Wednesday 26th April 2017
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Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

Street style: Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

I was not a denim shirt person until fairly recently, when I acquired a nicely oversized one from The Great that I now wear with stunning regularity. It’s pretty casual, and I’m looking for more tailored options, as well as ones that have a little something interesting going on (some people look fantastic in those with Western-style pockets—and I’ve included one below, just in the spirit of pleasing everyone—but that’s not so much my thing). I like wearing them best with jeans, for a classic Canadian Tuxedo look.

Topshop denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

A very nice, ultra-faded, well-priced option.

J Crew denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

J. Crew’s Always cotton-chambray shirt is pretty much perfect. It’s also forever sold out in most sizes, so I’ve linked to Net A Porter, where it is simply sold out in many but not all sizes.

Grlfrnd denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

Here’s a perfectly adorable Western-style shirt, for those who are so inclined.

J Crew denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

I’ve got my eye on this shirt—also from J. Crew. It feels very 70s Lauren Hutton.

NSF denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: The denim shirt

And here’s a slightly spendy (so of course it’s my favorite) denim tuxedo top. Clever.

PRPS Goods Co denim shirt—Wardrobe classics: the denim shirt

And finally: I like this one because it’s hefty enough to be worn as a jacket.



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All of a sudden, camo

Zara camo jacket—All of a sudden, camo

I’ve never really worn camo,* but lately, quite out of nowhere, it’s really appealing to me. And what I’m learning is that as with leopard prints, there is good camo and bad camo, and right now, there’s a decent amount of pretty good camo out there. This jacket is a prime example, and it’s dirt cheap.

Current-Elliott tee—All of a sudden, camo

On the other hand, I wish this tee went for less, but it’s pretty perfect.

& Other stories jacket—All of a sudden, camo

Another very nice jacket.

Monrow sweatpants—All of a sudden, camo

These sweatpants are awfully cute, and they’re on sale.

Athleta gym bag—All of a sudden, camo

I especially like blue camo, so of course this gym bag appeals.

NSF camo shirt—All of a sudden, camo

I know that the paint splatter on this shirt will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I sort of think it works.

Herschel Supply camo suitcase—All of a sudden, camo

And finally: I absolutely adore this suitcase.

*I know it offends some of you to turn anything that has to do with our hard-working troops into fashion. But the military has been influencing fashion for as long as the two have existed, so to my mind, it’s OK.

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Print of the week

J. Crew dress—print of the week

The print on this excellent floral sundress, which showed up on the J. Crew site this morning, reminds me of something Celia Birtwell would have designed for one of Ossie Clarke’s fabulous dresses back in 60s London.

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It’s the little things

Ulla Johnson Slides—It's the little things

I just think these slides are outrageously cute.

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Femme-y dresses you might like even if you are not too femme

Other Stories dress

As you know if you’re a regular reader, I’ve been thinking a lot about dresses lately, and this has led me to think about expanding my dress horizons to include something other than the same old black and vaguely sculptural thing I always go for. For summer I always throw in a print or two, but I’m otherwise stunningly predictable. I like the idea of something in the way of a more feminine dress, but I can’t get too far out of my comfort zone and still feel credibly like me. And what I like about all of the dresses I’ve chosen here is that they feel very femme, but at the same time are streamlined enough not to feel at all prissy or overly frilly. This wrap dress is an excellent case in point: totally wearable, totally sweet.

Chinti & Parker dress

And I adore how ladylike the cut of this dress is, but that any potential primness is undercut by a clever camo print.

Other Stories dress

Just exactly as many ruffles as I could take, with a sexy low neckline.

Ganni dress

I like the asymmetrical hemline here, and the bold green print. There is nothing like a really good green.

The Kooples dress

You know I love a black floral, and the daisy print here is to die. I also think it’s just a perfect silhouette. Truly feminine, but really clean too.

Zara dress

Just a very pretty floral at a quite nice price.

Veronica Beard dress

This is so sheer that it calls for either a very brave soul or a very precise slip, but it is just so pretty I had to include it.

Mango dress

I’m not quite sure what makes this polka dot dress work for me—I think the fact that it’s so nicely cut, with just a hint of flounce at the hem—but it does.

Ulla Johnson dress

I acquired this dress for my trip to Miami at the new Ulla Johnson store on Bleecker Street, and it was absolutely perfect: breezy, flattering, and eminently comfortable, even while riding back-seat on a Vespa.

Saloni dress

You know I love blue and black, so I couldn’t pass this up.

Minkpink dress

I think this just looks incredibly easy.

Ulla Johnson dress

There’s an ever-so-slight hippie-girl vibe here, but nicely elevated.

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10 highly affordable blazers

HM blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

The other day when I did a post on graphic tees and mentioned that my favorite way to wear them was with blazers, a commenter named Caroline requested a post on blazers that don’t cost a fortune, and that sounded reasonable enough, so here you go. Everything you see is under $150, with more than a few ringing in at way less. I thought we’d start out with this nice, well-cut basic black number.

Mango blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

This one has the subtlest polka dots, which is pretty cute if you’re up for it.

AQUA blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

And I like this one because it’s got a detachable hoodie, like those much more expensive Veronica Beard blazers do.

HM blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

I do love a good pinstripe.

Zara blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

Here’s a kind of lady-ish cut.

Mango blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

And here’s just a good solid wool blazer.

Mango blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

I surprise myself by liking the flared sleeve here.

Topshop tuxedo blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

I feel like everyone needs a tuxedo jacket for when they really want to come off looking snappy.

HM blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

Likewise, a white  blazer is so damn chic, and never something you should spend a lot of cash on, if you’re prone to spilling coffee on things, like me.

Zara blazer—10 highly affordable blazers

The inverted lapel here is a cool trick.

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