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Taking requests

JP writes to say that she needs help figuring out what to pack for an upcoming trip to Italy. She’s got nothing fancy planned,  “…just touristy stuff. Eating, walking, wine,” she says, then adds, “I would love to see your tips on what you tend to pack on a minimal packing trip.”  Fun challenge, JP: I’m a chronic over-packer who used to be a brilliant under-packer, and who has been reminded—thanks to your request—how nice it can be to go light.


Clockwise from top right:
•  Black tee
• Drapey white jersey top
• Pretty bright printed top
Tube skirt
• Chinos
• Skinny slouchy jeans
• Bucket hat
• Walkable platforms
• Worishofer sandals (as comfortable as Birkenstocks for all-day walking)
• Bright, light scarf
• Cashmere cardigan
• Casual but interesting dress
• Striped tee
• Light tunic

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Friday links

warhol digital

  • Check out this digital art made by Andy Warhol in the mid-80s with then-cutting edge Amiga software. (Telegraph)
  • The Cat Cafe is happening right around the corner from me, and I am here to tell you there are lines around the block, people. (Laughing Squid)
  • This take on it what it might have looked like if Wes Anderson directed Forrest Gump is way on point.
  • Your morning life parodies itself. (Frisky)
  • RIP Ladies’ Home Journal, closing up shop after a 131-year run. (Time)



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Print of the week

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 4.27.11 PM

British footwear designer Sophia Webster has created a capsule collection for J. Crew, and each selection is so bright and cheeky I found it difficult to bring you just one. Of course this wickedly charming star-print pump is my favorite. Not that I could walk five yards in it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 4.37.27 PM

The pink floral here is on the quieter side of things.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 4.39.38 PM

Whereas this one pretty much drives the crazy on home.

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Thursday trifecta: black and gold


DL & Co make the candles I am most likely to select on aesthetic grounds alone, and this one—called Essence of Florets, which I’m sure also smells quite lovely, for those of you who prioritize such things—is a perfect object lesson in why.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.26.01 AM

The animal drawings on these coasters are so moody and wonderful.

waylande bear

I dig midcentury sculptor/ceramicist Waylande Gregory’s plates, even though they are on the fussy Palm Beach side of things, because they’re also rather witty. This fearsome tiger  is a delight.


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Thursday links

trash bags

  • Pretty art made from trash bags (Visual News)
  • Some very funny commercials for HBO Go based on the premise that it can be on the awkward side to watch some of the cable network’s racier content with one’s parents. Mildly NSFW. (A.V. Club)
  • Super-cheap British high street chain Primark is headed to our shores. (Atlantic Wire)
  • I never love Jon Stewart more than when he speaks up for the ladies. (Daily Show)
  • And relatedly: everybody is applauding Emma Stone for going after her Spiderman co-star (and boyfriend) Andrew Garfield at a recent Q &A  for referring to sewing as a more “feminine” avocation. Do you think she has a point? Or—in a world where, say, quilting is widely acknowledged  to be a women’s tradition and nobody makes a peep—is she missing it?  (Time)
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Would you?

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 3.49.22 PM
Tribeca Mom did. And it actually totally worked on her, because if there’s anyone who can carry off a floral so crazy it almost makes your eyes hurt, it’s a WASP.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 5.59.24 PM

The fact that the rest of her outfit spoke very quietly helped. First up: this silky, drapey navy tee.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.20.30 PM

The earthy tone and casual slouch of these army green chinos helped balance all that drama up top.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 5.55.50 PM

Finally,  TM had on tassel loafers from Dieppa Restrepo, which of course looked completely nifty on her, and contributed nicely to the dressed-down mood of the ensemble. I could not in a million years—loafers make me feel like a stump and I’ve always thought I would try tassels never. Could you? And the jacket?

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