Saturday 20th January 2018
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J. Crew has some decent stuff at the moment

I have stopped even checking the New Arrivals tab on J. Crew’s site because the yield of nice, must-have pieces has continued to diminish as they struggle with changes in upper management and clarifying their vision. But just for kicks I clicked through today, and found a number of pretty cute items. Like for instance, I am dying for this pink velvet blazer: it’s a flattering hue on many, and the extreme pinkness takes the formality of the blazer down a notch.

Zoom in and check out the adorable lip print here.

This popover is so pretty with all the lace at the bib. I’d wear it with khakis, just like here.

This just looks like a good everyday piece.

I always love a star print, and the fact that this one is metallic just increases the fun factor.

I really like this model, and am sometimes not sure if it’s her or the item in question I’m responding positively to. But this is objectively cute, right?

So appealing: like a Barbour jacket, but with the length of a trench.

The Crew has lowered the prices of all of their cashmere, which couldn’t be lovelier.

This leopard print faux fur coat is already beginning to sell out in some sizes, so if you’re at all interested, jump to it.

I’d also bet that this quilted version of their Downtown Field Jacket will go fast. It comes in black, too.


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  1. Trina says:

    Good Morning! You just posted (am up so early I sit and refresh until you do), so my guess is you’ll spot this, but the cashmere link goes to the field jacket. Have a good day!

  2. Mary says:

    So funny, I just “revisited” J Crew after a very long hiatus and was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully they have resolved their quality and sizing issues also. I placed an order so fingers crossed…

  3. Heather says:

    These ARE cute. I’ve decided to forego J Crew also, but more of a quality control issue than style. Back in the spring I bought a lovely pencil skirt from them. When washed according to directions, the skirt shrank but the lining didn’t, and now hangs about 1/2″ below the skirt. I suppose I could fix it but it will probably end up going to.Goodwill. J Crew and I are done until they can figure their s**t out.

  4. Alix says:

    How’s the quality of Crew cashmere?

    • Elisa says:

      In my experience, the quality of the cashmere is not great.

    • DeDe says:

      I got a cashmere sweater from them a few years ago that pilled so much the first time I wore it that it looked like I’d had it for 20 years by the end of the day (and not in a good way). Then the buttons started falling off. I’ve never ordered a sweater from them since – or much else, for that matter.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      I used to have good luck several years ago, but I can’t speak for now. I find that ALL sweaters get pilly (pillie?!?) if you move and/or sweat.

      • DeDe says:

        You know, as a former knitter/spinner, I think that’s because so many things now are made from super soft yarns – anything labelled baby or kid or super fine. Cashmere qualifies, too. On one hand, they are dreamily soft and comfortable and never, ever itch, but on the other, they have no durability whatsoever. And if the quality of the fiber is poor to begin with, you’re pretty much screwed. Straight-up 100% sheep’s wool has the best longevity of any natural fiber, hands down.

  5. suz says:

    That last jacket is great – if I didn’t already own two similar (yep 2)…

    I stopped going into J Crew ages ago. Though these all look good, I have been underwhelmed by their quality for too long now to bother.

    Whomever winds up at the head – when the restructure is complete – they should just find a catalog from the 90s and make every item that they used to. They could rebuild on having a decent wearable white t shirt.

    • Linden says:

      I’m still jonesing for one of their roll-neck sweaters. They came in every color and it seemed like every girl at my college had one.

      • Mimi says:

        They have redone the roll neck

        I’ve gotten some terrific things from J. Crew in the last 6 months or so by ordering very selectively. Their quality can be uneven, but when you hit something good it can be great.

        Yes, Kim, the striped sweater is objectively cute and I like the length and the wool blend. That model is Madewell’s favorite and she looks amazing in everything. I know the feeling of wondering whether you crave something because it’s cool or only because of how a 5’10” model looks in it. My model crush is Heather Kemesky. As your friend’s blog says, “I want to be her.” At least I got her haircut.

        • Linden says:

          Thanks for the tip, but they messed with it and now it’s not the same. Hmph.

        • Mamavalveeta03 says:

          I totally get it! I, too, have a girl crush on model Michelle Ouellette! She’s adorable (and wasn’t she the “Jenna model” also?) And I recognize Heather – Super cool androgynous cut!

          I still find some of my striped tees at the Crew. I just wish the fit was more predictable. It seems all over the place!

      • Comic Sansa says:

        I have two rollneck sweaters from the early 90s that I’ve been thinking about putting on Poshmark (my mom, however, tells me she wants them if I don’t, so we’ll see.) I wore one of them– a charcoal and black stripe wool– in my high school graduation photo, with Doc Martens, a leather miniskirt and black-and-white stripe tights. And that brown lipstick everyone had. I truly was a walking 90s stereotype.

        Those sweaters were great, and will last at least another 20 years. Meanwhile, I’m another person they completely lost when the quality tanked, and in this retail landscape, I’ve got plenty of other choices, so I’m not willing to risk wasting my money on them right now. When will companies learn that once you piss people off, it’s very hard to get them back?

      • Lisa says:

        Get thee to Etsy! There are a ton of excellent 1990s J. Crew staples there, especially if you’re looking for a slightly oversized fit.

        Also, I’m very intrigued by L.L. Bean’s take on the classic roll-neck sweater these days:

        It’s from their Signature line so even though it’s a men’s sweater, it’ll be cut narrower than classic L.L. Bean stuff and will scale nicely on a lady body.

  6. Jai Liriano says:

    I was just at J Crew yesterday and purchased the striped sweater. It is very soft and the cut is great, especially if you get it one size larger than you normally do.

    I did look at the new, lower priced cashmere and the quality is not good, the feel is thiner than in the past.

    I think there stuff is cute again, but the quality is not always there. Definitely hit or miss!

    PS-Kim, your posts lately have been spot on!! Thank you!!!!

  7. Dana D says:

    Perhaps this isn’t my place, but I think we keep expecting J. Crew to be something they no longer are.

    They got too big and everything is mass-produced, in China mostly, without ethical controls, and the quality is poor. It’s really hard to make the same stuff for an entire planet without it being cheap and poorly-made.

    Plainly, this is sweat-shop stuff. Just like most other fast fashion.

    • DeDe says:

      I think you’re spot on about this. They’ve had quality control issues now for years – I mean, some of the negative reviews for things are nuts, and there are so many of them. But they’ve gotten away with it because of Jenna, and also because they’re J. Freakin’ Crew, you know? People associate them with quality and they were (to my knowledge, anyhow) never the target of anti-sweatshop campaigns the way Gap or Nike were, even though their production situation is no better. And now it’s all coming back to bite them in the ass.

      I’m no business person, but it seems like if they’re going to save themselves they’ll need to radically scale back – go back to doing solid, good-quality basics, like Suz said, get their factory situation sorted out, etc. But they’ve gotten so huge I’m not sure how they could manage that kind of transition wthout losing a shitton of money (though honestly, that’s gonna happen regardless). I’d love to see them make their iconic rollneck sweaters again, for example, using ethical labor practices and environmentally-friendly production methods, and I think that sort of thing would sell, even if the prices were higher. But they’ve backed themselves into a corner they might not be able to get out of.

    • Heather says:

      I totally agree with you, although their prices are not fast fashion prices. I expect decent quality for what they charge.

  8. Karin says:

    agree with all the comments about J Crew lack of quality. Stopped shopping there years ago but will drop in maybe once per year to see if anything has changed, but No. No wonder they have problems with sales when all of us feel this way. They haven’t targeted their real problem.
    Better quality cashmere at Zara or Club Monaco if looking for a cheaper alternative & last year I bought from Everlane which has been great. And we know about their business practices!

  9. Mary Alice says:

    I used to be a J.Crew junkie, and I admit that I. too have stopped checking their New Arrivals tab. Just not inspired by anything I saw (how many sequinned sweatshirts or bedazzled oxford shirts does anybody need?)

    Having said that, I am SO glad I saw that leopard jacket in time and it’s on it’s way to me even as we speak.

  10. Bella says:

    I’m the opposite. I don’t like that jcrew model, because she’s a doppelganger for Jenna Lyons, heh.

  11. Mary Alice says:

    I forgot to mention, just add to the chorus, the lack of quality began to really annoy me. Especially their jewelry. It was uniformly crap.

    • Darcy says:

      JCrew quality is poor. And when a clothing company does that it’s basically them saying “You don’t matter. We don’t care about you.” to one’s face.

  12. McKinley says:

    Like many others mentioned, I stopped shopping at J Crew because the quality was so poor it wasn’t worth it. Now I would rather spend much less at another store or save for a special item or two on the high end (well, my high end – that looks different for everyone).

    That said, when I started my first office job out of college way back, J Crew saved me. I got a great interview suit from them that gave me so much confidence.

  13. Kathy Ormiston says:

    Thanks for this post. These clothes look really cute. I am letting my hair go natural this fall and want to add some bright color to my wardrobe.


  14. Hick from Styx says:

    I guess my end-of-season faux fur swing coat for $25 as a costume for Halloween years ago is spot-on for fall 2017. Must remember not to wear faux bone accessories. Much fun!

  15. Amy says:

    I agree generally that there are some issues with j.crew (their cashmere was once really, really good, now, not so much). However, they offer petite sizes, so I stay faithful. It’s really hard to find interesting, affordable petite clothes. And some times the quality is good (Liberty fabrics shirts have been my kryptonite as of late). Just wait for a promo code, don’t pay full price (unless you have to have it).

  16. Leslie says:

    “What is J. Crew?” was the answer on teen JEOPARDY! recently, and not one of the teens got it. Bad news for the company. Can anyone suggest where I might find a faux fur coat just like the one featured here, but not leopard print? The color(s) just do not work with the ones in my hair.

  17. Another Prof says:

    It’s funny: I’ve never had any quality issues with their stuff. I have several silk button downs in interesting prints that I love and have worn well, plus a couple of pairs of utility pants that fit me perfectly and have worn like iron (I’ve worn them once/week for several years and they still look new). I also have a winter coat that’s probably 10+ years old and still looks great.

    I like them a lot because they are one of the few places that offers tall sizes in pants and coats/jackets, and I appreciate their color and print selection. I haven’t been keen on the recent ruffles mania, but I typically don’t like their spring/summer merch as much as their offerings for fall/winter. I am rooting for them to get their shit together!

  18. Christiana says:

    I must be coming to the right site, because I had already ordered the star tee shirt and the leopard coat before Kim posted this! I have had very good luck with all J Crew items I’ve bought (especially Liberty items and wool pencil skirts) with the exception of shoes and cardigans, which I’ve stopped buying there. I get endless compliments on the pink wool lady day coat I bought there two seasons ago. I’m hoping the departure of Jenna means that they will offer more things in black and stop bedazzling everything with sequins and ruffles.

  19. Kelly says:

    I haven’t owned anything from J Crew that I haven’t had to repair after the first wear in probably 10 years, maybe more. Too expensive and too hard to find something that fits me there (Hips! Butt! Boobs!) to deal with poor quality, too, so I don’t even bother. The OG rollnecks, though…

  20. Lynne says:

    Ive found the quality to be hit and miss; but some of the items I’ve bought a while ago are still going strong. I have a problem with their sizing; a large or XL top will fit me, but their pants and skirts run small (to me at least). Which is a bummer as I love their pencil skirts.

    Unfortunately, the J Crew in my town closed up shop recently which is good for my wallet as I used to stop in every week or so, but is a pain since they don’t offer free return shipping. After ordering a few things that I had to pay to return, I decided that I am only going to shop online if free returns are offered, otherwise you can go broke.

  21. Tricia says:

    I haven’t bought anything from Jcrew in a while due to the fit always being kinda weird on me. But Madewell. I’ve bought sooooo much Madewell. I’m curious to see the direction Jcrew goes in since they pulled over some of the Madewell people.