Tuesday 20th February 2018
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Cheap(er) and chic of the week

I have been obsessed with this Nili Lotan faux fur jacket for a  while now, but no way am I springing for it.

Especially when this so much more reasonably-priced version exists. It’s not blue, which is part of what makes that Lotan jacket so perfect, but it is pretty damn good.


Posted on October 6th, 2017 8 Comments

8 Responses

  1. caroline says:

    Yup. Blue one is to die..but the price..👎
    Honestly I always adore a fur jacket.
    They’re super warm,glamorous and cozy.

  2. DeDe says:

    The blue is fantastic, but I actually like the shape of the second one better – it seems more wearable (if just a titch less glam).

  3. Erika says:

    It’s faux fur and it’s $1400????

  4. Jessie says:

    By some miracle I recently scored a similar shade of blue maria cornejo lab coat on consignment for $88. I absolutely love the color!

  5. c.w. says:

    I tried on a super fluffy fake fur today and realized it’s something I can’t wear. Too much volume. That Lotan is to die for, but jeeze the price!!

    • suz says:

      I did the same. I look like the Blue Meanie in a big fuzzy coat. Not good.

      It is a fantastic coat though.