Saturday 20th January 2018
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In which we turn our attention to beach bags

I’m very beach-themed around here this week, have you noticed? I think it’s because I’ve been spending more time out in Sag Harbor, getting in touch with all of the things my wardrobe lacks, like for instance a good solid beach bag. It is my belief that this is not a category to truly splurge on—cause it’s probably going to get pretty trashed—but I could not resist including this, from Clare V, because it is just so good: I love the green leather long straps and the woven short straps, and the bag’s cool chevron-y swirl.

The pom poms and the square little dots all add up to almost too much cuteness.

I like a long, vertical bag, and this one is a really good blue.

Chic and simple and cheap as you please.

Just some really good striping, and it has tassels and pom-poms.

This one has a slight metallic thing going on that I like.

So cheerful, and it looks like you could cram a lot in it.

Moroccan market bag is so French-chick chic.

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10 Responses

  1. suz says:

    I stick to LL Bean’s boat n tote bag for the rare beachy excursion. You can’t kill those things. That claire V one is quite spiffy though. The pattern and the (both sets) handles are just fantastic.

  2. joannawnyc says:

    I have a Tote le Monde recycled plastic one from Lucky Deals days but I love the straw ones, and of course the John Robshaw one (but I find I have an almost embarrassing predilection for John Robshaw)

  3. c.w. says:

    Love the striped pom-pom one, but I have an ancient striped canvas beach bag with leather trim and handles that belonged to my muther and has been from Port Aransas, Texas to Burmuda to various locations in Mexico from Maine to North and South Carolina….you get the picture. When Muther moved from her house to her retirement village bungalow she gave it to me. Weird that a beach bag would become a family heirloom!

  4. DeDe says:

    That Clare V. one is fab (I mean, duh), but I cannot resist a metallic. Like, ever. This would be the perfect thing for sitting under a tent in the bazillion-degree weather sweating your ass off while eating subpar fried cheese whatevers and listening to yet another crappy rendition of Get Along, Little Cindy (protip: a bag can also be the perfect compliment to a major attitude problem!).

  5. Colette says:

    Just bought a new beach bag–a Pocket Rocket bag from Scout. It’s plasticky but has 6 exterior pockets and enough space inside for my towel, sarong, tablet, lunch, and umbrella anchor.

  6. DeDe says:

    PS, are you holed up in Sag Harbor writing, trying to not get distracted??

  7. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    My French market bag from holds everything I need at the beach: Big beach towel, hat, sunnies, sunscreen for face, sunscreen for bod, spf lip balm, spray-on hair protectant, book and mags, snacks, and most important…beers or a bottle of rose!!! 🙂 (My hubby carries my chair since I’ve got everything PLUS the kitchen sink)