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Miracle product of the moment

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My hair has, for as long as I can recall, refused to get with the program. It’s fine, it frizzes, and is as dry as the desert at high noon. Not helping matters is the fact that I like to wear it straight (its natural state is ringlet-tight curls) which requires no small amount of of heat styling, so also: it’s damaged. But when I use All in One Milk from Davines, I can almost trick myself into thinking I was born with good hair. I spray a pretty liberal amount on before blow-drying, comb through (it’s an excellent detangler) and then style away. Afterward, my hair is soft and shiny and decidedly un-poufy, and it smells really nice too, which isn’t nothing.

Posted on May 24th, 2016 33 Comments

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  1. gg says:

    You were born with good hair.

  2. DeDe says:

    I bet your unstraightened hair is amazing, but I totally get why you straighten. My hair is wavy/curly, and for years I tried various “curly girl” methods and products with results ranging from “this looks marginally presentable” to “WTF???”. It works really well for some people, but I am extremely low maintenance when it comes to beauty and not at all a product junkie, so eventually I accepted that the whole thing was too much of a pain in my arse and admitted defeat (though I honestly can’t be arsed to straighten, either, so I cut my hair off).

    I use the Davines Oi oil to protect my hair against blowdrying and really like it. I also really like this product you can only get in salons – ugh, I think it’s called Your Home Hairdresser, or something? It comes in a lavender spray bottle and you spritz some on before heat styling – it adds extra heat protection, helps your hair dry faster (my hair is thick and takes for freakin’ ever), and I think it has some UV protection too. Both products together have really saved me from heat damage, and – bonus! – I always look like I walked out of a salon, something that’s been unattainable for me before. Thus ends my hair care soliloquy.

  3. y.k. says:

    I’ve said it before- ringlet tight curls sound FUN!!

    • Violet says:

      I agree! I have silky, fine, straight hair but I’ve always said the inner me has wild, curly hair a la Bernadette Peters.

  4. barb says:

    I’m so tired of society thinking that straight hair is the only good hair one can have….please change your mindset..
    I expected so much more from you and this blog.

    • Zoe says:

      Hmmm… Hey Barb, how do you feel about those of us who have naturally straight and lanky hair and want it curly? is that ok with you?

    • DeDe says:

      I don’t think she’s saying that all women with curly hair should straighten. It’s just her personal choice.

    • Viajera says:

      I think you misunderstood – Kim is just talking about how she likes *her* hair. It is a stretch to read into it that she thinks badly of other people who don’t straighten.

      Still, I agree that many women (and men) have that idea and it bothers me too. It’s very annoying. And it wastes ungodly amounts of women’s time, energy, and money, every single day.

      • DeDe says:

        I think that depends a lot on what kind of curly hair you have, though – not all curlies are the same, even within curl types. For some women it’s easier to wear it the way nature made it, but for some it’s a major battle and straightening is actually easier, especially if you have a mix of things growing out of your head. I’m not saying the social pressures to straighten aren’t there, cause they are (though it’s gotten somehwhat better in the last while), or that the repercussions for WOC who wear their hair natural aren’t troubling, because they for *sure* are, but I dunno…it kinda bugs me when other curlies, especially white ones, are all, OMG I can’t believe you flat iron/use silicones/wash with sulfates (etc etc), like wearing your hair straight makes you a tool of the follicularchy. It’s seriously like a religion for some people.

        • Viajera says:

          Very interesting point. I have no direct experience with what would be easier within the context of curliness, and I’m glad you commented because I’ve never heard this point of view before.

          I shouldn’t have used the word “waste” because it is judgmental. It’s *not* a waste of time if the person undertaking the activity values it. I just meant it’s a waste for the people who *only* straighten because other people will judge them if they don’t – which I think *is* a waste, but I probably still wouldn’t actually say that to someone, unless I knew them well! Plus, it is a fact – some people *will* judge them. They’re not imagining it.

          The person I know who spends a lot of time on her hair does it for her own preferences. And I have to admit, it does look wonderful when she’s through.

          So thank you again, I am smarter now for having read your comment.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      Barb, it’s just human nature to want what we don’t have. No biggie…

  5. jenny says:

    Ok, I know I sound insane, but I worry about having products with “un-clean” ingredients on and near my scalp. I guess I think my brain is fragile, and on the verge of demented.

    Any recs for “cleaner” hair products?? Or is this one of them?

    • c.w. says:

      I think Aveda products are clean and they make products for curly hair (I’m not certain that was part of your question, but in any case…)

      • Dana D says:

        Aveda isn’t as “natural” as one might assume. For the real lowdown on product safety, check out the website and/or

        Along the same lines…I think women should wear their hair however they best like it.

        One thing I tire of a bit is when one (and I am NOT writing about Kim here) blathers on a lot about “natural”, organic or green/safe products for beauty but then uses hair color or dye every 6 weeks or more often. There is nothing “natural” about hair color, it is toxic. So if one is going to color, fine, just don’t rave about the healthy lifestyle you are living. All of the natural shampoo in the world doesn’t make up for the poison in hair color.

    • Mamavalveeta03 says:

      I thought Davines was!

  6. Tammy says:

    All in One Milk is an amazing product. I’ve been using for years and adore it for taming my curls. The smell is the best of any hair styling product I’ve ever purchased. It is THAT good.

    • lindanyc says:

      I was wondering about this, so thanks for your comment. I have wavy hair & have been questing for some time now for the ONE “IT” product I can put in my hair to let it air dry sans frizz AND sans a greasy/oily/crunchy look AND softly. The sans frizz is by far the hardest part. Interesting that you use this on curls – I will check it out. Thanks!

  7. caroline says:

    Totally gonna try!
    Have similar situation but less I just try to smooth the flyaways and hope for the best..
    I don’t straiten because I get helmet hair whenever I do…
    Not pretty..
    This week I’m trying Living Proof” perfect hair day”
    It’s pretty great so far!!

  8. c.w. says:

    I am lucky enough to like my curly hair which has become more wavy curly than ringlet curly as I age (yet another thing they don’t tell you about aging––your hair changes), but I whole heartedly support whatever anyone chooses as their preferred hair style no matter what they were born with!

  9. Maria says:

    I had beautiful thick curly hair for most of my life. Now, I have thin frizzy hair that I mostly straighten, because I can’t get nice curls anymore.

    Hair texture does changs so much as you age, ugh, hard to deal with!

  10. joannawnyc says:

    I have fine frizzy fragile hair (the dreaded triple Fs) with uneven texture (ringlets in the back, waves in the front). I like the Oi All-in-one (although the smell is a little overwhelming) but the best thing is the Davines Love shampoo! I don’t straighten my hair because of the aforementioned fragility but the Love shampoo smooths everything out nicely so I have pretty waves and then I just add some Living Proof split end stuff on the ends, or the 5 in 1 Perfect Hair Day. Et voila.

    I don’t usually like products with silicone, but Davines seems to be able to make them work.

    • DeDe says:

      Yes! That’s my hair, too, except for the fragile part. I also love the Love shampoo/conditioner (the purple one), and Davines in general. They are seriously the only products my hair likes.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Ordering immediately, in hopes this can be my armor against the New York summer swamp weather and the terrors it wreaks upon my straight-ish hair.

  12. Jenny says:

    Dana, I’m right with you!!! I henna (actually, use a combo of henna and indigo=brown) my hair every couple of weeks to avoid my massive amount of grey hair. I am not pretty enough to carry off grey hair in an elegant way. Agenda is not clean enough for me; I’m really struggling with this issue.

    • Jenny says:

      ‘Aveda is not clean enough for me’ is what I meant. Ha

      • Dana D says:


        I know this is a struggle. I’m almost 54 and I just really don’t enjoy worrying about my hair anymore. I’d much rather lead with style and simple fashion and a little bit of “clean” make-up. I check everything through EWG these days. If it doesn’t make the non-toxic cut, I don’t buy it. I know what my natural hair is now, because I don’t do anything to change it.

        Pretty clear line…but not for everyone.

        Again, as I’ve mentioned before, no one is paying me to look a certain way.

  13. Holly says:

    Just ordered the hair product. Since you said you straighten your hair I was wondering what kind of straightener you use. Am in the market for a new one.

  14. Claire says:

    I’ve been proselytizing on this item for months! It’s a total game changer!

  15. Yolanda says:

    Hi Everyone,
    What a great thread of comments. I’m Latina, super curly, frizzy hair. Fan of Kim’s for years (was a lucky fanatic!). I’ve been wearing my hair natural since I was 15 y/o. Straighten my hair on occasion for fun. Staff at work find themselves doing a double take when I do. I use a careful amount of 100% organic argan oil when I do a blow out. Argan coats the cuticle locking moisture in. Drying seems faster and my hair is shiny and healthy looking. For curly (which is most days) my latest routine is a co-wash from BioGio (super natural ingredients) or conditioner from MopTop and I style with a dab of R&B from Lush and a leave-in by Shea Moisture or Kheil’s (not 100% natural but decent enough). I finger coil and scrunch to tame the frizz, air dry and then “fluff,” when I get to work. Thinking of trying this new product. Thanks all.

  16. Lori says:

    I ordered this as soon as I saw this post since I deal with similar issues. My hair has gotten more wavy, coarse and frizzy as I get older (ugh). Plus, I work in SF, so most attempts to straighten are usually undone by the moisture/fog I encounter as soon a I step off the ferry.

    This stuff is amazing! I could not believe how soft and shiny my hair looked. I sprayed this liberally (directions say 10-15 sprays) on my towel-dried hair. I dried to about 98% dry, then added some Frizz-Ease Secret weapon to the ends. Lovely, soft, shiny bouncy waves all day. This is totally the product I’ve been searching for!