Wednesday 21st February 2018
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Smells like winter

Roland Pine Soy Candles

Today, I thought I’d share my favorite woodsy-scented candles with you, as it has just occurred to me that I like an awful lot of them. Right now, in lieu of having an actual Christmas tree (which, given my faith, would be a bit off-brand) I am burning Soap & Paper Factory’s Roland Pine, which smells uncannily like the real thing.

Red Flower Wanderlust Candles

Red Flower’s Wanderlust is similarly woodsy, with just a hint of something else—citrus?—thrown in for a nice kick. I love it.

Fornasetti Otto Candles

A pick from Fornasetti will set you back a bit, it’s true, but when the candle’s all melted down you’re left with a cool little objet. I like their  Otto scent best—it’s a lovely, earthy mix of thyme, lavender and cedarwood.

Diptique Feu de Bois Candles

Diptique’s Feu de Bois smells like entering a room in which the fireplace has been going for hours.

Tom Dixon stone candles

This Tom Dixon stone candle is the only one of the bunch I haven’t actually tried, but is it not fantastic-looking?

Posted on December 22nd, 2016 11 Comments

11 Responses

  1. Debra says:

    As a geeky rock collector from back in the day (yes, I was an awkward tomboy zipping around town on my banana-seat bike with a wicker bike basket full of lovely dirty rocks that I’d unearthed), that stone candle is the bomb!

  2. Jamie says:

    “Off-brand” made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

    (thank you!!)

  3. caroline says:

    Tom Dixon candle is fantastic!
    This is off topic but,
    I have a soft spot for him because he designed my most favorite pendant light of all time(Yes I have one..)
    The copper pendant light is my idea of lighting perfection.

  4. c.w. says:

    If I had money to burn (sorry)…I’d buy almost all the Fornasetti candles because the containers are so cool.

  5. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    There’s nothing better than a sexy woody scented candle (No pun intended!).

  6. Viajera says:

    One of my very favorite smells too!!!! You just can’t beat a forest.

  7. Viajera says:

    What about the whole Hanukkah bush thing? I would have tried to get my friend to get one but it was so bleeping cold out that he wouldn’t go outside — (and for LA, it *was* really cold… like 40s…) (laugh if you must… I don’t mind!)

    I say any time you get a chance to bling something up, why not? With doggies of course, you’d need to hang it up high or something. Maybe a garland? The smell is really the thing. But there are some very nice blue LED lights out these days. Really deep colors.

    • Viajera says:

      Honestly, I might do it myself, they are so nice, and I am not really Jewish. (A little bit culturally, but technically, not.) A close relative came home with what I think must have been a Hanukkah tree, a cute little fake one. I have no idea if he knew what it was, or if I was even right. But it was gorgeous and we loved having it. (It did eventually break though.)

  8. Lucinda says:

    Patch NYC Stag candle is amazing!