Sunday 17th December 2017
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Friday links

  • These lovely watercolors illustrate inhabitants of the animal kingdom, by classification. (Colossal)
  • 25 notable women weigh in on productivity. (The Cut)
  • It’s the Transparent season four trailer. (Vulture)
  • I know, I know: two trailers on the same day. But the new Kathryn Bigelow movie, Detroit, looks wicked intense. (Flavorwire)
  • Here’s a good profile of feminist author Roxanne Gay, who I love. (Elle)


Posted on June 16th, 2017 2 Comments

2 Responses

  1. Dana D says:

    Gay’s new book arrived off the presses and onto my porch this week.

    I am thrilled I get to read it this summer…and I am also reading one she recommended in Urgent, Unheard Stories–High Rise Stories: Voices from Chicago Public Housing.

    Thank you for this profile.

    (Might you do a summer reading post, soon?)

  2. Caitlin says:

    Just saw Roxane at BAM talking about her book and life. She was incredible, and so was the audience. She really is a great speaker and listener. We need her now.