Monday 19th February 2018
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Things I bought, things I want

Clare V pom pom tassel—Things I bought, Things I want

Clare V’s pom pom tassels make the best keychains—you can always find them in your bag, no matter how much junk you’ve got stuffed in there. My old blue one was looking a little trashed, so I upgraded to this multi-colored wonder, and couldn’t be more pleased.

I don’t typically go in for small bags, and this one from Kara is pretty wee, but it fits the essentials—phone, wallet, reading glasses, keys, doggie poop bags—with just a tiny bit of room to spare. And it’s such a chic shape, and has cross-body capabilities, which is essential in the life of an owner of two dogs.

It’s a joke, how many pairs of jeans I have. They are piled high on my dresser because there’s no more room for them inside. So I can’t possibly justify the purchase of these, but they are so damn perfect I don’t know if I can resist. They idle in my shopping cart even as I type.

Ulla Johnson dress—Things I bought, things I want

This dress has a quiet sexiness about it that I quite like.

Nili Lotan trousers—Things I bought, things I want

I know there’s something a little daffy about red trousers, but I’m somewhat obsessed with these.

Posted on April 17th, 2017 10 Comments

10 Responses

  1. DeDe says:

    Ugh, that dress! So gorgeous! Way too long for me, even with heels, but still (one upside to being vertically challenged: it’s a money saver!).

    I don’t have a jeans pile, but I do currently have a To Be Hemmed pile that’s starting to look like the domestic equivalent of an occupational hazard.

  2. joannawnyc says:

    omg I WANT that Kara bag, So me. I just unearthed my own personalized blue tassel, it got packed along with everything else. I am finally able to use my hands a bit, so I was very happy to see it!

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    The Pom Pom is so cute!

    The jeans really are perfect….Go for it, Kim!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Oh, I want those jeans so much. But I can’t work out whether to go with regular size or size down, even after reading the reviews … Can you let us know about the sizing if you buy them?

  5. Kathleen says:

    Piled high on a dresser – I too have these first world problems 😳

  6. Shannon says:

    Hi Kin, I just wanted to tell you I ordered these Citizens at your recommendation and I can confirm that they are, in fact, perfect. I am contemplating ordering another pair just so I have them on hand in case anything should happen to this pair! Thank you.