Saturday 16th December 2017
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It is ankle boot season at last

Summer is my favorite season in many ways and I’m always sad to see it go, but fashion-wise, fall is the best time by far. I’m always pleased when it’s time to switch from sandals and clogs to boots, and am therefore delighted that New York—after an unseasonably hot September—is finally getting cool enough to do just that. Here are 12 pairs I like, starting with this chic ecru pair from Everlane.

This looks very Isabel Marant, but in fact is Madewell.

My favorite boots these days come from Officine Creative, and I’m nuts for this pair, because the shape is so good and the height is substantial but still walkable.

I am so excited that No 6 has made their clog boots with serious treads on the soles so you can wear them in inclement weather without slipping all over the place.

A nice stiletto heel that isn’t too perilously high.

I like the combination of pointy toe and clunky heel here.

And I like the very eensy, walkable heel here.

My most stylish friend wears her Rachel Comey Mars booties endlessly.

These ring in just under $100, but look like they cost a lot more.

Just a really show-stopping hue.

These offer a nice amount of height without too much pain.

You could traipse all over town in these.

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25 Responses

  1. Dana D says:

    I need some help. I need a new pair of black basics.

    I am trying to decide between Acne Pistol and Rachel Comey Mars…anyone offer any comfort tips?

    I got a pair of Acne Colt boots a couple of years ago and had to give them to my daughter. Heel too high. The most uncomfortable boot I’ve ever worn.

    Love the tread on the No. 6 ones, maybe those are in the running.

    • Lee says:

      I wear my Rachel Comey Mars constantly… I’ve already had them resoled. Extremely comfortable for me. I’ve walked all over the city in them.

    • Ista says:

      I love my Acne Pistol’s. Can wear them for miles, but sounds like I’m the anomaly here!

    • DeDe says:

      I have a pair of Mars booties! I am *not* a heel person – usually only very low heels are tolerable for me due to back issues – but if I’m going to wear a pair, these are the ones I reach for. They have nice padding on the inside (though none at the toes), and they’re easy to get on and off once you’ve worn them a few times. No fussy zippers! I’m a half size and found the next half-size up to be more comfortable, but I also have wide feet, so there’s that. If you have normal or narrow feet, your usual size would probably be fine and should be very wearable!

      • DeDe says:

        Oh also – if you can deal with the hard base of a clog, the No. 6’s should be good, too. They can take a lot of abuse too, which is a plus! I think they might have that style available in different heel hights, even.

  2. KimFrance says:

    I bought a pair of Acne Pistols and I never wear them. Deeply uncomfortable.

  3. ceejay says:

    I agree with Kim, I hardly ever wear my Acne Pistols, the top of the boot cuts into my leg and the heel height is just a bit too high to be comfortable. And I am desperate for Officine Creative Giselle 6 boots …$625, maybe if I wear them a lot it will justify the splurge?? Officine Creative seems like a bit more hip Fiorentini and Baker. I have a pair of FB double buckle boots I have worn to death – and they are really comfortable. Sorry, I could go on and on, have a bit of a boot obsession!

  4. Joanna says:

    I want to endorse the $99 Nordstrom ones! I’ve had mine for 3 years now, wear them all the time, and they still look great. They’re above average on a comfort scale, but I wouldn’t expect much more from any boot with a heel. When I bought them, the people working there all acted like it was the best value boot going!

  5. Heather says:

    I’ve found that it’s not nec the height of the heel that gets me, but the narrowness of the toe box. The most uncomfortable pair of shoes I ever owned was a pair of d’orsay kitten heels. My toes rammed in at every step, and they shredded my feed.

    I bought these year before last and like them pretty well. The heel is a little ‘wobbly’ (I think from being narrower at the bottom than at the top, if that makes sense), so I’m a bit careful about wearing them on uneven ground:

    I’m still not totally sure about wearing low boots with anything other than jeans… any tips? I tend to wear mostly skirts at work.

    • c.w. says:

      For me (5’2″) I find I can’t wear ankle boots with skirts, BUT I can wear them with dresses IF the hemline hits me right below my knee. AND it also depends on the height of the boot top. I spent an afternoon last winter trying on two different ankle boots (two different boot top heights) with literally every dress and skirt in my closet to make this determination. Did I mention I’m a tad OCD?!?

  6. Lynn in Tucson says:

    I’ve tried, I’ve tried, but I feel SO DORKY in ankle boots.

  7. c.w. says:

    I LOVE ankle boots! Great posting! I never thought I needed burgundy boots, but now I’m thinking I need them desperately.

  8. Debra says:

    That pointy toe, clunky heel pair is the SHIT.

  9. y.k. says:

    i love ankle boots & i’ve had good luck with alexander wang boots (the gabriella & the jourdan, not the funky ones w/ the cutouts in the heels), even though the heel is about 3″. rag & bone moto boots & of course frye are also comfy.

    but i’m bummed every time i open my closet & see my rag & bone kinsey boots – i love the way they look but i cannot walk in them for more than a few blocks. grrr.

  10. Tamara WINAWER says:

    Just bought the tamara Mellon ankle western they are insanely fantastic

  11. Heather says:

    Question: How much longer do we think ankle boots, and more specifically, the ankle-boot-skinny-jean-looser-top silhouette, will be in style? It seems like it’s been this way forever, so it can’t continue much longer… and thus I fear refreshing my ankle-boot stash.

    I have some no. 6 clogs/boots of varying types, and a couple pairs of over-the-knee boots, which I like, but never just pull on to run errands, or whatever, and since I work from home, errand-running is often my only Outside World Time all day.

    Any thoughts from more stylish folk than myself?

    • Christine says:

      I don’t know… I’ve been wearing ankle boots since 1992 at least! Freelance might have been my first brand.

      I really can’t wait for the outdoor slipper trend to die.

    • moi says:

      Gosh, I hope the trend doesn’t die, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to get dressed, LOL. Like you, I work at home, and get out mostly to run errands and have lunch or happy hour with the girls. A meeting or two once a month, some travel. So skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a tee shirt, sweater, or button down with a blazer or leather jacket kind of serves all those purposes. I try with dresses and skirts, but rarely succeed.

      • Mamavalveeta03 says:

        I’m with vous on this, moi. It’s been around so long it’s become the white button down of the boot world.

  12. moi says:

    I live in ankle boots in the winter. I like a slightly higher shaft these days (not quite a mid-calf). And I love that Tony Bianco (pointed toe, chunky heel), in the snakeskin. They’d go great with an all black outfit of black sweater and black skinny jeans.

  13. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Wow, Kim!!! So many price points, so many heel heights and different styles & colors. I think you just pleased ALL of us! 🙂

    And can we just take a moment for the word “traipse”?