Thursday 29th June 2017
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Ten black dresses for summer

Black dresses are a cornerstone of my summer wardrobe, but I do try to nod to the season by wearing them with bright accessories, like my red No. 6 huaraches or an Antonello bag. Here are a few I like a lot, starting with one that’s a little surprising for me, as I never much go for corset belts. But the one here is so subtle, and the lines of the rest of the dress are so clean, that it works.

sweet neckline on an inexpensive, throw-it-on-and-go option.

I like that this feels kind of Grecian and breezy and romantic.

Sexy but also rather sweet.

Just the simplest V-neck t shirt dress.

very feminine, flowy plus-size option (I’m sorry, I know you don’t always like it when I single out the plus-size options, but I feel like I need to when you can’t discern from the model that this is the case).

I’m pretty sure I posted this excellent black floral from the Kooples before, but now it’s on sale, and how great is that?

I just like how very comfortable this one looks.

An  office-friendly choice, from Violeta, which is Mango’s pretty good plus-size line.

The  asymmetrical hem looks so striking on this otherwise quite straightforward dress.





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Top 5 of the week: Bag straps

Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of cute bag straps out and around, and they seem like a good way to bring new life to bags you’re a little bored with, and to add a little print to the party. This bright woven specimen from Clare V is made for their new drawstring tote—which I love—but you could pair it with just about anything.

I’m crazy for any good star print, and this one just makes me happy (here it is in blue and gold, which is slightly more subdued).

Of course I am all over this camo print.

Here’s one for when you’re in the mood to be loud.

I like that this looks somewhat like an actual guitar strap.

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When simple things are hard

So many of you have come to me with a seemingly simple request: an A-line denim skirt with a grown-up hemline. In other years, this hasn’t been such a tough one to pull together, but for some reason, they are in scant supply at the moment. But I do like this black APC number, which hits right above the knee. It’s almost the only true A-line I could find, which is just so annoying.

This patchwork option is pretty adorable, and I’m not always a fan of patchwork.

I like the length here, and the generous-but-not-precarious slit makes it wearable.

The exterior pockets here are quite cute.

maxi-length, something I almost never show (again, not usually a fan), but there’s something about this that seems nicely laid-back and summery to me.

A good length, and I like the button-up business.



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It’s the little things

I’ve been talking to a lot of former Lucky staffers for the book, and last week had a delightful lunch date with Anne Keane, who was a member of the senior fashion staff, and hands down the person whose wardrobe inspired the most envy in me on the regular. She looked great, as usual, in a breezy long skirt and white top, and (I believe it was) this camo backpack, which couldn’t have looked chicer. As usual, I wanted to run out and copy her immediately.

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Taking requests, even when I don’t want to

“You aren’t much for polka dots,” writes a reader named Susan, “but I love `em. When they are cool and interesting and maybe a tad sophisticated and unexpected. Sounds like a job for GOACA.” Glad to take up the challenge, Susan, even though you are correct: I am no big fan of the polka dot, which all too often comes off too cartoonish. But I found a handful I liked, starting with this cool black-on-black cardigan.

This blouse is a bit flouncier than what I typically go for, but there’s something really chic about that little black tie.

This dress is sold out in some sizes and is also a bit of a splurge, but it’s so damn pretty I had to include it.

I’m crazy for the embroidered dots on this plus-size option.

I know a lot of you will consider this slip dress too bare to even consider, but I’d wear it in a heartbeat with a cardigan.

I’m cheating a little with this square ikat dots—and also going against type, as I am not crazy for the suddenly ubiquitous off-the-shoulder trend—but this top strikes me as super-cute.

The simplicity of this silk shirt appeals.

This silk top is just so easy and gorgeous.

I like that the dots here are all irregular in shape.

And finally, here’s another plus size option, which I like because it’s a popover, and the dots are really eensy.

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I do love a nice black floral

I wore one—a dress—to my mother’s birthday party, and my brother Todd said I looked very “Morticia in springtime.” But that is sort of the appeal; black florals are pretty and feminine, but also have a bit of an edge. This appealingly clean-lined kimono is on sale right now at Net a Porter.

I like the flattering neckline here, and the print is perfectly lovely.

I’ll get comments on how pricey this dress is—it’s right on the outer limits of the GOACA price ceiling—but it is just divine.

This plus-size option nips in at a pretty universally flattering spot.

Just a really easy sundress.

This wrap dress strikes me as both sweet and work-appropriate.

This top is a very faded black, but I’m including it because it’s so damn cute.

A very moody rose print.


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