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Just a whole lot of black dresses

Vince dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

I’m so damn tired of wearing jeans, but it’s what the season—and my lifestyle—dictates. Soon enough, though, I’ll be getting myself back into dresses, and I’ve been looking around at a lot them. And while I do like a nice print or color, the ones I get the most wear out of are black, and so that’s what I tend to go back to. All of the following have grown-up hemlines—natch—but I have thrown in a few that are sleeveless, something I don’t usually do for you guys. Just think about pairing those with a nice light cashmere cardigan. This Vince shirtdress has excellent long sleeves, though, and looks like the soul of comfort.

Lafayette 148 dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

This is one seriously flattering silhouette, and I love the neckline—so feminine.

Mango dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

A cute, well-priced ribbed jersey dress that’d be good for kicking around in.

Veronica Beard dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

The ruching this shirtdress is great, and I like that the buttons are off to the side.

H&M dress—just a whole ton of black dresses

The puff sleeves here are a nice touch, and I like the low back, too.

Universal Standard dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

From plus-size brand Universal Standard: this is one very versatile-looking shirtdress.

Vince dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

This seems like a really good option for travel: it’s nice and simple and looks quite comfortable.

Black Halo dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

And I believe that this dress is both classic and stealthily quite sexy.

Nanette Lepore dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

A little bit frillier than I usually go, but just so pretty.

 Other Stories dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

Another super-easy option.

Black Crane dress—Just a whole lot of black dresses

I like the uneven hemline on this cocoon dress.

Posted on March 20th, 2017 9 Comments

9 Responses

  1. Dianne says:

    Love all your choices-especially the Black Crane cocoon dress. A word of advice about the Universal Standard dress-it is long. very long. I tried it on and it was down to my ankles( I’m 5ft 5in). Universal Standard has a showroom in NYC. You can make an appointment and try everything on. I am borderline plus size and took 3 dresses from them-all in XS. I came in to try the one shown here, and it was the one that I didn’t get because it was way too long.

    • geecee says:

      Oh, thank you for that info. I’ve been eyeing that dress for a while, but at 5’3″ I was wondering where it would fall on me.

    • Linden says:

      What other dresses from Universal Standard did you try on, and how did they fit? I’m about the same size as you, sounds like.

      • Dianne says:

        I bought the Katy dress which was knee length on me, I bought the Avenir dress which was knee length on me and I bought the Geneva dress, which has an asymmetrical hem-shorter on one side. The long side hit me mid calf.

        I am large busted, and I got XS in all three, but for the Geneva dress, which is a t-shirt fabric I almost got the S, because I hate things that cling to my bust.

  2. c.w. says:

    I love all these dresses.

  3. gk2829 says:

    Thank you for including dresses with sleeves!

  4. kay Erikson says:

    Love the Vince
    Reminds me of a Jil Sander dress I had in the 90’s.

  5. Christine Clark says:

    Kim! Really appreciate you including a(n awesome) plus-sized option.

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Universal Standard dress, but I’d love it be a tad shorter even tho I’m tall enough. And Vince is always a favorite…I love the idea of a lightweight cashmere cardi over it.