Saturday 20th January 2018
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Things I bought, things I want

I had been sticking pretty well to my new austerity plan until recently it was blown all to bits by the purchase of these Christian Loubouton booties. But I had an excuse! I needed something to wear to my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah next month, and somehow a bootie just felt cooler and more versatile down the line than going for a pair of pumps. I am thinking I can bring the cost per wear down pretty fast if I wear them pretty much always. Here is a cheaper-and-similar option, and here’s another cheap one that’s kind of different but that I like a lot too.

I need another tote not at all, but I’m very much digging this one because it’s big but not too big, and the red is so good.

You know I love a dark floral, and I also really like the zipper detail at the neckline.

How excellently cozy does this faux fur jacket look?

I require some new long-sleeved tees, and this one has such a nice (and subtle) asymmetrical hem.


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  1. Caroline says:

    Those booties are perfection.

  2. c.w. says:

    I do NOT need the booties, but they are outstanding and I’m so glad you have them.

    I love the faux fur jacket, but why is so much faux fur this season in “tan?” Positively the WORSE color for a pale white woman with (mostly) white hair. I look like death warmed over in anything tan colored––plus, truth be told––it looks a lot like Betty’s favorite dog blanket. Oy and Egad.

    Love the cut of the tee. I would wear it into the ground. (sound of the credit card whipping out of my purse)

  3. Tammy Madsen says:

    The booties with that rosebud dress would be perfect. Just saying …

  4. joannawnyc says:

    I love booties like that but find the heel too high. I did find a similar pair a few years ago on yoox, though!

    • joannawnyc says:

      Oops somehow failed to include this important information: they have a 2″ kitten heel!

      • Heather says:

        I’m often tempted by stuff on Yoox (skirt by obscure Italian designer, $30!) but their shipping prices seem high, and they don’t give a lot of info on items (ie only one photo of shoes). Anyone care to share their experiences? How easy were returns?

        • joannawnyc says:

          I have returned items, and I don’t remember any issues, though they might have a relatively short time frame for returns.

  5. Mary Alice says:

    Gorgeous boots. I’m tempted….what’s the comfort level? I rate everything from “I can only wear them from the car to the restaurant door” to “I can wear them to Disneyland.”

  6. LisaC says:

    Love the booties and the tote. The mix of reds – and he size – are perfect. When I went to the link, love a lot of their bags.

  7. Amy in StL says:

    Sorry, but you failed on the replacement suggestions. The ones you bought have more of an almond toe and the ones you suggested as a replacement are very pointy toed – the fashion distinction in how they look is very important.

    • Christine says:

      I’m a petite person that with an 8 1/2/ 9 size foot, and therefore more of an almond toe person too, and even when I’m in the Barneys shoe floor, the brands that tend to have that shape will be Loboutin, Chanel, Margiela, etc… Rachel Comey and Maria Cornejo often does them, and their shoes are less expensive than CL, but not in the moderate budget range.

      Maybe once in a while I’ll see a pair of shoes by Ann Taylor or Topshop with an almond toe, and I think Jessica Simpson shoes will sometimes have an almond toe, but it seems to be a feature that I tend to see more often in shoes in the $300 + range, alas. It is what it is, and I appreciate KF’s suggestions nonetheless.

    • KimFrance says:

      Amy, I described the booties as “similar,” not identical.

  8. AT says:

    Can someone give me bootie advice? I really do not know how to wear with dresses/skirts. Would these look good with a sheath dress?

  9. Julia says:


    I don’t know what else you’re planning to wear to your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, but that floral dress would be AMAZE with those boots. Would you share the rest of your outfit?

  10. Elisa says:

    What about socks with booties? What kind do you wear? With pants. Also, I have a big foot.

    • Heather says:

      Similar questions. Also, I feel like one of Santa’s elves wearing booties with tights and a skirt. I have skinny ankles, so there’s always a major gap there.

      • y.k. says:

        but i think that major gap is one of the attractive things about booties that are cut wide like that on top -right? i wear footsie socks.

        i find that a longer skirt is better with booties. although i don’t ever wear short skirts so i’m biased.

  11. paula says:

    Looking for grown up gal with hips sweatpants for the coming months. Stylish and super comfy. Any ideas? Not pants – leisurewear – full on sweat pants. But not saggy/old lady/juicy on the butt. I KNOW THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. But i really want sweatpants.