Tuesday 20th February 2018
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Week of requests: Crossbody bags

A few of you asked for a post on crossbody bags that are on the substantial side, which makes the assignment slightly more challenging, as crossbody bags skew small, and who knows why. All of the following measure at least ten inches,  which to my mind feels big, if not gargantuan. I love the look of this Coach saddle bag in navy, which is nice and unexpected.

Claire V messenger bag crossbody bags

Clare V’s messenger bag can fit a small laptop, is super-lightweight, and comes in lots of colors, but I like this snakeskin version best.

Derek Lam duffel bag crossbody bags

I have wanted a duffel-shaped bag forever, and this one from Derek Lam is just impossibly good. I am sitting on my hands to keep from ordering it.

DKNY bag crossbody bags

Just a nice big bag—it measures 11 by 11—this one seems perfect for travel.

Green Claire V bag crossbody bags

I like the poppy green hue here, and the fun exterior pocket.

& Other Stories bag crossbody bags

Another really big bag, with a great hobo shape.

Street Level bag crossbody bags

This one is both fully reversible and rings in at under $50.




Posted on January 11th, 2017 8 Comments

8 Responses

  1. maryn says:

    Oof, I bought that &Other bag SO fast. Thank you for pointing it out!

  2. Su T Fitterman says:

    Hi: I just went on a big search for a couple sizes of cross-body bags. One for taking on a plane, and one to use daily and while travelling. I ended up at M0851, a Montreal-based leather maker (and wonderful raincoats) that sell online, and have boutiques in a few major cities (including NYC and LA). Check it out – I ended up getting the PM10 for city use and the WE19 for taking on the plane. m0851.com

  3. Tricia says:

    I have the Clare V messenger in navy and use it almost daily. Love her bags!

    • I was surprised to find myself loving the green Clare V – surprised cause its green, not normally a bag colour I buy. But I love it. The look is kind of like a Tod’s. Definitely good for work. And the colour will set off all the balck I wear very well.

  4. Lynn in Tucson says:

    I have my vintage Coach bucket which I trot out at least once a year but that saddle bag seems like a slightly more manageable size.

  5. Katie Lynn says:

    I dearly love the look of Coach’s saddle bags, but find in use they don’t fit my needs. I found a similar one at Fossil years ago (slightly equestrian feel, big brass buckels, flap opening) that I will mourn the loss of because I wore it to death.

    I’ve lately been loving the more unisex vintage looking messenger bags at Fossil, I bought the Graham in navy canvas with leather trim and I love it. I hate that they consider them men’s and that they always have a laptop area in them, but I’m in love with the functionality and that it’s easily fit into my wardrobe for both everyday and semi-fancy.

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    My Clare V. black suede messenger bag is my best travel buddie. Crossbody, so I’m hands-free, it fits my iPad, magazine’s, water and snacks for a flight.

  7. Michelle says:

    I’d been wanting a bigger saddle bag for the longest time, large enough to fit my medium-size camera for travel. Ended up going with the Lotuff Arc bag (http://lotuffleather.com/products/arc-shoulder-bag-1), and it’s a gorgeous bag.