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Cheap and chic of the week

I have been reluctant to embrace kitten heels, but then the folks over at Everlane sent me their Editor Heel, and now I’m a convert. They’re nice for when you want to add some polish to an outfit, but don’t feel like teetering about on anything higher, and for the price they  seem really well-made. I was boring and went for the black, but they also come in this excellent forest green and a couple of other colors.

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It’s the little things

Is it wrong that suddenly I can’t imagine how I’ll go on living without this bronze foot  in my life?




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Wednesday links



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Totes don’t have to be black and boring


I’ve included some black totes here because they’re so functional, but they’ve all got something a little interesting going on. Personally, I prefer totes that pop a little, even if they’re in neutral colors, like this excellent grey one with stripes from Clare V.

I also like the idea of carrying something summery, like this one from Antonello, all winter long.

This is Isabel Marant and it exceeds the GOACA price limit, but I am in love with the print on the strap.

Nothing all that unusual here, just a really good grey.

I love the color block business going on here.

Just a bright, vibrant red.


This is actually a baby bag, which just means it has a million convenient interior pockets, and I’m crazy for the quilting.

This costs more than it should but it is so damn cute in the denim.

The shape here is cool.

Remember always, ladies, that metallics are neutrals, and love this Baggu tote as I do.

The chain handle here is so chic but slightly un-functional, so it’s nice that it comes with a shoulder strap for convenience.

This croc-embossed option is so fancy-looking.

This isn’t the biggest tote of the bunch, but I do love the way it looks.

The slightly weird mustard-y hue on this canvas bag appeals.

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Taking requests: Lace-up boots

“So for whatever reason (midlife crisis?) I’ve been painfully missing my 90s Doc Martens 8-eye boots,” writes a reader named Sara. She wonders if she should buy herself a black pair, or “is there a more grown-up, chic alternative?” I love the idea of the GOACA army decked out in Docs (and I know that quite a few of you still wear and love them) but the notion of a more polished version also appeals. This suede pair from Vince would look so great with skinny trousers.

Here is a very splurgetastic but also quite chic pair from Ann Demeulemeester that I have lusted after for ages (pretty much every season she does a slightly different version).

The lug soles on this pair would make them great for trekkingin the snow. Also, they’re kind of tough-chick-looking.

A pre-worn option, for those of you who enjoy such things.

I’d love to have the nerve to wear a to-the-kneee lace-up.

This just looks eminently cozy.

The most feminine choice of the bunch, with a nice wedge heel.

I like the ever-so-slightly platform sole here.

These brogue-style boots are actually Doc Martens and I think they’re wonderful.



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Monday links

  • These autochromes of women from the early 1900s are really something. It gets a little NSFW toward the end.  (Dangerous Minds)
  • It’s the I, Tonya trailer.
  • Ugh. (The Cut)
  • Jane Lynch will be getting a daytime talk show, which could be fun. (Vulture)
  • Here’s another fun one from Jennifer Romolini. (Shondaland)
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