Monday 19th February 2018
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Making an extremely small outdoor space work

I have a balcony where I spend almost no time, because it is so teensy and vertiginous it feels almost like nothing more than a ledge. But I’m thinking part of the problem is that I’ve never bothered to outfit it with proper furniture—not that it can fit much—and maybe this will be the summer that I do. I would absolutely love this classic Sculptura Occasional Chair, which is exactly like the ones my grandparents had in their backyard in Houston.

I have wanted an Acapulco chair since I saw how great a cluster of them looked arranged around the pool at the house of Lori Leven (of Love Adorned) in Springs, New York. I could only fit one, probably, but it would be so fabulous.

This has a vaguely Acapulco chair feel, and I could fit two of them.

How fun.

I could fit a side table, as long as it was on the super-diminutive side. I like the white tiles here.

And this is nice and simple.

I think this one with the blue mosaic tiles is probably my favorite.

A wee little bistro set that folds up into nothing.

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  1. c.w. says:

    The Design Within Reach chairs are my favorite––or, as we call it, Design WAAAAY Outta Reach.

    The West Elm chairs are pretty, but I saw them in person recently and they are HUGE. Very wide.

    I love the look of the Acapulco chair, but I keep wondering if the backs of your legs are decorated with stripes when you stand up!

    There is a bistro set almost exactly as the one pictured from Ikea that I inherited from someone who moved. The Ikea one is weighted so it doesn’t blow over in a heavy wind––something I’d never thought about considering.

  2. Ashima says:

    Do you worry about things blowing off? I’m furnishing a roof deck and balcony (fire escape) right now and that totally freaks me out.

  3. joannawnyc says:

    Yes, I wonder the same abut the Acapulco chairs–are they comfy? I got a “zero gravity” recliner for my new deck and it’s awesomely comfy, though the aesthetics are not so great.

  4. Laurel says:

    Definitely get that blue mosaic table! It will make you happy whenever you see it and then you’ll want to go use it. Do you have any plants on your balcony? A little green always makes a space more attractive. Stringing some sparkle lights above can be nice for nighttime, or bring out some candles. I like to drink my coffee outside on summer mornings when it’s still relatively cool.

  5. Mieke says:

    I have 2 Maya chairs from CB2.I have to coax people to try them, but they are surprisingly comfortable & fold up for winter storage too.

  6. DeDe says:

    I agree that the comfort factor is supremely important. Can you try any of these options in person? They all look super cool, but if they start bugging your back or butt after like 5 mintues, it’s gonna be all over but the cryin’ (I mean, hopefully there won’t be crying involved, but you never can tell with patio furniture). Also, I second the plant suggestion – as long as your ledge isn’t in full-on hot sun all day, you could put some succulents out there and voila! A little SoCal on your NYC escarpment!

  7. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I would love some nice, cute, chic outdoor furniture for our deck. But living in Montauk has taught me a few lessons:
    1. It is always windy.
    2. Outdoor furniture tends to be lightweight.
    3.It is always windy.
    4.My outdoor furniture looks better on my deck than blowing across my neighbor’s yard.
    5. I have lost too many umbrellas to count.
    6. Have I mentioned that it’s always windy?

  8. Hick from Styx says:

    I live in a windy place where we get lot of tornadoes, tornado warnings and watches, or at the very least severe thunderstorms. Viral lawn mower tornado guy? That’s what I mean.

    I will vouch for the IKEA small wooden table and two chairs. In windy conditions, you can hook the chair legs over the bottom rail of the table. In windier condtions, they fold flat in seconds and can be stacked up. Even windier? Use bungee cords to rope them to the bottom rail of your balcony, or pull them inside. Nearly a decade on, this set has never blown away.

    And the chairs are sturdy enough for big men.

  9. suz says:

    Ikea has a lot of summer outside stuff that works for urban patios/tiny spaces. (Though getting it to you from red hook is no fun). I have a similar table (not ikea) but it is the best and simplest – folds flat and not an issue with weather or storage in cold months. Totally vouch for ikea.