Monday 19th February 2018
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Friday links

  • Here is a dark little take on our president’s first 100 days, courtesy of The Simpsons. (Flavorwire)
  • Relatedly, this piece—part of a series—profiles women on why they voted for our president. Sorry, I just can’t type his name. (Elle)
  • Are nature documentaries fake? (Kottke)
  • Nine out-of-the-ordinary food museums. (Mental Floss)
  • This slideshow of some of Diana Ross’s best onstage style moments is fun. (Vogue)


Posted on April 28th, 2017 14 Comments

14 Responses

  1. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Saw the Simpsons bit…spot-on!

    Having grown-up in the Upper Midwest, I was successfully able to predict the food Museums in WI and MN…kind of embarrassing, really.

  2. Lara says:

    Good for you not typing his name – even though we’re Canadian we have forbidden it in our house. He’s such an egotist that it seems like the perfect way to take back the power. Stay strong!

  3. joannawnyc says:

    The ELLE piece was illuminating!

  4. Debra says:

    45’s hair in the Simpson’s promo!!! If weren’t for comedians, cartoonists, etc. I don’t know how I’d be making it through this debacle.

  5. Jax says:

    How could any take on the first 100 days be anything but dark?

  6. mlinky says:

    The Elle article was interesting. The common theme was that they don’t approve of what Trump has done, but hope that he will change. Is this related to women thinking that they can change a man, or that ‘he won’t be that way with me’?

  7. Rae says:

    Elle is really knocking it out of the park these days — feels a lot like Sassy for grown-ups. Am I correct to think that it is unusual for a fashion magazine to be so open about the political leaning of most of their contributing writers?

  8. c.w. says:

    Everyone I know who voted for -45 (I live in Texas so I know a bunch) were one item voters. My muther because of estate taxes, my sister-in-law because of health care costs, my brother because of income taxes, one cousin because Hillary was female, one very wealthy cousin because of income taxes, one cousin because of immigration––you get the picture. Bear in mind NONE of these folks are struggling financially. When I ask about other important things such as women’s health care, global issues, immigration––they tell me I “just don’t understand.” I do understand. I understand they are small brained selfish motherf@#kers.

  9. Tricia says:

    The crew worked extra hard to get that Simpson’s bit finished. Nice to see them getting some love for it. And it’s hilarious.

  10. S. says:

    The Elle article reads like a dystopian fantasy, and I think it will give me nightmares.

    PS. I can say “Trump” — it’s such a blunt, belligerent, honking, stupid sounding word I think he deserves it. But I can’t use the T-word and the P-word in the same sentence.

  11. Caroline says:

    Elle article was a good read.
    I do not live in NYC anymore.
    after the election the number of seemingly thoughtful and kind,financially secure ( yup, with money!!) women I know here in Va who basically just wouldn’t vote for Hillary shook me to the core.
    And yes, I believe now many of them feel like they’re being unfairly judged.
    Sorry it’s difficult for them ,but they voted for you know who and in doing so chose to be on the wrong side of history. Sorry to my friends but they deserve to be judged a little.
    In my humble opinion.

  12. Hick from Styx says:

    I have been discovering my American roots this week, thanks to some family papers that were discovered. These were written by my great-great grandfather, a Civil War soldier (3rd Minnesota Infantry). That led to the discovery of another civil war soldier in the family tree (15th NY). Both are my mother’s ancestors. Both fought for the Union. One was 16 years old when he signed up. Both sides of the family left for Canada early in the 20th century.

    It is ironic that this information surfaced just as your president was trolling Canada over cows, and the 100 days of his presidency were marked. Today as I post, I see he’s talking about the Civil War.

    I hope those who know history will remember that our past is shared. Back in the day, people like my ancestors moved back and forth freely across borders. Those Civil War soldiers were the sons of immigrants from England and Ireland.

    My own grandfather came to Canada in a railway cattle car, tending cows that were brought to a new life on a homestead.

    These people broke land in both countries, and fought for the cause of freedom for all. They survived the Civil War, but surely paid the price of those battles. At one point, only two men in my great-great grandfather’s company escaped alive in a skirmish. He likely survived because as an underage bugler, he was held to the back lines.

    Those sacrifices were brought north of our shared borders. I remember. I am the great-great granddaughter of two Union soldiers. I not a Daughter of the Union, although I could be. We are emigrants and immigrants. My people worked hard and made personal sacrifices for freedom and equality in the United States. I like to believe that these sacrifices are not lessened by the fact that these people’s descendants became immigrants. Can they un-beome Union soldiers in 2017? I guess anything is possible. History is rewritten on a regular basis, as it suits those in power.

    Sorry to bring this up in your blog, but not sorry to bring it up. It is an unlikely place for history, non?