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My kind of yoga pants

Alala sweats—My kind of yoga pants

I go to a pretty laid-back yoga studio, and nobody gets too worked up about what to wear to class. But everyone shows up in tight leggings, which is something I can’t get with—my butt just needs more coverage. My solution has been to wear leggings layered with gym shorts, which is fine, but a touch unwieldy. So I’ve been stocking up on lightweight sweats, like these from fitness brand Alala. I like that they have pockets, and are nice and slouchy.

PE Nation sweatpants—My kind of yoga pants

Also quite slouchy: these, from PE Nation, which I must say I’ve been wearing to lounge around the house in as much as I’ve been wearing to class. I love the side stripes and the slightly dropped crotch (which I know isn’t universally beloved, but which I think adds a wee dose of cool).

PE Nation sweatpants—My kind of yoga pants

These are made of lightweight cotton and I just think they’re the cutest. However, they’re non-stretchy, so perhaps better for hanging out than poses.

Outdoor Voices cuffed workout pants—My kind of yoga pants

This cuffed lounge pant comes in a variety of hues, but I really like the heather grey.

Beyond Yoga dip it low pants—My kind of yoga pants

And finally: I think this cropped pair is just cool.

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  1. c.w. says:

    Several of the pilates instructors where I work out wear the Outdoor Voices lounge pant for teaching and demonstrations and I can vouch for their coolness and the instructors all say they are super comfortable and wear well. I live literally five blocks from the Outdoor Voices store here in Austin and STILL haven’t been there to shop––maybe this post will get me motivated to heave myself over there.

    • Comic Sansa says:

      I am not into– and I shudder to type the word– athleisure stuff at all, but I really, really like Outdoor Voices. I first bought a pair of pants for a trip last year, and much to my surprise they’ve become one of my most worn pieces of clothing. So much so I bought another pair in a different color. Then I bought a hoodie, and a merino zip-front hoodie, and a shirt…

      Also, I’m not as lithe as I once was, and everything fits well. They also appeal to my vanity in that in some things I’m a medium, whereas I’m otherwise very much a large in other brands.

      • c.w. says:

        I just walked myself and my dog down to the store and spent more money and time than I had attended. Everything I tried on I liked. Even the “tight” workout leggings fit really well––by this I mean above the belly button and not so tight I feel like I’m wearing athleisurespanks.

        I also bought their “running woman sweats” package––pants, hoodie and baggu canvas tote. The pants are slouchy, but fit––you could wear them to the grocery store and not look weird or like you just climbed out of bed or you were trying to pass for a UT grad student.

        Also, they gave Betty dog treats and loved on her.

        I now love this store. LOVE THEM.

  2. Litty says:

    I have a hard time finding comfy pants like these (also not a fan of tight leggings), so I really appreciate this roundup. Thanks!

  3. y.k. says:

    that first pair by Alala is so nice, i checked the other pants on the website &I’m in love with their storm sweats in army.
    (kimfrance -does Alala run big? )

    &i will never understand the dropped crotch!

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    How do you fully extend your legs for certain poses with a dropped crotch??? It seems like they could only go so far…

  5. joannawnyc says:

    A dropped crotch always seems so uncomfortable to me, but maybe it depends on your body type. These all seem really cute though!

  6. Gillian says:

    I love all the pants — dropcrotch, nonstretchy — I’d wear ’em all— that is, I would if I *could*, but I won’t because I *can’t afford any of them. The only ones under a hundred bucks are $99 — the most I can afford is probably around $30 or $40 — I mean,they’re *workout* clothes — stuff you wear to get all sweaty and stinky, not to go to a job interview or a first date, aren’t they? I found the site by following a guest columnist post from a couple years back. I loved the name because I’m right smack dab in the middle of a certain age — but not a certain income. Obviously I jumped my tax bracket into one where people spend the money I’d save up for a pretty dress or a pair of well-made boots to get some sweats for rolling around on the floor in a puddle of perspiration. Well, good for you — spend your money on what matters to you. I’m just one of those girls of a.c.a who can’t afford to have it matter much. It probably wouldn’t even if I could, I suppose — I prefer not to try and impress people when I’m soaking wet and smelling like I just, well, worked out.

  7. Lori says:

    These are great — I also cannot abide wearing Spandex in public! Like Gillian above, though (as much as I wish I could pack my wardrobe with Cornejo dresses, Kara bags, and OV ex clothes), I don’t have a typical GOACA income, and my budget limit for a workout item is maybe $50, tops. Thus I *love* Uniqlo’s little selection of inexpensive, well-made activewear; their Dry Ex pant is my current favorite gym bottom. It’s light, breathable, slouchy/drop-crotched, stretchy, washable, and cheap: .