Monday 19th February 2018
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All I want to wear are button-downs

Everlane button-down—All I want to wear are button-downs

Here is my uniform of the moment: jeans or trousers, a button-down, and clogs  (or boots, depending on the weather). It sounds a bit dull, but somehow isn’t, and I feel like I’ve at last nailed a French fashion editor look (except of course that no French fashion editor would ever show up anywhere in clogs). The trick, I’ve decided, is to always size up. You want the shirt nice and blousy. And I’m still half-tucking, because I think it gives you a flattering silhouette, especially in profile. Plus, I always have on a few necklaces (they’re pretty delicate, so I sleep in them and then don’t have to worry about putting them on every morning) and try to do something interesting—but never too interesting—in the way of a belt. As far as the shirts go, I like them pretty classic, like this one from Everlane, which is a great value, and comes in white as well.

This particular blue is classic preppy, and I like the idea of mixing it up with faded-out black jeans.

This is actually cotton-chambray, and I love the look of it.

Here’s a nice classic white shirt that’s very soft.

A good black button-down is one of life’s necessities—at least according to my rather skewed perspective—and I love Xirena’s because they’re so lightweight (here’s a less expensive and quite similar option).

I believe I wrote about this shirt some time ago, but I recently acquired it and can’t stop wearing it: most military shirts are heavy but this one isn’t at all, and it’s just sort of magically flattering.

I have too many striped shirts already, but this one is so good I might just need to add it to my menagerie.

A nice deep cuff, and a really good price.



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  1. MaryC says:

    When you say “half-tuck” you mean tuck the front, leave the back out, right? Not left-front tucked, right-front hanging out as shown in some of the pics, right? I’m hoping the makers are doing it to show how long the shirttail is, not showing how it supposed to be worn 🙁

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      Yeah, I don’t get that. Is it ok to do a half-tuck when you’ve got a tummy? (My profile wouldn’t be so cute.) 🙂

  2. KimFrance says:

    Yes, that is precisely what I mean. And I have seen a LOT of tucking as you’ve described; I think stylists are trying to foist it upon us as a trend, but I will not be moved!

  3. Elisa says:

    For years I have worn the J Crew Perfect Shirt in tall because I like to have the shirt tail hang out of a cashmere sweater in the winter and cover my tuchus in the spring. I have many white ones and then get whatever color/stripe they have in a particular season. They have some stretch and wear really well. I also half tuck sometimes, but my belt game is not what it should be.

  4. Elisa says:

    I have been wearing the J Crew Perfect Shirt for many years. I get in in the tall, because I like a shirt tail hanging out of a cashmere sweater in the winter, and I like to cover my tuchus in the spring. I have a bunch of white and then I buy whatever color/stripe they are offering each season. They wear really well and have some stretch in them. I also half tuck sometimes, but my belt game is not what it should be.

    • y.k. says:

      i have to chime in here b/c contrary to other areas of my clothing & life – my belt game is strong. until recently, i avoided belts b/c i thought my waist was nothing to be showcased (nobody would say i’m an hourglass) but then i learned that a belt actually creates a waist (especially if your jeans are a bit low rise).
      i know. Seventeen magazine 101.
      anyway – i highly recommend belts – especially w/ a button down shirt when half tucked b/c it adds that little bit of finish.

  5. Dianne says:

    This is my work wardrobe. A great button down shirt, untucked, and black pants. No clocks though, that would be a no-no in my office

  6. Mimi says:

    I’m somewhat disturbed occasionally when I realize everything I’m wearing could be worn by a man – shirt, trousers or jeans, loafers. oxfords, boots or sneakers. My husband says I needn’t worry about looking too masculine, but I do put mucho effort into my ever expanding belt collection. So your MO of always having some delicate necklaces tilts the balance toward the girly just enough. I even like a classic strand of pearls mixed with gold or silver.

  7. c.w. says:

    I’m wearing one of my (2) Frank and Eileen’s as I type. I’d buy that Everlane in a heartbeat and probably will. And I’m wearing my shirt untucked (sleeves rolled) with jeans and barefoot because it’s going to be 89 today. Hellooooo climate change.

  8. Lynne says:

    Love the button down… hate the ironing!

  9. Tiffany says:

    My uniform is much the same. Sometimes it’s black trousers; sometimes it’s jeans; sometimes a cotton shirt; other times silk. I do the half-tuck – most of the front in loosely, back out. Because I’m short (5″4) I often have to have my shirts taken up to be just the right length, but it’s worth it.

  10. lori says:

    Kim, its a fact; you can’t have too many striped shirts! 🙂