Monday 19th February 2018
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A personal note

Girls of a Certain Age started on April 3, 2012 (here’s the very first post) and somehow, I let its fifth birthday whiz by without even noticing. So I’m taking a moment to belatedly thank all of you for making this such a lively, happy enterprise. To all the die-hard commenters—Viajera, DeDe, Mamavalveeta, Joanna, Y.K., C.W., Dana D, Suz, Jhops, Hick from the Styx, Adrien, Gables Girl, Mae, Caroline, Raina, Caroline, Ann, Heather, and I’m SURE there’s somebody I’m leaving out, so please forgive me if so—thank you for being the soul of Girls of a Certain Age. For keeping conversation so lively, witty, smart, and—most of all—so very, very kind. To all of the rest of you commenters, thanks a million for everything you have to say. Your words amuse and enlighten me, and—on days when I’m feeling down and lonely—lift me. And if you’ve never commented, thanks for stopping by on the regular. Knowing that you’re all out there makes my life truly rich.

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  1. Melolexx says:

    My most favorite daily indulgence. I’ve purchased many things and enhanced my style at 47 thanks to your curation and comments. Thank you! ❤️

  2. Ann says:

    Happy belated blog birthday!! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years. You’ve brought us a lot of entertainment, great clothes, and thought-provoking stuff, too. I’m so happy for you that you get to have such an interesting career. Best wishes and have a lovely day!

  3. Dana D says:

    What Ann said…

    and thank you a million times for offering me this daily mini-pleasure of fashion mixed with other good things for the mind and soul. Thank you, also, for not being afraid to take a stand when that is called for…and for letting us stand up also.

  4. y.k. says:

    5 years! i remember reading about this in that NYT article & thinking -yes -that’s exactly what I’m looking for in a blog. thank you.

  5. Heather says:

    Kim, thanks to *you* for investing so much of your time and energy in building this community. I’ve learned a lot about fashion and style, but even more so, I’ve grown to appreciate the words of smart, thoughtful women. Thank you.

  6. Mrs Z says:

    Happy 5th year! You’re my first pop-in everyday. And here’s a blast from the past (long-time Sassy reader): it’s almost “Kim France pants” weather. Yes, I still cut the legs off my winter tights to about mid-thigh to eliminate the chafe under summer skirts and dresses. Continued success on all your endeavors!

  7. Jandy says:

    Congrats, Kim….and THANK YOU!

  8. MariaO says:

    Thanks to Kim and thanks to the rest of you – this blog is one of the few places where you can ignore the #1 Rule of the Internet (Don’t Read the Comments!), and listen or take part in some intelligent conversations.

  9. joannawnyc says:

    I was so thrilled when I found out you had a blog. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! Thank you <3

  10. Debra says:

    What a nice way to start the work week — a celebration of GOACA! Truly the only blog that is a daily “must read” for me. Thank you, Kim, for expanding my mind and for helping me, in my somewhat unfocused middle age, find a personal style that works for me!!!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on this milestone, and thank you sincerely for this site. I have gotten so much out of it since I first came across it a few years back, and your emailed update is one of the few that I am eager to read as soon as it hits my inbox. Really looking forward to your book, too.

  12. Laura Jean says:

    Congratulations! Visiting this site is my favorite morning ritual.

  13. Caroline says:

    Made my day.
    Happy milestone anniversary!
    I can honestly say, checking in with you over my morning coffee has made my days a little bit richer😘
    FYI, totally ordered that j. crew sundress from last week.

  14. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Congratulations on your “blogiversary,” Kim! 5 years is a REAL accomplishment in the blogging world (Hell, 5 years at ANY job is a real accomplishment!).
    Your posts have let me know that I’m not alone as I deal with the demon of depression and anxiety. Your blog is about SO much more than fashion and yet it draws me in every day. You don’t know (well, with analytics, you probably do!) how many times I share something you’ve posted with friends.
    I love this group of cool, smart, talented and yes…kind women you’ve brought together. Thanks!

    • DeDe says:

      I heart you, Val. Not just because you’re a fellow Sconnie but because you seem like a genuinely kind, thoughtful person. And I’m sure I’m not the only commenter here who feels that way. You know, for whatever it’s worth. <3

  15. DeDe says:


  16. elise says:

    Well where did those 5 years go?? Time does fly when you’re having fun! Congrats and thanks for all the fabulous content – you make my day every day! So excited for your book!

  17. Viajera says:

    Ditto all the nice comments people made!!! It really helps to have something to look forward to, Kim. You have created a beautiful place filled with interesting objects and lovely people. I found out about it from the NYT too. Wow five years went by quickly! Please keep being you!

  18. Mary Alice says:

    Kim, I’d like to thank you for this blog. It has come to mean a great deal to me, to check in every morning and see how smart, funny and totally cool all these girls of a certain age are. I regularly share items from this blog with my twenty-something daughters.I could go on and on but you get the idea, I hope.Thannk you!!! You’re the best!!

  19. Erin says:

    Congratulations, and thank you for writing this blog. It has become an important part of my routine. While I don’t comment frequently, seeing all of the intelligent and topics and post commentary/conversation here helps me feel connected to so many amazing women. May you see more milestone anniversaries!

  20. tiffany cain says:

    This site has made hitting my 50’s extra fun- thank you for your great curate’n eye!

  21. Ann says:

    Your blog has become a part of my life these past five years. Happy Anniversary, and thank you for everything. Please never stop.

  22. Adrien says:

    Aw, congratulations (and thanks for the shout-out!) This is my favorite blog and I can’t wait to read your book.

  23. Linda says:

    Aw, congrats on this anniversary! I really enjoy your blog and agree that the comments here are charming instead of traumatic (as they often are elsewhere). Thanks to you and your long-time commenters for building a positive community. Cheers!

  24. Christina says:

    Congratulations! I read your blog daily and am so grateful that you’ve continued to write! You’ve cultivated such a wonderful community here. I also find myself asking “WWKD?” on a regular basis and am happy to say you’ve played a significant role in helping me find a fulfilling and authentic style. In addition, I truly appreciate the more personal posts you’ve written. Sometimes it feels like you’re the cool aunt I never had, helping guide me through the messiness of adulthood. So, thank you- many many times over.

  25. Erica says:

    Love love love your blog. With the smart commentary, impeccable sense of style and real talk that you offer I am constantly referring friends to your site. Thank you for all that you do!

  26. c.w. says:

    Wow, five years! Major Congrats!

    This is one of my favorite places on the internet. Smart links, great fashion and the whole slew of incredible women you’ve managed to gather around you make GOACA a must read for me every day. (thank you, too, NYTimes for running a piece that included Kim and this site which is how I found myself here.)

    Also…for me…this site is more important than ever given the givens of what is happening nationally and globally.

  27. jhops says:

    Congrats & happy blog b-day! From the day I randomly purchased what turned out to be the inaugural issue of Lucky at a newsstand, I have appreciated your voice & sense of style so much. And the day you replied to one of my comments on here made me positively giddy. Thanks so much for what you do, and the community you have created.

  28. Sheila says:

    Congratulations on five years of blogging! I’m thankful for your words.

  29. suz says:

    5?! Congrats and happy b day! I have no idea how I found this blog, but it has been a mainstay since day 1. There is an honesty and solid truth to the goings on here, to your viewpoint and writing that I don’t see anywhere really – so, sincerely – thank you for bringing this all about. And for gathering all these excellent people together.

    Keep it up! I always am happy and/or enlightened by what I find here.

    Now I feel there should be cake….

  30. Sara says:

    Five years of inspiration, entertainment, connection and hope. Thanks, Kim! Looking forward to five more!

  31. GT says:

    Brava, Kim!

  32. KimFrance says:

    Thanks for all these sweet comments, ladies. They made my day. xxx

  33. Suzanne says:

    I love you & the ladies who make this my favourite place to visit each day. It’s nice to have a place where people you’ve never met, just ‘get you’. xx

  34. Llana says:


    I don’t think that I have ever left a comment, because I have been intimidated (you are Kim France!).

    I have followed your work since the Sassy days, when I read the magazine from my row-house as a teenager in Philadelphia. That magazine made me want to leave town, might even have helped propel me to do so.

    I am very much looking forward to the book. Maybe I will make it to a reading in the city when that happens. I live in Albany.


    Llana Carroll

  35. mlinky says:

    Thank you so much for this blog!

  36. Tricia says:

    I love your blog. There’s always some great thing that I learn about by checking in 🙂

  37. Gables girl says:

    Kim, I am so honored by the shout out. Its funny–our styles are quite different. I’m more Iris Apfel crossed with Lovey Howell and JCrew mixed with LL Bean. But we are following a similar sober path and I can’t imagine not checking in every day. Hope our paths cross sometime. XO–

  38. Raina says:

    Five years blogging the best insight, advice and shopping enablement is no mean feat.

    Mazel on your accomplishment, Miz Kim, and may the next five be even more fab!

    P.S. A Kim France shout-out? You honor me, ma’am.

  39. Claire says:

    Happy blog birthday, Kim! GOACA is my favourite blog – great writing, wonderful picks and a fantastic commentariat full of whipsmart women. Thank you for carving out such a special place in the wild, wild Web. And, I can’t wait to read your memoir!

  40. Sarah K says:

    Yay for this entire community, and extra hats off to its fearless ringleader, K. France! Thank you! Kim, for so much style and topical stuff in this little corner of the ‘net.

  41. Tiffany says:

    Congrats and thank you for my favourite blog!

  42. karen says:

    Happy Anniversary….i wish i would have found this blog 5 years ago! really, from reading this blog…i wish i could go back in time and be a sassy reader. thanks for giving me something to ponder each day, love the way you mix the high and the low, the fun and the serious.

  43. Ista says:

    Happy anniversary! 5 years has flown by–I don’t remember how or when I found GOACA, but it was early on and remains one of my daily check-ins. Thank you for being here!

  44. Happy five years and thank you so much for soldiering on.

  45. lynne says:

    Congratulations on 5 years and thank you! *your* words amuse and enlighten *me*

  46. lynne says:

    Congratulations on 5 years and thank you so much because *your* words amuse and enlighten *me*

  47. Congratulations on 5 years, and for being a site a Girl of a Certain Age can really enjoy!

  48. Meg Davis says:

    This is still the only fashion blog I read, and it has totally changed the way I think about clothes. Thank you for making getting dressed a much more fun part of the day.

  49. ljchicago says:

    The only blog I have read longer than yours is GFY. Great content and writing on both.

  50. litzipet says:

    Congratulations on 5 years!
    I love reading your blog for many reasons, not least for your own personal experiences and life advice – thank you for giving us such a heartfelt and always interesting blog.
    And for all the great make up tips too, it’s changed how I look at make up.

  51. Susan Davis says:

    I have told people you are my “grown-up imaginary friend” who lives in Manhattan and advises me on all-important lifestyle things. This makes me passively cool. It is my daily read. I take pleasure in your writing – even when you say “pop” of color (>sigh< +eye roll). My heart aches when love disappoints you. I get excited when you get a new pair of clogs. Thank you for your vulnerable and powerful writing and lust for life. Write On!

  52. Natalie says:

    One of my favourite spots on the internet and I’m not sure I’m even of a certain age yet (38? Dunno). The content is funny and interesting but like everyone else, I agree that it’s the insanely amazing commenters that help make this place so special. It’s such a kind, funny, supportive environment.

    Congrats and much love to you Kim and everyone else who lives on here x