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Birthday girls

anniversary print sarah dress

Bird, the Brooklyn boutique chainlet that pretty much tops my list of favorite places to part with my cash, is celebrating its 15th birthday with a quite excellent anniversary collection—for which designers Maria Cornejo, Jane Mayle, Tsumori Chisato and Rachel Comey have all created special limited-edition pieces. I am in particular dying for this Maria Cornejo dress, because with a print like that of course I am.

Posted on April 28th, 2014 14 Comments

14 Responses

  1. PD says:

    I very much appreciate that Bird uses realistic “models” (typical women) to showcase its clothing, but sometimes the styling leaves a lot to be desired. I often feel like I’m looking at clothes being modeled after they’ve been worn all day, and maybe even napped in. I guess there’s something to be said for really stripping away the fantasy; however, given that their price points border on the absurd/obscene, the fantasy remains in the purchase, if not the aesthetic.

  2. claite says:

    PD, you just made me laugh out loud. I thought maybe it was just me.

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    The shape, the print, the sandals! I love it. Get it!!

  4. Viajera says:

    I love this on other people!!! Print’s too big for me though. But love the color.

  5. Mae says:

    This dress is something I’d buy and then never wear. Damn, I’m wise.

  6. c.w. says:

    I’ve been to Bird twice with my daughter (Cobble Hill and Williamsburg) and neither of us loves the store. We’ve also both have received the “snotty shop girl doesn’t have time for the likes of you” both times. I think we aren’t cool enough or maybe it’s my Texas accent!

  7. Kim says:

    That is one seriously unflattering dress, especially from the back. Love the print, though.

  8. Tamara says:

    That dress doesn’t even flatter the size zero model! And for the same price you could have 2 DVFs which take 10 pounds off of everybody who wears them!

  9. y.k. says:

    hmm. i don’t understand that dress, print/style/price.
    but i trust kim so i must be missing something.

  10. y.k. says:

    just took a look @ that bird website. i dont’ get most of the clothing there. i think i’m a lot more ordinary than i like to think.

  11. Tina says:

    I like the dress – but the price? Egads!