quite cozy.


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Just a few faux fur jackets and coats for you

Topshop faux fur

How excellent is this blood orange one?

Theory faux mongolian lamb jacket

Faux mongolian lamb is new on me, but I think this looks great—I especially like the leather trim, which elevates it a bit.

Mango faux fur jacket

This  is such a good green, and the whole notion of a green faux fur jacket is just kind of badass.

Frame Denim faux fur coat

This rust-colored number would look great with a lot more colors than you might think.

Via Spiga plus-size leopard jacket

This is reversible, which is nifty.

Eliza J faux fur jacket

I went back and forth on this one—I couldn’t decide if it was completely adorable or a bit off. In the end I went with adorable.

Topshop faux fur jacket

This just looks insanely cozy.

Zadig and Voltaire faux fur jacket

So rock star.

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Cheap and chic of the week

A very cute toggle coat from JW Anderson’s collab with Uniqlo, on sale for a mere 99 smackers.

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Public service announcement: Everlane introduced puffers today

They come in three different lengths—each ideal for varying degrees of cold temperatures—and several colors, and they’re pretty cute.

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17 coats for your delectation

Here is one item I think it’s always a good idea to invest in, because it is so easy to feel shlumpy in drab winter outerwear, and a nice, snappy coat makes you instead positively exude chic. I have more coats than I know what to do with, but was sorely tempted by a lot of these, starting with this one, which has such excellent lapels.

From APC: a nice herringbone tweed that’d look great with jeans or more dressed up.

This is Rachel Comey and not cheap, but I really wanted to include a couple of colorful options and they were in short supply. Also, it’s got a really appealingly nubby texture.

Nothing cozier than a hooded faux fur coat.

The stripe at the hem here adds just the right amount of interest.

A classic shape, and a perfect tomato red.

A little on the crazy side, but good crazy, I think.

This is alpaca, which always looks so great, and I love the idea of a creamy white coat.

The oversized lapels here are so damn chic.

I had to include a leopard choice, of course.

I just think this duffle coat is the most stylish thing ever.

I like the subtle military look here.

Such a perfect, blazing autumnal color, and I really like the texture.

The ribbed, knit cuff is what makes this faux fur standout.

Just a really good houndstooth.

Why not something sweet and peachy pink?

Just as elegant as the day is long.


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