Thursday 22nd June 2017
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Have you ever had an affair?

Photo by Nan Goldin

I did, and am currently writing that chapter of the book. It was when my marriage was well and truly dead and I was looking for a way out—an “Exit Affair,” they’re called (and before you judge, you’ll have to wait and read the book to see what kind of behavior my husband was up to at the time). How about you? Have you ever? Or even come close?

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Mark your calendars—there’s going to be a party

The lovely people at Clare V threw a party for me and GOACA last fall, and those of you who attended know it was a gas. Clare Vivier herself attended, and she was lovely to everyone, and I had the best time hanging out with and getting to know those of you who came out for it. There are few things I love more than meeting my readers, which is why I’m so excited that they approached me about doing another party to celebrate spring. It’s on April 20, from 6-8 at their Nolita store, which is at 239 Elizabeth Street. Do come! We will have so much fun, as those who attended the last one can attest. Best of all, all Clare V items will be on offer for 20% off—just for the two hours of the party!and you can’t beat that.

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What are you reading?

I went to Oberlin with Claire Dederer, author of the most excellent memoir, Love and Trouble: A Mid-Life Reckoning, but we didn’t hang out: different crowds. Still, I have admired her writing career since college and am in love with this new book, which is both laugh-out-loud funny and quite tender. Anyone looking for an examination of middle-age that is acutely written and not rife with cliches needs to pick this up. And now it’s your turn: What can’t you put down?

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How do you get down to business?

As you know, I’ve been working on the book. And it’s slow going, in part because I think getting started on a book is a bit of a haul in the beginning, and in part because I just haven’t established the right routine yet, and—not that surprisingly—writing a book seems to call for a different routine than doing this blog. So I put it to you: how do you get yourself in the zone when there is important stuff to get done?

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Are you in recovery?

The anchor is a symbol of sobriety

I’ve started working on the book, and am currently writing about going to rehab, which I’ve done, twice. It was a life-transforming experience for me—even more so for having to repeat it—and writing about it got me wondering how many of you out there in the GOACA community have struggled with addiction too. My issue was with alcohol, although I’ve smoked my weight in pot over the years as wellWhat was your demon, and how did you kick it? I’m also curious: Are you in AA or NA, or have you sought alternative support?

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A bit of good news

I got a book deal, guys. It’s for a essay-based memoir, titled Typical Me: The Unlikely Rise, Astonishing Fall, and Happy Landing of a Lifetime Misfit, and it sold to Algonquin Books after five (count `em!) publishing houses competed for it. I’m very excited to work with my new editor, Betsy Gleick*, who I’m pretty sure is going to kick my ass, and am very grateful to my agent Sarah Burnes, who worked quite hard on my behalf. I’ll be posting as usual while I’m writing, so you shouldn’t see any changes here, but I’ll be a busy, busy creature. Expect it in bookstores in the Fall of 2019.


*This is what I was wearing when I had my first meeting with her.

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