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My friend Andrea is the most stylish person I know, and when it gets cold like this, she puts on her Uggs and doesn’t care what anyone thinks (of course what everyone thinks is, “Look how cool Andrea can make even Uggs look.”) I am in no danger of making Uggs look cool, but am very seriously considering acquiring a pair anyway, because this cold is bringing out the wuss in me and my toesies are cold. In this brown, I find them almost acceptable. Thoughts?

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Posted on January 8th, 2014 133 Comments

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I agree that most articles of clothing/footwear have their time and place, and now is exactly the time for Uggs. I have a short pair in black, and was outside (in NYC) for over an hour yesterday and my feet were as snug as could be.

    • Betsi says:

      Is such a price to bear when thinking of fashion? I live in New England, highs of 20 today, and I’m wearing wool socks with fashionable black riding boots and my skinny jeans. Please forget about the Uggs, I’ve seen your fashion wants and must have’s, so please don’t even consider it.

      • mims says:

        I’m with Betsi. Say NO to uggs! Sorel makes some very stylish winter boots and they are very warm and practical.

        • AK says:

          Ditto on Sorels! They are as comfortable as sneakers and warm.

          Uggs were designed to be worn as slippers indoors. They’re not suited to the outdoors whether from a features point of view (cheap soles, poor structure, look shabby & dirty easily) or aesthetically. Please resist!

  2. Andrea says:

    You must get the classic!! And I say black or chestnut. And thanks for saying I’m stylish! 😉

  3. Andrea says:

    I meant the classic mini…

  4. Jeanne says:

    Opposing points of view fron two different Jeannes – hmmm. OK, I know it is cold but NO, NO, NO! It is never cold enough for Uggs. I haven’t looked, but I KNOW there have to be other “soft” boot looks that will allow you to maintain your sartorial standards. There are certain boundaries that truly stylish people cannot cross – don’t give in!

  5. Elisabeth says:

    My thoughts are: they are the warmest boots I have ever owned; it’s so lovely to wiggle your bare toes in them when it’s thirty below; and, lastly, they’re kind of the jolies laides of boots, so unstylish as to be almost stylish. So I say go for it!

  6. Amy in StL says:

    They are ugly. However, when it is very cold they are the only thing that keeps my feet warm. I won’t wear them with skinny jeans tucked into them. I wear them with boot cut jeans over them. Definitely look for the ones with replaceable insoles like the Ultimate Short.

  7. MarlaD says:

    I think they’re an essential, but then, I’m from California. I branched out a little, but they’re sitting in their boxes, always have gone back to the classic. I do NOT wear them with shorts or skirts, except in the privacy of my own home. Just sayin’.

  8. clatie says:

    get the boots! you’ll look and feel great

  9. Samantha says:

    Honestly I’m not so sure… Having grown up in Australia, Ugg boots were the domain of surfers and bogans (sort of a redneck-lite).
    You might secretly own a pair of Uggs, but ONLY as an indoor slipper, NEVER to be worn outside! Times have changed of course, but I cant seem to shake the stigma, so the Ugg revolution is passing me by…

    • Mauimermaid says:

      I too am Australian and support you 100% They are indoor slippers only – I would never wear them outside and feel shocked when I see stylish women donning Uggs in public. I also hate the way they scuff / shuffle along when walking. Don’t do it!!!!

  10. Katie Lynn says:

    I wouldn’t. There are a lot of boots out there that are just as warm, and much cuter. I own several pairs of BOGS for walking around outdoors, which are weather rated up to -40 and come in really cute designs. They also have some that look like regular shoes! http://www.bogsfootwear.com/shop/style/71418-203.html#details

  11. Zoe Ivory says:

    I can recommend an alternative: No. 6 Shearling clog boots. They are cute, comfortable and, most importantly, warm.

  12. Melissa says:

    I would go with something else. I don’t find mine to be that warm especially when they get wet…which happens often as I live in Portland, OR. I find my Sorels with a heavy pair of wool blend socks do much better and are way cuter.

  13. Tara says:

    They are warm and incredibly comfortable, and since I’m a stay at home mom, I wear them constantly when it’s cold out. I do, however, change into something cuter when I actually have to be in public.

  14. dogrunner says:

    No. No Or as I say to the dogs: Noooooooo. It’s never cold enough to look that, um, unsophisticated. Here in the south, these are the domain of young surburban teens or their moms who shop at icky big box stores (you know which one) Appearances aside, I can’t imagine they’d survive in snow/ice. How about LL bean duck boots lined in fleece, or Sorel types(with red laces of course)? Other commenters have provided good alternatives too!

  15. If I knew how to say NO in twenty different languages, I would.

  16. Mavjen says:

    I’ve resisted buying Uggs for this long, so I say no. Staying warm is usually an ugly affair, so if you’re going ugly, make sure it’s practical. Uggs are not practical in the slush valleys and mini-mountains of dirty snow and ice on city street corners, there’s no decent traction or heft on those glorified slippers.

  17. Kelly says:

    I had UGGs years ago. They were warm, but I found that they didn’t have enough traction on slippery sidewalks. I have Sorel Caribou boots for digging out of my snow, but I’d love some more stylish options for wearing out and about.

  18. Jill says:

    I gave in and bought a pair of Uggs. The exact ones you show above, actually. And while at first I was a bit sheepish about wearing them, the intense warm factor faaaaaaar outweighed any embarrassment. They’re just so darned warm and cozy.
    I say go for it. I only break mine out when the weather gets bananas cold like it is/was here in the northeast these past few days. Your warm toes will thank you.

  19. Vicki says:

    They are Ugg-ly, but warm. I am miserable when my feet are cold, so practicality trumps fashion. That said, a dear friend who is vehemently anti-Ugg has a pair of “Brighton” wedge shearling boots from Bearpaw that she loves and wears constantly. I’ve been tempted to give them a try.

  20. Nicole says:

    Amen dogrunner! Nothing original or classic about Uggs. They express about as much style as a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit.

    I’m loving on these toasty wedges which are insanely comfortable and also offer height.


  21. Hannah says:

    I know it’s cold, but just say no. LL Bean and Sorel are much warmer and offer more style.

  22. maggie says:

    If there is snow and slush, Uggs make no sense. I see all these young girls walking around with soggy saggy Uggs and am mind blown that they would spend that much money to look that bad. I would recommend a pair of Sorels. I have the 1964s, they are decently stylish, have a waterproof foot, a sturdy sole, come with a warm and replaceable liner. With a pair of wool socks, my feet are never cold.

  23. Leslie says:

    Slippery slope, Kim. If you start with Uggs, at what point do you try to justify sweatpant jeans and a Slanket? I love my Merrill Encore Apex boots when it’s frosty–they are warm, comfy, and make me feel delightfully apres ski, even when I am just running to Trader Joe’s. Free shipping from Zappos. Just sayin.

  24. Corrin says:

    I’ve never claimed their stylish, but they are necessary. I wear mine to and from the gym and I won’t apologize for it.

  25. Ista says:

    Oh, no no no. I’m with maggie–the minute the slush hits, Uggs make no sense. I ended up with a pair of Sorels last year and they’ve changed my winters; even in this extreme cold, my feet have been comfortable. Highly recommend. (I have the Tofino’s and while I wasn’t too sure about it, turns out the furry tops make me smile so double win)

  26. sugarleg says:

    I use mine as slippers/house shoes and for weekend runs out to get a quick coffee or similar, but remember, I live in CA, so I can get away with that more easily. they are SO WARM AND DELIGHTFUL, but are not to be worn in inclement weather, and by that I mean, not even one drop of precipitation.

  27. Gaile Robinson says:

    Just as ugly as Uggs (so aptly named), but with arch support, traction soles, and with the desired sheepskin lining are Merrells. They come in the Ugg pallette of hideous neutrals plus blue and purple. If you are going to go ugg for warmth at least get some benefits beyond heat retention. Bought a pair a fur-lined Merrells few years ago because I have never had warm boots or shoes, and now live in them throughout the winter and just never look in a full length mirror. http://www.merrell.com/US/en-US/Product.mvc.aspx/32241W/78822/Womens/Encore-Nova-Crystal?dimensions=0

  28. a.d.s. says:

    Hey Kim, there ain’t no shame in that game. I have a pair of Uggs (not the classics, more of a boot) that I wear with skinny jeans tucked into them when it’s unseasonably cold here in SoCal. They look cute and my feet are toasty warm.

  29. Jen says:

    Don’t do it. Not only are they ugly but they aren’t waterproof so if there is any precipitation, they won’t be warm enough.

  30. Lynne says:

    There is no getting around the fact that they are not easy on the eyes. But they feel so good and are so warm, you have to suspend caring whatsoever. Of course they arent great unless its dry outside (although you can get waterproof uggs too) but its not always wet. DO IT DO IT DO IT! And enjoy.

  31. Michelle says:

    Definitely a slippery slope. If you’re not careful, Birkenstocks could be next…

    • Dana D says:

      I do not wear the classic UGG boot. I do have a pair of tractioned-clogg-looking type low boots that are made by UGGS and I can abide those. They are weather proof and don’t slip.

      BUT, placing UGGS in the same category as Birkenstocks is unfair. There is nothing better in the summer than classic Arizona-style black birkies…they are cool, comfortable and classic. AND, best of all, they are ageless…which is definitely not the case with UGGS.

  32. Julie says:

    I vote no-I am tall and have size 10 shoes and i think they make me look and feel like i am walking around in house slippers-maybe they look cuter in smaller sizes…….

  33. Viajera says:

    I think the traction issue is paramount. A bad fall is just not worth it. But if you aren’t going to wear them in ice/snow/rain, then I have no issue with them. They certainly aren’t any less attractive than other similar boots, though to me they also aren’t cuter. (But then again, I never say no to fake fur anyhow, just so you know where I’m coming from. Ie, those ones you have there don’t look as fun as some of the suggestions. Maybe you could Bedazzle them. Semi-joking there.)

    In fact, I had no idea they served an actual warming function, so you learn something new every day. In LAland, you see so many they just seem trendy.

    Having said that, I also have no issue with certain trends. I like velour tracksuits, though I do not own one. They seem practical and comfy and why do I care? (Unless there are words on the seat. No, no, no.)

  34. marla says:

    Put in SuperFeet woolies insole to help with arch support
    There are appropriate Ugg occasions and not—
    When it is super cold and dry:
    movies with the kids:yes
    errands in the neighborhood on foot: sure
    around the house: yes
    walk the dogs: yes
    dinner/social events/public appearances: heck no
    with same color leggings and a tunic: yes
    skinny jeans: maybe
    skirts-shorts: only in certain age brackets
    Legs on the short side? Be careful they can be stumpifying.

  35. Beth says:

    I’ve always thought Uggs were pretty classic for frumping around the house, maybe running to the post office or grabbing the newspaper. See Andie MacDowell in St. Elmo’s Fire in her ski cabin. She looked kind of fabulous.

    That said, I don’t wear them anymore. Mostly because I put them in a box somewhere a spring or two ago and have never been able to locate them since. They are damn warm so long as they do not get wet.

    Fleece lined bean boots for me these days when I need to be warm and dry. La Canadienne are truly waterproof and if pressed to purchase I would buy Sorels over Uggs.

  36. Meegan says:

    oh dear Lord! No. I have to agree with the other australians – only for indoor wear, maybe, possibly…but hopefully not. Prepare for some sloppy walking due to a complete lack of structure, and if they get wet they are truly gross.

  37. Grace says:

    Absolutely no reason in the world to buy a pair of Uggs when you can get much warmer, drier and better-looking boots in so many places. I bought my son the coolest pair of Timberland boots, so cool I really want a pair now. They’re super warm, keep him totally dry and look ultra stylish. You just pull them on.

  38. Lorraine says:

    I know this is repetitive, but please go with LL Bean boots. Much higher quality than Uggs, waterproof and stylish too.

  39. Caryn says:

    I have a pair of Uggs. i mostly wear them when I travel in the winter and am in a car. I never wear them in wet weather. I can’t walk in them, there is just no support. I might also wear them on a weekend when I am just going from point a to point b and my feet hurt.

    That said, I am a fervent believer in wool socks. Also, the Uniquo Heattech socks are kind of a miracle. Wear those with your regular boots.

  40. Isabel says:

    Absolutely not! Not because Uggs are ugly (that doesn’t matter) but because they are NOT acceptable winter boots. Sure they have shearling, but you can’t walk through snow or slush in them – the minute your feet get wet you will be miserable. Buy Cougars, or winter Blundstones. Something that is actually built for this weather, not something that just looks like it is.

  41. joannawnyc says:

    Uggs aren’t waterproof, which is why I don’t think they make sense as NYC winter boots. But they (or any other type of shearling-lined footwear) are great to put on once you’ve brought your frozen tootsies back inside.

    Otherwise, I align with the Sorel backers, and with Smartwool and silk sock liners.

  42. Márcia says:

    The most important thing is this moment is not frozen your feet. I Live in Brasil and don’t have this kind of cold here, but if I had, I’d certainly use it, hidind on my jeans, of course:)
    Sorry for my english.

  43. Tricia says:

    Go with Sorels! They’ll keep your feet super warm AND super dry, and they are timelessly stylish.

  44. Katie says:

    I am a big fan of Uggs. I am on my second pair of slippers – the first pair lasted 10+ years. I wear them around the house all winter and occasionally outside for errands with jeans. I am going to disagree with many comments. I do not like my Sorels (lace ups with the fur top). I find them uncomfortable to walk in and not that warm. I also have a pair of Canadienne boots in black leather with a zip up the front – many years old and quite warm – but nowhere near as cozy as my Uggs. Let me just add that I hate winter in Chicago!

  45. shirim says:

    Please don’t. For me, just this one favor? NO!!!!!

  46. cedar says:

    The thing about UGGs that makes me insane is that they are neither waterproof nor have decent tread for slick surfaces. They are overgrown slippers. I have shearling slippers and I love them, but if you’re going outside in them…get real boots. For the outdoors. The LLBean shearling lined boot is a classic for a reason, and while not super fabulous looking, at least less ugly than those.

  47. LeslieG says:

    Don’t do it!

  48. I have quite a collection of snow/cold weather boots.
    Somehow the UGGs are the ones that get worn.
    So easy to slip into.
    No socks required.
    Perfect house slippers.
    BUT… I learned the hard way that they are NOT good on ice.
    Broken elbow is healing nicely.
    Do it.

  49. steph says:

    I just got Sorels – Joan of Arctic- http://www.sorel.com/womens-joan-of-arctic-boot-NL1540.html and they are incredibly warm and waterproof and non-slip. Uggs are like slippers when you compare. I’m thinking you were really looking for alternatives when you posted this, not for reinforcement? : )

  50. Leslie says:

    Fully in uggville with a pre teen that wears her tall ones all the time, not good except in the driest of conditions, but I wear mine to and from yoga as they are so easy to pull on and off and no socks. Wardrobe staple, but like yoga pants…don’t wear all the time!

  51. Emily says:

    Agree with what everyone has said:

    1. Uggs are not even the warmest, because they can get wet

    2. Duck Boots (LL BEAN, J. CREW) are cuter and VERY warm

    3. I have been wearing the “crazy or cute” J. Crew Sperry Topsider duck boots you featured in December and I get compliments every day and they look awesome, for real

  52. Kate C says:

    In the early ’80s, my mother gave me a pair of these weird, unattractive, thick boots n/k/a UGGs. She is very much a form follows functionist and aimed to cure my chronically cold feet in the WI winter. I shrieked in horror and returned them only to end up borrowing hers all winter long (along w/ her electric blue polar fleece – also initially disdained). I’ve never since been without a (much worn) pair. I justify by 1) feeling undeservedly smug that I had them before they were worn w/ minis, 2) focusing on form follows function as a design philosophy, and 3) putting “jolie laide” on a mental loop. Sometimes mother knows best.

  53. Mieke says:

    Since I’ve been sporting a hideous ankle length down coat, leg warmers, Sorels, a turtle fur, huge Elmer Fudd hat,& down ski mittens every time I must go outside in this cold, I probably don’t have the fashion authority to hate on Uggs. But. They are not weatherproof. Uggs in NYC slush will make you shrieking wet & wicked cold, & so desperate for warm feet you might impulse buy something uglier. Buy shearling slippers-or even Uggs-for at home wear.

  54. Jennifer says:

    I have to say I love my Uggs for around the house and running to the gym – but nothing else. I can’t imagine how gross they would be in the slush! For the most stylish option I have to say I have several pairs of Aquatalia boots and they are water/weather proof and gorgeous! Just wear thick cashmere socks. I realize this is a pricey option but they are very well made Italian boots that last forever.

  55. Flora says:

    I’ve resisted Uggs for about 10 years, but I think I might cave, too. I just need something when I run out to get lunch from the home office and boots are too onerous to get on for such a short errand. Also, I don’t think Sorels or Tretorns really keep my feet warm anyway.

  56. Joyce says:

    If you will wear them and love them while you wear them and “own it” then yes! Your feet will thank you and you will feel great. I personally love my Sorel boots which I am wearing right now and have owned for the last 20 years. They are still in great shape and keep my feet warm and dry even when tromping through snow.

  57. JC says:

    Please do not do it. There are so many better boots on the market, like Aquatalia and La Canadienne, or Keen or LL Bean if you want to get really serious about a snow boot.

  58. Caroline says:

    I feel your pain.. They look so inviting and are super comfy..
    But I can’t get past the memory of my then 5 year old asking me why I was wearing teenager boots.. And did I buy them at justice..
    the shame..
    For me it’s a no.. But in the end there just furry boots..
    Well the hell not! Go for it and enjoy..

  59. JC says:

    Also I love that this is the most commented post recently…

  60. Julie says:

    No. Please no.

  61. keirele says:

    Take it from a Canadian: Cougar Pillow boots or Sperry Duck boots. These are the only ways to look cute in inclement weather.

  62. Kate C says:

    P.S. Arrgh, forgot to add, for outdoor tromping, the same mother who intro’d me to UGGs(and lives on a farm where it was -27 this week) has been saying for years she doesn’t know why DuBarry boots haven’t become an “it” thing w/ city girls. Goretex, water resistant/proof, equestrian styling, soles w/ grip but $$

  63. Amanda L says:

    Yes. Go for it. Who cares- its the Polar Vortex for goodness sakes.

    Also, I need some book recommendations for 2014. Good idea for a post?

    I am devoted to your blog.

  64. Darlene says:

    I was completely against owning a pair of UGGS until I tried on a pair. There is nothing better on a cold day and my feet are ALWAYS warm. I haven’t bought a second pair, one is enough.

  65. Tamara says:

    Horrible but unavoidable.

    • Rosemary says:

      The Sorrel Joan is fab. Aquatalia too, La Canadienne too. Just buy something Missy. Buy whatever you can get pronto for the next Vortex is probably just around the corner. If its UGG so be it.

  66. Julien says:

    Crocs = Ugly

    Tennis shoes with dress outfits = Ugly

    Uggs = Ugly

    There are better options. Google and check out apres ski boots, Technica makes a few nice ones.

  67. c.w. says:

    I wear my Uggs as horseshoes almost all year long. They are warm and comfortable. For outside nasty weather I have a pair of Ugg shoes that are made for snow––rubber grippy soles, fleece inside. Wore them to work when I was a ski instructor. My feet never got cold and I never fell down.

  68. Jana says:

    Hated the look on my daughter and everyone else…till I tried on a pair. Sooo comfy and warm. I wear them under, not tucked in….around the house, or out for a quick errand. Not a fashion statement, just a practical neccessity in cold, dry weather. You are way too cool to let the UGG boot define you. You can pull it off.

  69. Dominique says:

    I purchased my beloved pair of Mukluks when I moved to Brooklyn 2 1/2 years ago, and consider it the single best winter gear purchase I have ever made. For your consideration:


    I’ve got the tall wrap Mukluk in brown, with a Vibram sole for good traction. These boots are more WARM and comfortable than you can imagine, with much more personality and style than the UGGs, in my opinion. I continually get compliments on them when I’m out and about the city. Once the temperature dips below 45, it is practically the only shoe I wear (with a good pair of thick, warm socks). So cozy, and so many cute options.

    To deal with the street slush, I just treat them with a waterproof spray every year before winter sets in and I start wearing them every day (and I mean EVERY DAY). Three winters later, they still look as good as the day I bought them; I wish I’d had these boots during the four winters I lived in New Hampshire. Even the snowy, frigid week I spent in Vail, CO this past Christmas was no match for these boots!

  70. Liz says:

    I resisted for years, but broke down and got some last winter. Walking barefooted in a cloud of Ugg fleece will make you a believer. I wore them to bed a few times the first week. Uggs are my happy place.

  71. Jane says:

    Uggs are the best! I don’t care what’s “on trend”, they are warm, comfy, and I don’t slip in them. I live in Michigan, am in the middle of the polar-vortex and would be lost without them.

  72. SMG says:

    Wearing what others deem as “not cool” instantly makes you cool. Ask Andrea.
    If you require such a label (which I secretly do – of course).
    As a fellow “girl of a certain age” I have earned the right to wave my style flag as high and free as I want.
    I also now feel the need to stick out my tongue but as a “girl of a certain age” I will refrain.
    Ugg on my friend…. Ugg on.

  73. Lisa says:

    I have a pair of black mukluks that keep my feet very toasty and I think they are pretty cool. Bought them in Ely MN and believe me, those people know COLD!

    • Ann says:

      I was WONDERING when someone was going to mention Steger mukluks…I live in northern MN about 100 miles from Ely, and they are the warmest footwear ever! Pretty, too. Not cheap, but they last a long time. I’d highly recommend as well. I just bought a pair to replace my 12-year-old black ones; the new ones have fake leopard cuffs. Super cute.

    • Sara says:

      Another Minnesota native here. Yes, for keeping feet warm, Mukluks are THE best! They are light as air and not clunky at all. I live in CT now and wear them to walk the dog every day in winter. (And yes, they last forever.) I also think they are way cuter than Uggs- still not exactly stylish, but definitely better than Uggs.

  74. sprylie says:

    go get the Ugg Adirondack ii! They are weirdly flattering. I know everyone go them a couple of years ago but I don’t care: same fuzzy goodness, waterproof, and pretty fleece at the top. I love them so. I have the black and gray, but wish I got the classic: otter- with the cream fleece on top. Sigh.

  75. Caryn Wickens says:

    Here in the Detroit suburbs, virtually every girl between the age of 10 and 18 wears Uggs. It is part of the uniform, along with the black North Face Metropolis parka. This is why I cannot wear Uggs, cozy as they may be.

  76. GT says:

    I have to concur with the prevailing thought: they are overgrown slippers and not appropriate for NYC (where I also live), unless one is actually WEARING them as slippers. They are also ubiquitous on every 15 year-old girl in the galaxy, so unless you want to look like a 15 year-old…. For me, La Canadienne makes best snow/ cold/ stylish boots around. Also Aquitalia.

  77. Kate says:

    Christopher Walken apparently wears them to fly, which makes them cool in my book, even though here Uggs are exclusively worn by university girls with university butt-print sweatpants, TNA parkas, full makeup and long honey-blonde hair…. but I have to go with everyone else and say NOOOOO, not outside, not where there is slush and road salt. They are so f##ing disgusting once they’ve been soaked and salt-stained, they’re for a “dry cold”. Or house slippers. Or flying. If you want ugly and actually functional, go with Sorels or Cougars or something.

  78. Scout says:

    I agree with Kate above, who must also be Canadian given the TNA reference. Go with Sorels – they are equally warm and more in the realm of fitted down coat than “university butt-print sweatpants”. I can only associate Uggs with that super-annoying shuffling sound made by university girls as they rolled in to lecture wearing their pyjamas half an hour late. After years of hearing that sound from the podium I swore I never would. Don’t do it!

  79. Emmah says:

    I am not morally opposed to Uggs, but have you checked out Pajar boots? They are warm, waterproof and cute. I have also seen a short fur lined boot from Frye that looked cozy.

  80. Liz says:

    You must. There really is nothing warmer.

  81. Kiki says:

    I don’t like to admit it, and I always apologize for it, but I wear Uggs out of the house when it’s really cold outside. They are so warm. Do NOT wear them if there is any precipitation in the weather forecast.

  82. Rosie says:

    Ugg makes some boots that are cute, but not these. I have two pairs, one pair I snagged at TJ Maxx.

    Any shearling lined boot will keep your feet warm, and they feel really, really good on bare feet. These girls are right, check out other brands.

  83. Deborah says:

    There’s a reason they’re called Uggs…ugly, uglier, ugliest. Life is too short and closet space too valuable to wear ugly boots.

  84. Dana says:

    Sorel boots rock! I just got my first pair this winter and they can not be beat for ice, warmth, and waterproof-ness. Uggs only have one of the 3. Plus I sell shoes for a living, and yes, where I work sells Uggs, so I can tell you, they really are shit.

  85. KHM says:

    I got my first pair of “Fuggs”” (fake Ugg’s) when I lived in Laguna Beach and the winters were cold and damp.They were perfect for that part of my life. I wore the hell out of them at home, walking the dogs, etc. I didn’t take them out in wet weather though. I have a pair from Costco that I bought a few years ago and wore them around the house, walking the dogs in my neighborhood, or doing simple things like that. Now that l live in Connecticut, I just purchased a pair of the 10 inch shearling lined Bean Boots. I wear them with wool Wigwam socks from Costco. I spend a lot of time outside on a playground and sledding now and these boots are wonderful. I can fold down the tops if necessary too. I haven’t tucked my jeans into them yet, but I suppose I will as winter rolls along.

    So, I say yes, but not as anything more than a pair of super casual shoes and I wouldn’t pay the Ugg price for them. I would get them at Costco and then spend the extra money on the shearling lined Bean Boots.

  86. Lynn in Tucson says:

    Mine are a pale khaki/olive harness style (mid-height, ’cause I’m short). Picked them up at Nordstrom Rack a year or so ago and I wonder how I ever lived without them. (Even in Tucson, AZ!) That said, I’m sure there’s a part of me that would feel self-conscious wearing them in the city.

  87. Jozelle says:

    We don’t wear Uggs because they’re cute, we wear them because they are comfortable.

  88. ita darling says:

    Sorel has stepped up their game in the past few years..



    or go classic..

    Uggs are slippers. Enjoy them indoors..

  89. pamb says:

    Do it. Doooooo it. So comfy. Just be aware that if your feet tend to sweat, it WILL get stinky in those boots. And if you wear them in heavy, wet snow, they WILL get soaking wet and will require drying time.

  90. Lesley says:

    Thanks for asking this… I live in the snow capital of the country (Syracuse, NY) and I had been wondering how they do in snow/slush. Now I see, not so good. Will stick to my equally questionable Snow Joggers!

  91. justine says:

    I have a pair in brown but they go up higher. I like the higher boot more.

  92. sarah says:

    I think there’s something decidedly UN-stylish about all the hate on Uggs. Are they for everyone? No, you need a little bit of the hippie/boho in you to make them “work”. Are they warm? Yes, but Sorel pack boots are warmer. Waterproof? No, but you can treat them, which helps a little bit. Comfortable? Yes, but only if you’re not walking far. They have zero support, so no good if you have foot issues. I’ve added inserts to mine, which help. Are they perfect for slipping on to grab the paper or take the dog potty-ing when you’re too lazy to actually get dressed but need something on your feet? Yes. Will you wear them when you want to look your cutest and most pulled together? God no. Try them on. A new pair of Uggs is so cozy you won’t even care how they look.

  93. Andrea says:

    If you are concerned about the cold – there are so many better options – Baffin, Sorel, Kamik. (These Kamiks are rated up to -32C : http://www.6pm.com/kamik-georgetown-dark-brown?zlfid=192&ref=pd_sims_v_1 ) If you want something reasonably warm but still fashionable — then not UGGS. Sorel’s Joan of Arc line has several variations, including fashionable ones.

  94. Tina says:

    Kim: So Funny! I too am an UGG holdout. It’s not necessarily even the aesthetics. Some wearers are kind of cultish about them. It’s like I want to prove that I can exist without them (I know that I sound ridiculous). Also, I feel virtuous about overspending in other areas, because at least I haven’t paid $100+ for glorified slippers, even though I just bought two new small bags. But with this cold, I’ve also been just this close to buying UGGs.

  95. Linden says:

    Ugg makes some boots that are actually cute, but these aren’t them. I’m crazy about my Ugg Lynneas.

  96. Jess says:

    My issue with Uggs isn’t whether they are “cool” or not but rather that they aren’t waterproof. I had a pair and believe me, they were a hot (cold?) mess after walking through freezing slush here in Ohio. If you’re not going to be around wet snow, they are definitely great at keeping toes cozy warm. But once they encounter water, they only lead to wet, miserable feet.

  97. Pia says:

    If you must, how about something just as warm but cuter and made in the USA? These are the ones I got.


    You’re not allowed to wear them with shorts….

  98. Meg says:

    Hey, when the weather is this fierce, I say you gotta do what you gotta do! Fashion be damned.

  99. Katie says:

    My husband and kids swear by Bogs. Warm to -40 degrees. But molded rubber never feels comfy to me. Same reason I don’t think Hunter boots are comfortable at all. The fleece in Uggs seems to provide much more foot support than the molded rubber in my Sorels and Hunters.

  100. Meg says:

    I refuse to wear UGGs on my size 10 feet…really huge. A modified crepe bottom-shearling lined bootie “Carrie” was available from Vince this fall. I own a pair and they are heaven. Will probably see more of it next year…sold out everywhere for now.

  101. Bekah says:

    I say go for it. Trendy or not, Uggs have a useful purpose in that they keep your feet warm. I used to live in Boston and waiting on a subway platform when it was 10 degrees outside, literally the only warm parts on my body were my feet. Of course they’re no good when it’s slushy out, but on dry, cold days, Uggs are perfect. Also, there’s something very rebellious and cool about doing/wearing something that the fashion police deem unfashionable. Wear what you want. Especially when it’s 10 degrees.

  102. edie says:

    I am surprised I haven’t read the word “Crocs” in this chain. To me, Uggs and Crocs are equal and opposite items in the same crazy category of ugly footwear (let the horrified responses begin!) I will not ever wear either one. But here’s the issue, it seems like: if you want warm, cozy, and dry, Uggs are fine. For wet and slushy they are not fine. Is it a “look” you want? Then it’s totally your call. People who look “stylish” no matter what they put on will look “stylish” or “cute” or whatever–enviable–in Uggs. Others will not. My motto: when in doubt, don’t.

  103. Lynne says:

    I love UGGS and own quite a few pairs. They are the best for walking the dogs on a cold day; you can get leather versions http://www.uggaustralia.eu/sale-women/sale-women,en,sc.html?start=36&sz=12 like here. I own a couple pairs with leather tops, shearling inside and very big, lug (is that the right word) soles the ones I have I don’t see on their web site, but mine are about 5-7 years old and still going strong. And cute I might add.

  104. Larissa says:

    No to the classic uggs, when there are stylish warm Sorel options that are waterproof! I live in Calgary, Canada- I can also recommend a stylish toque!

  105. Maryse says:

    I love mine. I live in the Boston metro region where being stylish isn’t a priority in the winter. I have Sorels for days of slush and snow. But they are giant and not particularly easy to slip into. But my uggs are like walking on kittens. And toasty warm. And easy to put on. I have the bailey button ones.

  106. Lynn says:

    Wear the UGGS. Your feet will thank you.

  107. Paisley Davidson says:

    I couldn’t read all these responses–so many!–so forgive me if I am repeating anyone. Uggs are not the only people who make shearling lined boots! This summer (or was it fall), you went on splurged on expensive No. 6 clogs when you didn’t have to (Maguba of Sweden makes the same style for much less), but I do think they might be worth it for their shearling boots, especially if you had bought them during Totokaelo’s recent winter sale (there might still be a chance). I can stand in their wedge style ALL. DAY. LONG. My favorite, but by no means least expensive, shearling clog boot is by a Brooklyn company, Bryr. Check them out; they’re beautiful. And last but not least, check out the ugly-but-cool, sold-by-Steven-Alan-and-J.Crew (your favorite), Quoddy Moccasins, handmade in Maine. On that note, I think Minnetonka has recently started making shearling-lined moccasins. Quoddy dearskin mocs might be waterproof, though.

  108. Akit says:

    No, no, and thrice no. They are a footwear abomination. Unless u want to look like a Mr.Men character then go for it. UGG-Ly!!!

  109. SRF says:

    Complete nightmare. Don’t do it.

  110. Elizabeth says:

    NO. My daugter and I revisit the Ugg phenomenon every fall and winter and her response hasn’t changed since she was two years old and refused to put a pair of pink (fake) Uggs on her feet, given to her by her trendy aunt. She is 15 now and still won’t wear Uggs (not that I have offered). Although not intended as a substitute for warm boots, I did give her a pair of the Liberty of London print Vans for Christmas and she LOVES those. Thanks for that tip.

  111. I don’t care what other people think as long as my toes are warm. I put on a huge puffy goose down parka, I’d wear those UGGs up to my knees and a huge cashmere beanie and not freeze

    Screw style during winter.

  112. Dana says:

    The style-shaming is petty. There, I said it. Wear whatever you want with confidence. And dark gray short Uggs go with most everything.

  113. kim says:

    I was a Ugg hater too until last year when it was so cold I swore I’d get some this year. Instead I found Emu, another Aussie brand and similar, except a lot of theirs are waterproofed also. Absolutely love them for cold days and weekends. It’s all how you style them too. I wear then with skinny jeans and chunky sweaters. They are really a California essential. I rarely see the velour tracksuit or shorts with them, but I’m sure they are out there.
    You will love them!

    Here’s what I got.



  114. Steffi says:

    I shamefully wear UGGs around the house and maybe to the post office or for a morning cup of coffee. But be warned:
    a.) People walk HORRIBLY in them, myself included. You have absolutely no arch support or flexibility, so you kind of just stomp around like Bigfoot in them.
    b.) They are incredibly slippery on snow (even the slightest layer) or ice. I also learned the hard way. Dry weather only!
    Having said that, I work from home and am always cold. UGGs really are the best, toastiest slippers!
    Smiles from Switzerland,

  115. Krista says:

    I’m late to replying on this, but PLEASE do not buy a pair of uggs. They are the worst winter footwear and susceptible to salt stains, wet feet, and just plain messy, not-pulled-together footwear.

    I live in Calgary, Canada, where we get a lot of snow, frequent melts due to Chinooks, ice, and more snow, and Helly Hansen’s Skuld 3 boots are THE BEST investment I ever made. They are leather but resist salt stains and don’t need to ever be protected. Super warm. And TOTALLY cute.


  116. janisemarie says:

    Lordy no to the Uggs. No No NO. But I just looked at those Helly Hansen boots that Krista recommended and they are super cute and even retro adorable in off-white. Get those!

  117. KatieC says:

    I have bought Uggs in the past, but I won’t anymore. I’ve got real doubts about how they source their shearling. On top of that, they are not waterproof, the softness of the fleece doesn’t last that long, and they are very very slippery. I feel warmer and cuter in my Sorels.