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Thursday links


Posted on May 25th, 2017

Taking requests: Raincoats

A reader who goes by the online name of sheepy puppy requested a post on raincoats with hoods, and it’s certainly the season for it: it’s either stunningly bright and gorgeous in New York right now or pouring buckets. My absolute favorite raincoats at the moment are from Stutterheim, and they’re not cheap but they are stylish and ultra-durable and long, which counts for a lot in a deluge. Here is my absolute favorite, and it was very hard to narrow it down.

And here is a more classic model from Stutterheim, also slightly less pricey than the one above.

A delightful raincoat-yellow version from Barbour, with a cool striped lining. Also: it’s on sale.

Nothing better than a classic trench for your plus -size choice.

This one has a duckbill hood, which is really cute, and I always like army green.

Bold red seems fun and spring-y.

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And yet another big sale, this one at Nordstrom

I’ve got items here displayed in descending order of splurginess, starting with this Zero + Maria Cornejo dress that just looks like the very definition of ease.

The neckline on this Rick Owens dress is just so elegant.

A leopard print coach’s jacket is rather fun.

And this Belstaff jacket couldn’t be much more classic.

I can’t recall if I posted about this pretty summer dress or just thought about it, but I do know I want it.

A little ridiculous, but pretty fantastic.

This is just adorable, with all that cute embroidery.

I dig the safari vibe here.

Such a feminine gauze blouse.

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Wednesday links



Posted on May 24th, 2017 4 Comments

So very many clutches

Kara clutch

I love clutches and find them endlessly chic, but wear them less than I’d like to because they make not so much sense in the life of the owner of two dogs. They’re perfect for evenings out, though, and I find I never have quite the right bag for that. I so went looking, and located, for starters, this rather simple but cool specimen from Kara, my new favorite bag line. The big ring makes it somewhat more practical, and adds a hefty dose of style.

Lizzie Fortunato clutch

The floral print—and contrast of black and orange—here is just so good.

Clare Vivier clutch

This one comes with those buttons, which I would definitely remove: there’s enough going on with the excellent contrasting stripes.

Anya Hindmarch clutch

Very spendy but rather adorable.

 Other stories clutch

Silver, like all metallics, can serve as a neutral, and has the extra added benefit of really popping.

Sole Society clutch

This looks like a pricey Antonello bag, but it’s way cheaper.

Clare Vivier clutch

Just a nice, streamlined foldover with attractive handles.

Mango clutch

straw clutch is good for summer fun.

Samudra clutch

And this is nice and vacation-y too.

Kara duffel wristlet

Another Kara bag, this one with a little mini-duffel shape.


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Tuesday links

  • Lovely landscapes by artist Jeremy Miranda. (Colossal)
  • Watch the First Lady swat away her husband’s hand in Israel. (The Cut)
  • Some highlights from Cannes. (Vogue)
  • This rundown of highly specific museums—food additive museum, anyone?—is quite amusing. (Atlas Obscura)
  • Fun facts about famous album covers. (The Chive)
Posted on May 23rd, 2017 8 Comments