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Week of requests: 20 wardrobe classics

j crew shirt

Welcome back from the holidays, everyone, and welcome to the week of requests, which may well stretch into two weeks, as you guys sent in a lot of quality queries. First up is a bit of a hybrid. I had a number of requests for my take on wardrobe classics. I also had some readers ask what my personal go-to pieces are. So I decided to conflate these into one post for your reading pleasure. Some choices here are painfully obvious—like a simple white button down—while other picks might seem like classics only to me. Do with them what you will.

Frame denim jeans

I’d be nowhere without a great pair of jeans that fit exactly right.

Theory blazer

I’m not breaking any news with this one, but that doesn’t make it any less true: one can never underestimate the timeless chic of a good navy blazer.

No. 6 Clogs

Thank God that clogs came back, and may they never go out of style again, and even if they do, I’m not getting rid of mine. They provide height without pain, which is invaluable, and are eminently walkable.

Isabel Marant jacket

A good single-button mid-length wool coat is a key component to the wardrobe of anyone who aspires to dress like a French chick.

Madewell tee

A striped tee is forever.

Blundstone boots

A good pair of chelsea boots—and I do love my Blundstones—will take you everywhere. (Here is a slightly more refined pair, if that is what you’re after.)

James Colarusso necklace

I like a necklace that’s small enough that you can put it on and forget about it.

Nili Lotan blouse

I own an awful lot of popovers, and am partial to those made by Nili Lotan, though they cost more than I wish they did. I like to wait until they go on sale, as this lovely one is right now.

Zero + Maria Cornejo dress

I’ve never liked the expression Little Black Dress, as it implies a mere slip of a thing; nothing consequential. I like the idea of a Serious Black Dress, and invested in this one from Maria Cornejo a couple of years ago. It falls well outside of the GOACA price limit, but it is just so good—I immediately feel confident when I’m wearing it, and you can’t out a price tag on that—and I trot it out whenever I’ve got an important meeting or family event.

& Other Stories cashmere beanie

cashmere beanie is a nice little hit of wintertime luxe, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Mansur Gavriel bag

A good-quality grown-up bag for when you’ve got to look polished is essential. I like my new one from Mansur Gavriel because it’s elegant, but still has cross-body capabilities, which gives it a certain ease.

The Great slouch army pants

I go through periods when I live in my army pants—they’re just so comfortable, and surprisingly flattering. And nothing looks fresher with a white button-down. (Here’s a cute cheaper pair.)

Equipment cashmere V-neck sweater

I couldn’t quite manage without a cashmere V-neck sweater.

& Other Stories Cardighan

…or a generously proportioned cardigan.

Claire V Tote

A well-built tote with good interior pockets is essential for travel.

Manon ring

The older I get, the more rings I wear; this coiled snake from Manon is a favorite.

Canada Goose Rideau Parka

I’ve been kicking around a lot lately in my Canada Goose Rideau parka. The hood doesn’t have fur, as most Canada Goose parkas do, and I love the army green color. And, most importantly, it is warmer than anything.

Mother Demin skirt

And for summertime kicking around, you can’t beat a denim skirt (I also own this one from J. Crew, which is nicely marked down at the moment).

Matta blouse

And finally: one really good hippie girl top is crucial.




Posted on January 3rd, 2017 14 Comments

14 Responses

  1. c.w. says:

    Love all these choices since I own versions of most of them! I am lacking in a super warm jacket because…well…Texas…

    Glad you are back! Hope the break was a good one and that you feel refreshed. (and that goes for everyone who reads your blog!)

  2. Grace says:

    HNY, Kim and all the other GOACAs! Found your list very reaffirming of some of my no-fails, too. What I like is you will pick a classic and switch it up just a bit — like choosing the parka in army green versus ubiquitous black. Just a quick note to say that your link to your black dress actually is a repeat of the white shirt. Here’s to a great new year ahead for you and all who, like me, so enjoy this site.

  3. Caroline says:

    Happy new year! So glad to return to business as usual.
    Which includes, spending my morning coffee with GOFACA🙂
    Great list!
    Kicking myself because I just bought a coat, but I’m pretty sure, the Isabel Marant is nicer…

  4. Jessica Oulton says:

    I like that you highlighted your coat does not have fur, but the Canada Goose company continues to use coyotes who are tortured for a small ring of fur around the hood of most of their coats. They are an awful company. I cringe when I see that patch on someone’s arm.

  5. Debra K says:

    Great choices, although I would add a classic pair of black pants and black pumps to the list. The one choice I disagree with is the denim skirt. They always seem so stiff and don’t really show off your figure. Other than a mini-denim, which isn’t going to happen, all the longer ones made me feel matronly and decidedly unsexy.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      Good call on the black pants, Debra K.

      Your “classic pieces” are basically my classic pieces, Kim. But I’m in the “NO long denim skirts” camp. Too MSW.

  6. VB says:

    Happy New year! I am new to GOACA and delighted by it. So, my burning question about the white button down; what do you wear over it? My BD’s wrinkle under sweaters, and those rinkles show. Not to mention I have ripped more than one sweater trying to pull them over a BD, and the sweaters were not particularly tight.


  7. Great selection, totally agree, particularly on the black v neck cashmere sweater. I noticed you chose Equipment… wondering if like me you have noticed Everlanes brilliant classics seem to have shrunk this year.
    I live in my charcoal grey cashmere v neck which I bought thanks to you first discovering Everlane a few years back.
    I love Equipment too, but Everlanes price point for excellent quality is very attractive.

  8. susan says:

    one more request! basics for the long-waisted and short-legged among us…

    Love your site!

  9. sc says:

    Ha. I basically have all those pieces. Wear the hell out of them.

    And I’d ad – a stretchy/ comfy, but hot/ sexy/ serious lady — PENCIL SKIRT to the knee.

    And a CHIC CLASSIC FLAT – (like Chloe scalloped, Repetto pointy).