Saturday 24th February 2018
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I am actually serious about fanny packs

rachel comey fanny pack

Or Belt Bags, as they’re referring to fanny packs these days. I love the fact that this once-totally-dorky accessory is enjoying a big style moment, and am very tempted to try it, because it seems like it would be really handy for dog walking. I also like the way they look worn as crossbody bags (I am informed by a super-cool friend that this look is a bit overly trendy, but I still like it).  This crocheted version by Rachel Comey is number one on my list.

rebecca minkoff fanny pack

A cool camo print from Rebecca Minkoff.

kara fanny pack

This pink shearling number is just sort of fluffy and fun.

Matt & Nat fanny pack

Here is a vegan option, for those of you who require such things.

opening ceremony fanny pack

This one is on the bigger side, so I’d probably wear it slung across my shoulder as opposed to around my waist.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.19.01 AM

I love the notion of a monogrammed belt bag from Clare V.

herschel fanny pack

A quite utilitarian, very well-priced option from Herschel.

Rag & Bone fanny pack

This is on the smaller side, and I like the look of the leather zipper pulls.

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30 Responses

  1. Cher says:

    Thank you for this! I have been contemplating a purchase, but I was waiting for someone I trust to go first!

  2. Lesley says:

    No, Kim, no. 😆

    (Take with a grain of salt… I’ll probably think they look awesome in about 6 years when everyone else is sick of them)

    • Debra says:

      Lesley: I’m with you! I’m perennially behind all trends, be it fashion, books, movies. Definitely marching to the beat of different drummer.

  3. Emily M. says:

    I bought my daughters (ages 8 and 10) plush fanny packs that are also muffs. They love them! They were the biggest hit of our holiday season. But I still wasn’t quite confident enough to buy one for myself.

  4. Jill says:

    Seriously, a few months ago I bought that tan Clare V. fanny pack for when I am on power walks. I LOVE it, I feel so cool and ironic and retro! You need confidence to rock a fanny pack. My 13 yr old daughter thinks it’s cool, she doesn’t understand why people usually make fun of the idea of fanny packs. But she doesn’t get why it’s called “fanny” pack, since I wear it in the front to the side. lol

  5. Nicole says:

    Also in the market for one! And I’m excited to style it.

  6. Pamb says:

    On the right person (young, thin, trendy) I think it might look chic. But worn as a cross body? lol, no. Just wear a cross body.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      I’m with you, Pamb. I see this as a trend for the young, since I can picture me wearing one and people snickering, “Oh look! That old lady has got her fanny pack on the wrong way!”

      Or, for the ones that say IDGAF.

  7. Kate says:

    I bought Everlane’s last year for travel and freaking love it. I confess to wearing it cross-body and feel no shame in doing so 🙂 It’s exactly the right size for holding my phone, some cash, and my camera when I’m out and about exploring and don’t want to lug a big obvious camera bag around.

  8. Dana D says:

    I bought an Yvonne Kone bum bag (as she calls it) a couple of months ago (there was a special on the price). I was perhaps perversely stuck on the idea of having one. Her leather work is beautiful and it has a sturdy, adjustable strap. (Her version does look exactly like the ones we originally called fanny packs.)

    I’ll weigh in on why it works better than a cross body for traveling (or power walks or any long walk), it hugs closer to the body. I hardly know I’m wearing it and it keeps important items secure. I think it looks cooler than a backpack. My two cents…

    • DeDe says:

      Totally agree on this. I have the the Clare V. Leopard (cheetah??) one, and I prefer it over a crossbody because it fits closer and is smaller, but still has enough room for your stuff. You can also just wear it over one shoulder, sort of like a purse. I want the rachel Comey one bad.

  9. Would the strap be long enough to wear it crossbody style over a bulky coat or puffer jacket? I’d be more inclined to put stuff in my coat or jacket pockets for dog walking or wear a true crossbody bag if it were more than a quickie errand/walk.

  10. Eloise says:

    I’m SERIOUSLY considering this one. I don’t like crossbody bags because the bag/straps tend to wander all over me, but the fact that these fit tighter….

  11. Jennifer says:

    I have contemplated one as it seems perfect for walking the dog/taking to dog park. How does one style it – over the jacket or under? Under would be lumpy, but over would be…weird?

  12. Mary Alice says:

    I don’t judge, but…I just can’t. I was raising kids in the ’90’s and fanny packs were a staple, and those vibes are just still too strong for me to revisit. To those of you who want, go forth and bless you.

    What is the point of wearing it slung across the shoulder? Isn’t it just a crossbody then (and isn’t it awkward to get into it if worn that way?)

  13. Kirsten says:

    Favorite fanny pack from NYC Marlow Goods:

  14. Barbara says:

    I rather like the version Paige Hamilton Design does – the Madison slips thru any belt, or is sold with a belt. The shape is unique as it’s more of a small purse hanging off a belt. PHD bags are beautifully made, completely in the US.

    Personally, I’ll stick to a cross body, but knock yourself out if you wanna resurrect a fanny pack.

  15. ktcorz says:

    Was Just Say No on this but recently did a get your hands dirty volunteer activity and my friend was wearing jeans, a T from the organization semi-tucked and Isabel Marant-y boots, plus fanny pack – she looked so impossibly and unexpectedly cool that I’m in on this one! And she was the one woman not asking where she could stash her purse/wallet/keys. Just no scrunchies, please!

  16. Robin says:

    Yes! I got one for Christmas, and then had a huge debate with friends who were agog that it was back in fashion. There is a photo of Greta Gerwig directing Ladybird, wearing a fanny pack, and looking super cool. But I realized they don’t work so well in winter, when I’m already wearing a bulky jacket with lots of pockets. So counting down the days to Spring when I can run out to the store with my pack.

  17. Sara says:

    Love my old school Jansport black fanny pack. It’s become indispensable. Would love the Clare V one!

  18. c.w. says:

    Fanny packs are all over Austin––both men and women––and have been for more than a year. It was THE accessory last spring at South By Southwest. Last summer I would drop my dog “purse” on the sand while I threw the ball for Betty and TWICE random dogs came along and peed on it so the argument to have one for the dog park/beach makes perfect sense to me. Ordering!!

  19. suz says:

    It’s an odd trend to my eyes. They are just too utilitarian work equipment for me. If you do anything constructiony, are a dogwalker(pro) or do street/craft/flea market stuff – you have one of these.

    I really just equate them with a job, so for going out and regular life, a small crossbody is more my style.

  20. kimberly says:

    When you walk a dog in the warm weather and don’t have your cold weather pockets you NEED a fanny pack. That’s all there is to it. Might as well be stylish. (As opposed to my rasta style one i got on amazon a couple years ago haha)….

    • Dana D says:

      I love this response, kimberly…

      I love how everyone here jumps in to keep the creation of the community going.

      You post the “questions” Kim, and we all just let our colors show! It’s awesome.