Saturday 16th December 2017
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Wednesday links

  • These photos of abandoned churches are pretty compelling. (Flavorwire)
  • And these stories from women living in Saudi Arabia are so interesting—and infuriating. (The Cut)
  • Fascinating: The Black List, a rundown of the best un-produced screenplays kicking around Hollywood. (Kottke)
  • In the trailer for a new documentary, we learn that Lady Gaga has been battling fibromyalgia for the past five years. (Elle)
  • I enjoyed this mini-history of the Mudd Club. (Dangerous Minds)




Posted on September 20th, 2017 10 Comments

10 Responses

  1. c.w. says:

    Great selection of links!

    The interview with the women in Saudi Arabia makes my heart ache. Sometimes I simply don’t understand the world, but articles such as this galvanize me into getting out of the chair and making the phone calls to the idiots in the government and donating the money and taking a walk on the beach to pick up trash. #womenarepowerful

    Really enjoyed reading some bits and pieces from the Black List link. I knew someone in Seattle who made her living (and a very good one!) writing screenplays that never got produced.

  2. DeDe says:

    Re: Lady Gaga: I feel terrible for her that she has this shitty disorder, and I’m glad she’s choosing to speak openly about it, but I’m gonna say it: she is on some *serious* medication, because there is no way in hell she could do the things she does without it. There just isn’t. So, you know, if anyone’s wondering why their neighbor/friend/sibling/coworker/etc. with a fibro dx can’t cook/carry groceries/jog/push a vacuum/work etc. because look at Gaga hurling herself accross the dirt like that, Gaga is able to do those things sometimes because she’s a celebrity and celebrities have doctors who don’t give a crap about their long-term well-being and will give them all sorts of shit so they can continue to do whatever their thing is. The person you know with fibro is legitimately disabled and is not taking those meds for a reason. Please don’t compare us to her. (PS, one other thing: while depression and anxiety are common in people with fibro, paranoia is not. Ok done now.)

    • DeDe says:

      PPS: I’m sure you know this, Kim, but just to be clear (because it seems like there’s been an uptick in the bad vibes being directed at you in the comments lately – WTF is up with that?!), I’m not dumping on you for posting this, *at all*. And I’m not dumping on Gaga either – she’s just trying to live her extremely exceptional life and is being remarkbly honest about her fibro experience, which is all to the good. The jackassery around chronic illnesses/pain disorders is what gets my dander up, is all.

      • KimFrance says:

        Thanks, DeDe. You are one of my favorite commenters and I love you & took your comment in exactly the spirit you intended. And I agree: I AM being picked on a bit more than usual lately! I can take it—believe me, I’ve faced much tougher rooms—but given that I am providing a free service here (albeit one that I generate $$$ from) it seems a bit much.

        • DeDe says:

          Well, right?! It’s sort of like inviting people over to your place for a get-together, doing your best to provide food everyone can eat and comfortable places to sit, and then having someone take a giant shit on your bathmat (because the faux fur is too faux, perhaps?).

          99.9999999% of the commenters here are civil, even when we dislike something or disagree with someone or have a critique of some kind. So the people who choose to be rude really stand out. Like, they are going out of their way to be assholes, and that is never a good look.

          PS, Awww! Thank you so much, Kim! I heart you, too. And thanks for everything you continue to do here. You’re the best.

  3. Hick from Styx says:

    Gaga, thank you for bringing attention to the suffering that is fibromyalgia. This condition brings the mighty to their knees.

  4. Lindee says:

    Kim, that faux fur coat looks like an old bathroom rug. Really. I don’t think it looks fun enough to be obviously faux and it doesn’t look real enough to make PETA people want to throw red paint on you. It just looks like the time I was trying to make myself a dog costume for Halloween when I was in junior high school. It would have been great for that. For wearing in real life—not so much…

  5. y.k. says:

    another stellar collection of deep dive links. much appreciated this morning – especially the mudd club piece. brought back memories of limelight & area. & the tunnel. & palladium…