Tuesday 20th February 2018
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Thursday links

  • You know I can’t pass up a slideshow of what NYC looked like in the 70s and 80s.
  • This is amusing: elevator etiquette in Japan. (Medium)
  • These anti-invitations for cancelled weddings are clever. (Kottke)
  • It’s Carpool Karaoke with Miley Cyrus, for whom I have a (somewhat inexplicable) soft spot. She also talks about being sober, and what she learned from her infamous outing at the 2013 VMAs. (Elle)
  • Here is the trailer for Noah Baumbach’s new movie, The Meyerowitz Stories. (You Tube)


Posted on October 12th, 2017 7 Comments

7 Responses

  1. moi says:

    My father was born and raised in NYC, met my mother there, and while they eventually moved to the Desert Southwest, we went back every summer during the 1970s and early 80s to visit family. The author describes that vibe exactly, that unmistakable buzz of energy, of anarchic possibility, dangerous but also rife with possibility. It’s still a great city—and safer to be sure—but it’s just not the same. And I honestly don’t know how people afford to live there.

  2. joannawnyc says:

    In the words of James Murphy, “I was there …”

    But I can’t say I miss it, really. Because it WAS dangerous! Though I do miss the feeling that Manhattan belonged to me.

    • y.k. says:

      yes- that’s it. manhattan used to belong to me too, but now it belongs to people i don’t recognize at all.

  3. Sharona says:

    I’m struck by how male those romanticized New York City streets (aside from the prostitutes) were. I miss the grit, but really, I love not fearing for my personal safety, let alone my wallet.

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I remember visiting NYC for the 1st time in 1980 with my boyfriend (now my husband). His family had me convinced that I was going to be mugged for my cheapo bag and fake gold necklace, so I held on to my bag so tightly that when I got home that night, my arm was cramped!!! It was certainly less Disney-fied in Times Square back then. I can remember not quite knowing where to look as we passed by peep shows and people laying in the street.

    Elevator etiquette in Japan…hilarious, but exactly as I imagine.

    I’d go see anything by Noah Baumbach!

  5. Lisa says:

    So, I lived in Manhattan from 1979-1984. I do not recognize my city from these photos. These look more like the 1950s to me. Maybe Riverside Drive and 104th escape the B&W storifying, but, I’d love to see the New York I remember – it was far more vivid and colorful and retail-ish, if that’s a word we can invent.

    • Lisa says:

      But Times Square, as Mamavaleeta says, was nothing like the Disney for grownup it is now. And 10th Avenue, 11th Avenue, the hookers were everywhere.