Tuesday 23rd January 2018
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Week of requests: Work capsule wardrobe, guest post

Meredith Rollins work capsule wardrobe

I enlisted Tribeca Mom for this post, because a whole lot of you wanted help with a work capsule wardrobe, and  it’s been so long since I had to dress for an office that I didn’t feel like I could do a very credible job of it—and because TM has fantastic office style. (For the uninitiated, Tribeca Mom is my friend Meredith Rollins, and she is the editor-in-chief of Redbook.) I’ll let her take it from here. “Dressing for work is one of those things where it helps to have a uniform. Ever since I got the top job at Redbook, I’ve majorly streamlined my closet: it’s a lot of the same kind of dresses, variations on the same jacket, the same pant cut, the same shoes. Maybe it’s not the most exciting array in the world, but it helps me get out of the house in less time—and it also means I never feel scraggly if a big meeting is thrust upon me in the middle of the day. Though the shapes of my clothes are classic, I try to have some fun with the prints and colors and little details, just to keep things from feeling boring. My go-to items are right here. Let’s work on the assumption that you have a nice white t-shirt (I like a J Crew V-neck) and some dark-ish jeans that can pass muster on a casual Friday. Add those two elements in, and you’ve got roughly three weeks’ worth of variations. Kinda magical, no?”

NY Co sheath dress work capsule wardrobe

“A printed sheath dress (I like a floral). This is polished enough to wear on its own to an event, and also layers nicely under any kind of jacket or sweater.”

Massimo Dutti blazer work capsule wardrobe

“A simple black blazer. Self-explanatory, I think. It makes you feel instantly boss-like, and can elevate that t-shirt and jeans into something office-y.”

Club Monaco moto jacket work capsule wardrobe

“A cropped jacket. I’m really into this moto style, in a lush, deep green. It feels fancy. A black leather jacket would also work well here, if you’re in the kind of job where leather doesn’t seem wrong.”

Tory Burch skirt work capsule wardrobe

“A floaty skirt in a pretty print. Yeah, this isn’t cheap, but it really works hard, and nice fabric is key. Cute with a sweater, a button-down, a blazer, a cropped jacket….just cute, period. Yet professional!”

Phillip Lim pants work capsule wardrobe
Black pants. This is the other place where it’s worth spending some money. These Philip Lim ones are my favorite—the crop is cute with loafers or heels, they’re not too low-waisted, they’re simple yet a tad bit interesting. Perfect all around.”
Uniqlo cashmere sweater work capsule wardrobe

“A super-simple cashmere crewneck. Expensive-looking, luxurious-feeling, yet not a wallet-buster. You can even throw it over the sheath dress, to get more mileage out of that.”

Everlane silk shirt work capsule wardrobe

“A silk button-down. This is chic as hell with the black pants (or jeans) and either heels or flats. Plus, it’s just the right side of sexy, which I love.”

J Crew loafers work capsule wardrobe

Loafers. I’m living in these right now. You gotta be able to walk, am I right? So gamine and sweet with a cropped pair of pants and a sharp little coat.”

SJP pumps work capsule wardrobe
“Pointy-toe heels. I’m hearing Kim’s voice in my head and not recommending my favorite shoes on the planet, which are Manolo Blahnik BB pumps. They are not cheap ($595) but boy, are they comfortable for a heel. They last forever, if you don’t slog through the slush in them. They’re trend-proof but also cool. And in a surprising color or print, they make even an all-black outfit feel thought-out and glamorous. Such a good investment, IMO. That said, you can get very similar and equally stylish heels for less. So…People swear SJP shoes are insanely comfortable, and these grey flannels are cute as can be.”

Ann Taylor leopard pumps work capsule wardrobe
“Or you can jazz things way up with some animal-print velvet. Because your workday deserves a little jazziness. (Really: it does.)”

Posted on January 9th, 2017 14 Comments

14 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    Commenting to rave about Redbook magazine. It’s the only women’s magazine I read these days. It doesn’t insult my intelligence with breathless prose about dubious “scientific” “breakthroughs” in fitness or skincare, or make my seasonal sandal purchase into a existential choice. It never tells me I “Must,” just cheefully says, “Hey, if you’d like to X, you can do Y…” There’s always something useful in it. The exercise/fitness page is outstanding even for someone like me who works out regularly, and the makeup tips are spot-on. I also appreciate the recent articles on infertility, because it’s such an isolating experience. I wish I’d had these to read several years ago when I was going through it. No regrets about my subscription.

    • Tibeca Mom says:

      This comment made my day. And my month. And possibly my year, while we’re at it, as well.
      Thank you!

      • Pamb says:

        Just another note to say that I’m also a Redbook subscriber… I share it with my neighbor and she enjoys it as well!

  2. Amanda says:

    Fantastic — love this series, Tribeca Mom, and Redbook. Keep em coming!

  3. Tammy says:

    I can see why you and Tribeca Mom are great friends, Kim: You both have AMAZING taste. The Philip Lim trousers are must-save-money-to-buy worthy.

  4. Tibeca Mom says:

    They really are SO GOOD, Tammy.
    xo Meredith (TM)

  5. Amy says:

    I have been thoroughly enjoying the request posts this week, and am regretting that I didn’t ask for a roundup of styles for the height-challenged (aka petite) and short-torsoed (high-waisted or high-necked anything is my kryptonite), who also has an aversion to high-heels. 🙂 I’m liking those loafers more than I would have guessed.

  6. Gables girl says:

    TB, thanks for sharing. I may have to order Redbook:)

  7. Rachel D says:

    I needed this. Thank you so much. I want the Emmanuelle Alt capsule wardrobe, but my job requires something besides jeans!

  8. Mary Alice says:

    Love the choices!
    Am I wrong in my impression that Redbook is really geared towards women in their 30’s? I never read it because I think I am too old for it at 57. If I’m mistaken, I humbly apologize.

  9. Jen says:

    Great article! A co-worker and I were JUST talking about outfit formulas for a casually professional look, which we were wearing variations of that day: skinny jeans or pants, tall boots, a sleeveless blouse in a print, and a solid-colored blazer.

  10. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Meredith is so relatable and chic! She does it all…and from the outside looking in…I’d say quite well! That cute cut and red lip! I subscribe to Redbook again after all of these years just because of her.