Saturday 20th January 2018
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Wednesday links

  • Some gorgeous floral dreamscapes (they’re photographs, believe it or not) by artist Isabelle Menin. (The Jealous Curator)
  • This is interesting: the stories behind the 100 most iconic props in movie history. (Kottke)
  • And this is cool, from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: say what you’re in the mood to see, and the museum will text you a piece of art. (Time)
  • 1000 people dressed as Frida Kahlo to break a world record. (My Modern Met)
  • An unpublished manuscript by Maurice Sendak has been found. (Atlas Obscura)




Posted on July 12th, 2017 2 Comments

2 Responses

  1. joni maloney says:

    Kim – if you get a chance, take a peek at flora.forager on instagram. Bridget Beth Collins makes the most beautiful creations from flowers. Really think you’d enjoy. j

  2. y.k. says:

    those floral dreamscapes remind me of a recent adidas line of tracksuits, one i was very tempted by. (i know that mashup sounds like a bad idea but it kind of worked).
    yes- flora. forager is beyond.