Tuesday 25th July 2017
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Monday links

  • Arresting photos of trees. There is one mildly NSFW image here. (The Atlantic)
  • The photos themselves aren’t all that excellent, but I found these portraits of Chicano girl culture from the 1990s to be rather fascinating. (Dangerous Minds)
  • A bunch of tattoos inspired by architecture. (My Modern Met)
  • A very handy list of what to stream when it’s raining on vacation. (Vulture)
  • Steven Soderbergh shot a movie with his iPhone. (Indiewire)



Posted on July 24th, 2017 3 Comments

A cavalcade of summer whites

When it starts getting really disgustingly, wiltingly hot outside—as it does right about now—my sartorial solution is to throw on something white and hope for the best. Practically speaking it makes sense, because white keeps you cool, but it looks cool too, and I love the way women look when they pull it off from head to toe (allowing a pop of color here and there with the help of accessories). I absolutely love the look of a white blazer, and this one is pretty reasonably well-priced, so if you spill coffee on it, the universe won’t implode.

A V-neck tee with a nice deep V, just how I like.

A crisp white button down is one of summer’s absolute essentials for me; nothing makes me feel sexier or more put-together.

This eyelet top is just very pretty.

I like these jeans because they’re straight cut, and therefore not super-tight.

I am not a huge fan of the off-shoulder top, but this one has such irresistibly clean lines.

Just a really good featherweight tank.

A very office-worthy dress.

The gathered details on this top make it so feminine.

I surprise myself by liking this jumpsuit, but I do.

Here’s the kind of incredibly easy dress I’d throw on when the thermostat inches toward 100.

These army-inspired trousers are just so good. (And here’s a cheaper version.)

Simple, flattering, and breezy.

I’d wear this with a simple white tee.

Sundresses are so sweet, and I like the contrasting buttons on this one.

Posted on July 24th, 2017 6 Comments

It’s the big Nordstrom sale, everyone

There are tons of discounts on a lot of pretty good stuff, starting with these nice cropped trousers from Vince.

Here’s a perfectly great plaid shirt—I like it when the color palette is nice and simple.

A massive version of the best exfoliator I’ve ever tried.

This raincoat comes in yellow and red too, but I think the black is on the elegant side.

This lace-trimmed tank would look lovely peeking out from under a blazer or cardigan.

Just a good slouchy tee.

A really pretty duvet cover.

Posted on July 21st, 2017 1 Comment

Little dishes and trays for your whatnots


I store my jewelry in dishes like this, but they can have so many uses—it’s handy to have one bedside, too, and for makeup, and they’re quite useful for office supplies, too, if you’re the type of person whose home is your workplace as well. I really like the gold and green on this tiger tray from Jonathan Adler.

Here’s a slightly splurgy—but so very cheery—one from Missoni.

This one costs a mere $19, and comes in several good colors.

This is quite tiny, and so sweet, and perfect for rings.

I love the idea of this placed on something red.

And I’m crazy for the vintage look of this Waylande Gregory option.

Rather elegant and slightly rough-hewn at the same time.

You can’t beat a John Derian plate.

Posted on July 21st, 2017 9 Comments

Thursday links


Posted on July 20th, 2017 7 Comments

Thursday trifecta

A few notebooks with very cool prints, starting with this one from Diptique.

dizzyingly geometric pattern, in bold red and white.

From the geniuses at Astier de Villatte, a really quite pretty one that is also a bit dizzying in its way.



Posted on July 20th, 2017 2 Comments