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Cheap and chic of the week

two band sandals

I’m a complete sucker for sandals that mix natural and metallic leathers: they make a strong statement, but at the same time remain nicely versatile. These cost about three times less than any other similar pair I’ve seen this season, and are every ounce as cute.

Posted on May 30th, 2014 20 Comments

20 Responses

  1. KHM says:

    Those are fantastic. However, I think I could wear them three times and then there would be holes in the soles and the heel would be ground down to nubs. Alas, I am a Debbie Downer today.

  2. Rachel says:

    The link brings me to an Old Navy Embroidered Gauze Top.

  3. Junglesiren says:

    Cute sandals but I think you have the wrong link.

  4. y.k. says:

    yes- i love them!
    but no arch support-which is critical in footwear now, being of a certain age and all. i’m thinking of looking into the stick-on bumpy things…

    • KimFrance says:

      I’ve got the stick-on bumpy things in most of my sandals.

      • Sarah says:

        What are stick-on bumpy things? Like gel insoles? I generally can’t wear sandals like this, not because of the lack of arch support but because the sole is way too hard on my feet. Even putting in clear gel insoles rarely helps, so if there’s another solution I’d love to know about it!

        • y.k. says:

          I was at a walgreens yesterday and looked carefully at their foot stuff. Cant remember the real name but you will find beigy gel-ish bump stickers you can stick on the bottom of a sandal to provide arch support. Didnt get them b/c i thought there might be other solutions but i’ll get them now.d

    • Jessica says:

      Very attractive, but Kim, could you come to my rescue? I have orthotics, and summer defeats me. I am desperate for something that will accommodate them. Any solutions would be dearly appreciated.

      • Mockingbird says:

        They aren’t orthotics, but I’ve been wearing Clarks Wendy Land the last couple weeks and they have pretty decent support for a sandal that doesn’t look orthopedic. For shoes like the ones here, the most I’ve been able to do is the stick on insoles that add some padding and a sliver of arch support.

      • KimFrance says:

        Your pain has been my pain—for several summers I had to wear orthotics. Will try & scare up a post for you.

        • y.k. says:

          I am familiar w/ orthotics too, thanks kim- I will definitely be getting those sticker bumpy things now!!

  5. Shari says:

    Alas, cheap looking with loose threads irl. I have. Gap sandals from last summer that rock. Butter soft leather, cushioned footbed. These disappointed n

  6. Grenadine says:

    Love these shoes – the leather and metallic mix is indeed great. also love your site by the way, so glad i discovered it. i have been reading through a bunch of your old posts, catching up, and have a question about some older posts that i hope it is okay to ask here – regarding the beadnell jacket, if you could get another one today what color would you choose? there are now so many options including the liberty print ones so just curious on your recommendations. i have a tendency to dress down and worry that the green might look too “farmy” on me – thinking navy or black but would love your take. thanks!!!! and again sorry for the digression 🙂

    • KimFrance says:

      Navy! I have a lighter-weight one in army green and a winter-weight one in navy and the navy gets worn way more. And I say go for the Liberty lining.

  7. liz says:

    They are cute but I wear a half size. Perhaps you could suggest more of the costly variety.

  8. christine says:

    Cute but these “nothing” soles are just not for me. No support, no height, no nothing. And they are all over the stores now. Argh.

  9. Susie in MO says:

    Last summer my daughter had similar sandals she purchased at Target, after seeing hers, I promptly dashed to one of the 3 within 5 miles and scored a pair for myself. I LOVE them, get compliments all the time, wear them with any and everything and they do fine for me all day on my feet as a high school teacher. If you don’t have foot issues, by all means, get a pair.