Sunday 17th December 2017
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Top 5 of the week: Dog beds

My dog bed situation is very unglamorous—I have this not-entirely-scintillating option from Orvis because my big dog, Mister—as I have mentioned in the past—is a chewer, and he made quick work of the lovely Pendelton bed I bought a while back. This one is guaranteed by the company to be chew-proof, and so far, Mister hasn’t made a dent in it.

Gingham is kind of unexpected, and I like that it’s in black and white (here it is in the blue, which is cute too, but in such a totally different way that it’s funny they’re the same pattern).

This custom-made number is for the dog with a superior appreciation of Midcentury design.

The stripes here are just kind of fresh and fun.

This is a cool, clean-lined option that won’t interfere with the decor too much. It also comes in a nice array of colors, but navy is so classic.

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  1. Kristen says:

    My dog chewed through the Orvis bed in her puppy days (she exploited a weakness near the zipper), but they guarante money back and that was super easy to sort out. I figured I’d just keep replacing them for free if necessary. However, the second one we got has lasted years and years and years. It was a good purchase, I just wish they came in cuter options.

  2. c.w. says:

    When I arrived East in May I decided to go for comfort and ended up with a memory foam bed for my slightly arthritic pup (Betty). While it might not make a statement fashion wise, she loves it and seems to bring her aging bones some comfort (she’s nine and a terrier mix so, most likely, has many years ahead of her). Our living room/dining room/kitchen floors are painted white and the bed is white so it mostly just blends in and she has no interest in chewing it, but she isn’t much of a chewer so not so helpful.

    From the web site: In The Company Of Dogs

  3. Mimi says:

    When we got new carpet for our master bedroom I bought Coach, our 65-pound Chesapeake Bay retriever/Australian Shepherd mix a new bed to match. He wouldn’t go near it. So since our family motto is “The most important thing is that the dog has a nice day,” we reinstated his old bed. It’s khaki and the carpet is slate bluish-gray, ergo the color combination was not felicitous. But this is our home, not a model room at Bloomingdale’s. I donated the $120 bed he’d rejected to our local animal shelter. Btw, Coach was named after Coach Eric Taylor of “Friday Night Lights,” a big-hearted, good looking guy with a dry sense of humor and a great sense of fair play.

    • Cora says:

      Your family has the best motto! My dogs prefer donut-shaped dog beds, the couch or the tiny space under the coffee table. The bigger one actually loves to squeeze himself into the smaller ones’ bed, until he looks like a dachshund muffin.

  4. Sheila says:

    Okay, I was going to reply anyway but in a “Full Hearts! Clear Eyes! Can’t Lose!” way I love the idea of naming a dog after Coach Taylor. Wonderful!
    Five months ago I bought the Casper dog bed (“The Dog Mattress”). While I was dubious about the marketing on the site I also thought it was the most beautiful dog bed I’d seen. I got it for my 14 year old, arthritic Portuguese Water Dog. She hasn’t really taken to it as I had hoped she would, perhaps because she is in the Senior Dog Zone now, but my cat and 20 lb. terrier mix love it. And I did indeed lay my head and shoulders on it when it arrived to see what I thought about the fancy foam claims and I’d definitely sleep on it. And no, I’m not a paid spokesmodel for the Dog Bed Club for Dogs.

  5. Debra K says:

    Lola, our 25 pound Parsons Terrier, has chosen an old upholstered club chair that we cover with a blanket. All beds previously proffered have been systematically killed as only a terrier can do – complete gutting of all the filling and a proud display of said ‘guts’ all around the house. She has never put a tooth to the club chair so we let her keep it. (Feel free to judge me but I love her and she brings us a lot of fun and happiness😁)

  6. Hick from Styx says:

    Coffee tables, the bench at the front door, foot stools, every people bed in the house — they’re all dog beds for a small and rather presumptuous scalliwag, except for the so-called dog beds. Those don’t mame tbe grade.