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Which magazines do you read?

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I used to consume so many magazines that my coffee table looked like other people’s recycling piles, but nowadays, it takes special circumstances for me to go on a serious print binge. And last week, when my cable and internet went out in perfect synchrony with the big snowstorm, I had the ideal excuse to hit the newsstand hard.  So I headed to the really excellent one right across the street from my place and bought all the magazines I read on a regular or semi-regular basis. They are as follows: British Vogue (my favorite of the Vogues) Living Etc (fun British home magazine) GraziaFrankie (cute indie mag from Australia) Us Weekly (I’m not ashamed), New York, and The New Yorker. I don’t read a whole lot of fashion mags anymore unless I’m getting my hair done. Now please share your list, or, if this is the case, tell me which digital entities you’ve switched over to instead. I know this whole line of questioning  sounds like I’m conducting market research, but I’m actually really just curious—and a little surprised that I haven’t asked sooner. So please do share. The more obsessively specific you are, the happier I’ll be.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Elle, Elle, Elle. God, I love Elle. I was won over by the book reviews but now I’m into the whole thing.

    I love it so much that I need no other.

  2. Christiana says:

    Bust. Vogue. Martha Stewart Living. Good Housekeeping. Mother Jones. Rolling Stone. I still really miss Mademoiselle, all these years later.

  3. Julie says:

    Vogue, because it’s on my iPad. USWeekly & People for the gossip (also on iPad). Love Grazia & buy when I can splurge. Lucky, when I plan to do a big shopping expedition.
    My husband’s Outside mag is also fun…
    Though I’d still like to hop in my time machine & pick up an issue of Sassy!

  4. clatie says:

    The only magazine I take is the New Yorker. I don’t find much need for actual magazines any longer now that I have the internet to surf.

  5. Dianne says:

    Anthology- a quarterly thats a bit of everything

    New Yorker- since I was a kid, I started with the cartoons

    New York and Time Out New York- I don’t want to miss anyting.

    Dwell- because I love modern architecture and someday ( please, please, please) I want to own and live in a modern house.

    People Style Watch- because who wouldn’t want to dress like a 19 year old actress.

    I used to read all the music mags, but now I do that online.

    Every fashion mad at the nail salon!

  6. Lori says:

    I read almost exclusively on my iPad. Entertainment Weekly, Oprah, Real Simple, Lonny, Better Homes & Gardens, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and House & Home (Canadian). Also, for some reason the print version of Vogue (US) started showing up at my house two months ago. Not sure how that happened, since I haven’t been charged and I don’t remember signing up for a subscription. I go back and forth on US Weekly. I subscribed for a while (no shame in my game), but when it got too heavy on reality TV stars I got disinterested.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Everything in print –
    Marie Claire – but I’m quickly losing interest NINA!
    British Country Home – my rich fantasy life.
    The New Yorker through good and bad.
    British Living Etc. is fun
    Cook’s Illustrated
    Fine Gardening

    Entertainment Weekly, People, Us, Cosmopolitan in that order at the Salon.

    I miss Domino, Gourmet and Metropolitan Home. And I miss being 14 in the 80s and reading Sixteen.

    Magazines I used to enjoy but now make me sleepy – In Style, Dwell, Real Simple

  8. liz says:

    Do you read Canadian House and Home? Its my favorite shelter magazine.


  9. Laurie says:

    Bitch, New Yorker, Bon Appetit..

  10. Dog-runner says:

    I still love a paper magazine. There’s lots that I read online, in bits and pieces, but it’s rarely as satisfying as the hard copies that are consumable in the sun, on the boat or in the whirlpool.

    Fashion magazines are reserved for the hair/nail salon or the treadmill. Vogue, Elle, maybe Real Simple. GQ and Esquire are fun too. Ok, almost anything is fun when you’re stuck on the treadmill.

    At home, we get 4-5 music magazines (Hubby’s), the most awesome of which is Fretboard Journal. It’s. Simply. Beautiful.

    I subscribe to the Economist and read it cover to cover. It’s funny, (seriously!) informative and I enjoy the slightly different POV on our world. When it arrives, I do a little dance at the mailbox.

    I recently subscribed to McSweeney’s as part of my “read more fiction” NYR.

    When traveling, I must bring home a bunch of in-country magazines. For some silly reason, I gravitate to Monocle and or Outside in the airport newsstands.

    My favorite shelter porn, but which I try to stay away from ’cause it only makes me want to go blow the entire early-retirement plan is Dwell. Sigh.

  11. marjorie says:

    I love Living Etc.! I should ask for a subscription for my birthday.

    Regular reads: EW, New Yorker, New York and O, the last one because it matter-of-factly shows women of different sizes without ghettoizing them or bragging about how EVOOOLVED it is for depicting them at all.

    Occasional reads: Saveur, Glamour, PW, Kirkus.

    I get Time, Fortune, Food & Wine and More (don’t think I ever subscribed to them?) and don’t read them. (My grandma used to “I take” instead of “I get” magazines. Is that a regionalism?)

  12. Aparatchick says:

    The New Yorker, both paper and digital, and Smithsonian (on my Kindle). Oh, wait! Also, the Good Book Guide (UK).

  13. joannawnyc says:

    I used to read them ALL but now it’s just The New Yorker. Online–NY Times, NY mag, Quartz and theSkimm. I also click on the Lucky and Allure emails occasionally. Aside from your excellent blog, I read Keep It Chic and Grechen’s Closet every day, and catch up on Love Aesthetics and Stop It Right Now probably once a week.

  14. Martina says:

    Digital: Glamour, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Marie Claire, Self, Threads, Entertainment Weekly

    Paper: Vanity Fair, Vogue, allure, Lucky

    Bought in airports, for when they make me turn off electronics: People, Elle Decor, New Yorker, More, House Beautiful

    Lost interest in: Elle, Real Simple, Oprah. Glamour soon to be added to that list.

  15. Maggie says:

    WHY does no one read National Geographic? It’s so awesome, especially the digital edition (which you get for free if you subscribe to the print). Not that I work there or anything. OK, maybe I do.

    • Dana D says:

      I LOVE National Geographic Maggie! It is beautiful and intelligent. And I am old enough to not want to do a lot of reading electronically…

      But, I can’t bear to part with them, and I have so many old copies already! It’s a dilemma. Is there a good use for recycled copies?

      • Amanda says:

        I’m the same–love, love, love National Geographic and won’t part with the old copies. Its at the point where I’m piling them up around the house as makeshift end tables 🙂

        Other than NatGeo, I sometimes pick up Real Simple, and that is about all. I used to get Lucky pretty regularly, but it’s just not the same anymore.

        • Maggie says:

          You can drop off old copies at hospital waiting rooms sometimes–they appreciate them! These two book charities also accept them (but shipping might get expensive if you’re not nearby):

          Bridge to Asia
          website: http://www.bridge.org
          email: asianet@bridge.org

          Books for the Barrios
          1121 Wiget Lane
          Walnut Creek, CA 94598
          Telephone: +1 510 687 7701

        • Kristin says:

          Any school will likely be thrilled with a stockpile of National Geographic for a variety of art projects.

      • Akit says:

        yep, Nat geo all the way.

    • pamb says:

      My 10 year old son loves Nat Geo Kids! He’s on his second year subscription.

  16. Jill says:

    Elle and InStyle are my two favorites. Then sometimes Vogue (sometimes Vogue just makes me tired) and some home dec mags if they look interesting, Sunset and Arizona Highways (well, I used to get AZ Highways but it was making me homesick so I stopped). Atomic Ranch, from time to time, as I love MCM.

    People StyleWatch somehow manages to get in the cart at Target…other than that I don’t read many mags anymore. Lucky used to be in the top three, some time ago, but I find it’s not relevant for me.

  17. Megan says:

    Our home receives Vogue, Mother Earth News and Cooks Illustrated. Love them all.

  18. Arawa says:

    I read everything in print because I will always love the feel of interacting with the magazine. I do not like to read digital books either. I want to hold it in my hand and turn the pages.
    I subscribe to:
    Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Lucky, Bazaar, Dwell (right now the only shelter mag I read), Food & Wine, Saveur, Aperture (I wish there were more photography magazines of this caliber),New York (to keep up on NYC since I do not live there). I would subscribe to Lula if I could justify the expense.

  19. frances says:

    I receive Real Simple from my mom when she’s done with her subscription. I get Ms and Lilith in the mail, and I find that I enjoy reading Lilith much more than Ms but I’ll continue to subscribe because I feel like I should. My alumnae magazine. Interweave Knits.
    Online I read advice columns (Dear Prudence, Savage Love), stuff from Slate XX, and Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic. Sometimes stuff from Hairpin or Jezebel, and recipes from Food 52 and Orangette, and knitting and sewing patterns from Purl Bee.
    That’s more than I realized, actually.

    • Viajera says:

      I love advice columns too!!! Philip Galanes is my favorite, but I also used to read Carolyn Hax at WaPo. (I only stopped because of having to re-register a bunch of times, which weirdly doesn’t come up with Wonkblog/Ezra Klein. Anyhoo.)

      That Margo lady was great too — I think she is on hiatus or retired. She was one of the Prudies on Slate. The one now is quite excellent too, Emily Yoffe I think.

      I could name some I can’t stand, but that would be *snarky.*

      • Viajera says:

        Oops, you-all here reminded me about E. Jean. I forgot her b/c I don’t read Elle anymore — for some reason, it always rubbed me the wrong way. But her I like — she has a great can-do attitude for people. And her style is like a dizzy and anarchic 40s movie heroine. If she were a movie, I’d watch.

    • Mockingbird says:

      Try Ask Polly, over at The Awl. She is so brilliant I have printed a few out to read as needed. And Captain Awkward is great, plus her commenters, “The Awkward Army,” add value to every answer.

  20. amandam says:

    Magazine addiction or affliction runs in my family. From oldest to youngest you can reliably know when someone has decided to call it a day by the “twack” of a magazine hitting the floor from the bed. So these are the regulars in alphabetical order:

    American Scientist
    BBC History Magazine
    In Style (best for the bathtub, lays flat on the side and not too much text to worry about getting crinkly)
    Mad Magazine
    National Geographic
    National Geographic Traveler
    New Yorker (via my parents)
    New York Magazine (via my parents again)
    Scientific American
    The Atlantic Monthly
    People Style (also excellent bathtub reading)
    Vogue (US Edition & British edition 4-5 times a year, BV is also my favorite version but I am supposed to be shocked by the cover price right now.)

  21. Susan W says:

    Interesting to read all these responses!! For me, New Yorker and Dwell on paper. Museum magazines I get for being a member. On line, NYTimes. I live in the midwest and my reading is very New York-focused, oddly. I looked for a decent grownup women’s magazine (a little fashion, a little culture, some brains) but have been sooooo turned off by ridiculous styles and handbags that cost more than my car… which is why I get this blog, Privilege, A Femme d’un Certain Age, and That’s Not My Age. A little fashion, a little culture, and lots o’brains!!

  22. Hannah says:

    Print: The New Yorker, though only occasionally because the int’l subscription is really expensive. Swedish Elle, Damernas Mode (Swedish fashion quarterly), British Vogue on occasion, French Elle on occasion, L’Oficiel sometimes, Vestoj (an annual academic fashion journal). I’d like to read some Korean fashion magazines but the international mags we get here are pretty Euro-American centric.
    Online: Rookie Mag. They’re giving everyone the what-for and it’s wonderful.

  23. a.d.s. says:

    National Geographic, like Maggie says, is the BEST. They really know how to do a digital magazine. They don’t just pour the content into a tablet version–they do videos, audio, interactive pieces, etc.

    Also the New Yorker (print), Self (tablet), the NY Times (online), and NYmag.com.

    I used to read fashion magazines but then I got older and didn’t feel like they spoke to me anymore. That’s why I’m glad you’re here, Kim!

    • ads says:

      Oooo–I completely forgot Sunset magazine, which I love. Although it sounds like it’s for retirees, it’s a cool West Coast travel/food/lifestyle pub.

  24. Beth says:

    I read everything these days on my iPad (UK magazines on ipad are half the price as print version)

    Elle US/UK
    Vogue US/UK
    Bazaar US/UK
    New Yorker
    New York
    Elle Decor
    and…Lucky. I’m liking this new incarnation better. I was almost ready to give up on it.

    I love Everywoman also and pick it up when I remember or when I see it at the newsstand.

  25. jennyg says:

    I love browsing through Elle Decor, Town and Country, Chicago Magazine, National Geographic. I also have a subscription to Glamour which I hate and give to my nanny after I look at the back page. When I’m on a flight I have to read from cover to cover Vanity Fair and US Vogue, it’s mandatory to calm my nervousness. I still get Cooking Light but I’m over it and use recipes from online sources like Smitten Kitchen and Dinner a Love Story.
    Online I look at Matchbook, Rookie Mag(cause I’m from Oak park), NY Times, Go Fug Yourself

  26. Michelle says:

    I like to cook so I get Cooking Light, Bon Appetit and Food &Wine, but I also subscribe to Vanity Fair, Anthology, House Beautiful, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, and In Style. I am giving up on In Style tho, 500 pages of ads, not much else. I buy Living etc and Tatler each month at the bookstore. I will never be a British aristocrat but I love the writing in Tatler, so witty. Plus great book reviews.

    I wish that I enjoyed reading my magazines digitally but I like to read them with a glass of wine after dinner, and only the real thing will do.

  27. heidi says:

    Cooks Illustrated
    Urban Farmer
    New York
    Vanity Fair
    Marie Clair
    A little too heavy on the fashion- think I will not renew for next year and spread my wings into different territory. If I was rich, I’d subscribe to British Living, etc. BTW- I got several of those subscriptions for $5 each on promotion.

    • heidi says:

      Forgot to add Cottages and Bungalows and online:
      DesignSponge (every day)
      Apt Therapy
      SF Girl by the Bay
      Jersey Ice Cream Company (highly recommended for all the home design nuts like me)

  28. Tina says:

    Saveur – I’ve had a subscription for years. I’ve gotten some of my best recipes from there and the photography is gorgeous!

  29. Tamara says:

    I’m a Pilates instructor, so start with women’s health, shape, fitness and self. Also Pilates style.

    Health, natural health, prevention

    Glamour, in style and bazaar are my favorites for fashion. Marie Claire is fun but skews a little young.

    If something looks interesting at the checkout counter of whole foods (clean eating, etc) I’ll occasionally pick it up.

    • c.w. says:

      I LOVE pilates. Changed my body. Changed my life!

      • Tamara says:

        So happy for you that you found Pilates…it’s such a beautiful system. We have such a community that we have built up here in tenafly (nj) it’s like a family.

    • Viajera says:

      For some reason, I like Men’s Health better, even though I sometimes wonder how much applies to me. They have some actual good writers in there.

      Next time I am in a store though, I’ll give Women’s H another look. Seems to me, a lot of women’s “health” mags are really just about weight loss. There is some decent nutritional ed in them sometimes though. But it is mostly from the angle of, how to lose weight. Which makes no sense.

      • Tamara says:

        As an instructor, I look to the magazines for choreography ideas. I never want my clients to get bored 🙂

  30. Tamara says:

    Also, I watched the interview link and I know you don’t like snark, but lucky is not the same without you. In fact, it’s pretty bad. You and Andrea linnet put together a fantastic magazine.

    • Sara says:

      I was one of the very first subscribers to Lucky ever. When I moved to Europe and cancelled the woman on the phone was shocked! hahaha! Unfortunately its so dreadful now. Im back in the US but I refuse to read it. Its really really sad to me that my favorite magazine (next to Vogue) is unreadable.

  31. Jackie says:

    Paper: Travel + Leisure, O, Lucky, Atlantic, Elle

    Digital: New Yorker, New York, Economist

    Of these, I find Lucky to be incredibly disappointing (it has not been the same since you left, Kim) and I only get it because someone gave me a subscription. I’m letting it expire.

    T + L is fine, but it doesn’t blow me away.

    I love the Atlantic for long-form journalism.

    Echoing everyone’s Elle love from above — it’s amazing. I flip to E. Jean immediately, and I also enjoy their books/culture/movie reviews.

    I LOVE O magazine. I feel like I might be a little younger than their target demo, but I don’t care. Every issue is like a therapy session! And they actually publish useful information, like where to donate just about everything, classes to take, etc. I adore it.

    I used to get Real Simple, but I found that after a year it got very repetitive, and I was tired of being told how busy and stressed out I was supposed to be.

  32. Mairib says:

    I still read my magazines in paper – InStyle, ShopSmart, Real Simple, Women’s Health, National Geographic Traveler, Hello. Used to get The Week, which is a fabulous magazine, but I couldn’t keep up.

  33. Laura says:

    My only subscriptions are Vogue (US), InStyle, Real Simple and Lucky because my public library offers free mags thru the Zinio app. Digital magazines I read every month: Elle, Elle Decor, Dwell, Harper’s Bazaar, Science, Smithsonian, Consumer Reports, Discover, Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Ideal Home (UK), National Geographic, Mental Floss, Vegetarian Times, Saveur, Vanity Fair. Occasionally read the New Yorker, Domino, Marie Claire, Forbes, Clean Eating, Harper’s, and Rolling Stone.

  34. @sarahspy says:

    My top 3 are Interview, Food & Wine, and Bon Appetit!

  35. lori mac says:

    My day is made when the New York shows up. Glad it is still around even if it will only make my day every two weeks. And I love Vanity Fair – it is fun to read! Also I still want a newsmagazine which will provide more in depth analysis of a news event than I will get on tv, the internet or The Daily Show, so I subscribe to Time (although, frankly, their news coverage lately is a little thin as well). My mother subscribes to Better Homes and Gardens (which she peculiarly refers to as “Better Homes and Garages”), Southern Living, and Family Circle, and she brings them to my house when she is done with them, so I do page through those as well from time to time – particularly if they have an alluring recipe on the cover!

  36. ljchicago says:

    I don’t subscribe to any magazines anymore. There’s so much stuff online (the two blogs I read every day at GCA and GFY) that I don’t feel the need anymore. My friends and family give me magazines but I usually save them for long drives (when I’m not doing the driving) and vacations.

    I read Lucky for a few years, after Kim left, but everything was so expensive. I haven’t yet found a fashion/beauty mag that’s right for me — 41, suburban, two kids, not a lot of cash to spend on clothes. I basically just browse the net for ideas.

  37. c.w. says:

    On my iPad…Smithsonian

    Online: Design Sponge (every Monday they show you the inside of different folks homes and apartments––from the U.S. to Australia to wherever. Always beautifully photographed.)

    In print: NYTimes, New Yorker, Sports Illustrated (my boyfriend takes it, but I also read it). Occasionally Dwell. And every August––Vogue. And whenever I fly, People.

  38. Kate says:

    Vogue. I have loved Bon Appetit since Adam Rapoport took over. I finally let my Lucky subscription lapse a year or two after you left, which is saying a lot because it used to be my bible and really suited my niche in a way I don’t think any other title did. It hurt to give it up! I’ve given it another try since Eva Chen took over, and I don’t think its voice is strong enough yet, but I’ll keep it around a while. I also get Vanity Fair for a few long, dishy stores per year that are so delicious. I had to give up my New Yorker subscription because I just could not keep up.

    I also picked up cheap subscriptions over the past year to Marie Claire, Elle, Traveler, T+L, but I’m probably not keeping any of them.

    I read NY Mag online (obsessively).

  39. cedar says:

    All in print, since I don’t have an iPad and I love the glossy paper:
    House Beautiful – okay, but I still miss Domino.
    Bon Appetite – recently and reluctantly, since I’m still mad that Gourmet got the boot instead of this one
    Cooking Light – a gift, but a pretty good one, bar the use of low-fat cheese and such.

    The fiancee’s copy of Runner’s World
    The fiancee’s mother’s back issues of Southern Living when we go to visit

    From the airport I pick up Dwell, Martha Stewart (Living and Wedding), HGTV Magazine. And Afar. No one’s mentioned Afar yet and it is awesome. Best travel mag I’ve ever seen. I’m seriously thinking about a subscription.

    I too LOVE to come back from abroad with a stack of magazines. If international subscriptions weren’t so ruinously expensive I’d get Brit Vogue, Living Etc. and the Canadian Style at Home and Chatelaine.

  40. Caroline says:

    Mostly troll through Blogs these days…
    I loved shelter mags though and i did love Lucky!
    Was religious about the world of interiors..anyone?
    Loved that real estate porn.
    Then dwell. Kind of moved on..
    Now my aspirations are more modest and so hello aptherapy..
    Also used to buy granta (kind of more of an anthology but I love short stories..
    And the new Yorker for planes.. I still chuckle st the comics..
    It’s so interesting to see what people are into!

    • Monica M says:

      I have recently discovered apt therapy and am addicted. I saw a feature on small spaces about painting walls a dark gray. I totally went and did it to my walls and I LOVE it. Used several of their other tips/tricks too. THE BEST!

  41. Monica M says:

    Lately now, most fashion mags make me want to buy things. I am trying to save for a house/pay off debt so I really can’t be buying things and seeing all the great stuff in fashion mags is…depressing. BUT, I still hold on to Glamour because they have other good practical stuff in there and are very focused on uplifting women, and also to Women’s Health, even though all the super cool athletic apparel I see just makes me want to buy! I do like seeing the styles though and I have found some great inexpensive stuff similar to the magazine things I covet.

  42. Tucson Diva says:

    1. National Geographic (the photographs are transporting although the stories about what is happening to our planet are quite depressing — but good to know)
    2. Harvard Business Review (if you are interested in marketing and trends and people generally, this is the mag to read)
    3. Fast Company (pop version of the business world with very cool ideas)
    4. More (I read all the articles in More — they are so on point!)

    The skinny girl fashion mags are fun to leaf through while traveling or when I am sick, but I want mags that I can actually read during a good long bathtub soak and then share with friends.

  43. I read one and it is free, honestly though our grocery store here ICA sends out a magazine every month with wonderful recipes and stories on food and I get so happy about it!

  44. laura says:

    I really read the New Yorker, and I’ve gone digital.
    I love Bust and keep hoping I don’t outgrow it. I recently started reading the Gentlewoman which is so nice. And I like W for the pictures.
    I had been liking More, but the past few months have disappointed me – I think they are trying to steer younger just as I am getting older.
    I used to also read Harpers and Granta but not in years.
    Occasionally House Beautiful or Elle Decor.

  45. Shawna says:

    I love magazines but actually have trouble finding ones that suit me. I subscribe to New Scientist (no it’s not a religion) Anthology, Canadian House (getting a bit tired of house porn) and Home and I randomly buy anything that catches my eye either frivolous or serious. Of the fashion magazines I like Flare and Elle US and Elle Canada best though usually buy the September issue of Vogue US. I haven’t seen Vogue UK on the newsstands here but would love to try it. I agree, Living Etc is usually a fun magazine.

    Online I really like Rue magazine and House of Fifty but H of F is no longer free and it’s too expensive for me to subscribe to.

  46. In no certain order… World of Interiors, Elle Decor, Elle Decoration UK, House & Garden (UK), Architectural Digest, Vogue Living Australia, Belle (Aussie interiors), 5280 (Denver’s city mag), 5280 Home (which I now write for) and Vogue. I just gave up House Beautiful because the content is so amateur.

    Two guesses what I do for a living, and thank Jeebus I can write off those mucho expensive overseas shelter mags.

  47. Kiki says:

    I LOVE magazines. I am especially fond of the print versions, but I also have many loaded on my iPad. I subscribe to and TRY to read Entertainment Weekly, New York, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Vogue, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Richmond Magazine and a salute to the Motherland, Oklahoma Today.

    I really miss Rolling Stone. In the Spring and Fall, I will pick up more fashion magazines. Since we have started a major home renovation, shelter magazines have taken a lot of space in my magazine rack.

    Oh, and I never get on an airplane without an US Weekly!

  48. Meegan says:

    World of Interiors, Vogue Living Australia, Gourmet Traveller Australia, Frankie, The Smith Journal (Australian, friend of Frankie), LOVE (British), Vogue Singapore, Selvedge (textiles). Getting harder to find good mags.

  49. Leslie says:

    Print, print, glorious print! I get a daily newspaper, because I think it’s the best resource for local news, and I like to yell at it during breakfast. I held my breath during Elle’s revamp a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised with how good it’s gotten (although the health/nutrition writing is still pretty weak and E. Jean’s getting a wee repetitive). InStyle and Allure because they are practical—-tips for those of us who have average lives and work in average corporate offices and who would be shunned by the Sartorialist and who are seriously okay with that. Also Interweave Knits and the more-than-occasional copy of US Weekly.

    I finally cancelled Vogue because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. It got pretty tone-deaf, and Jeffrey Steingarten stopped writing cooking articles and started writing boring restaurant reviews. And Lucky, which was my absolute favorite (during your era, natch), I dumped the second they ran that horrible, soul deadening “Fill the Void” ad campaign.

  50. Sarah T says:

    Yay for Frankie! I’m not a big reader of magazines but if I do grab one at an airport or on a lazy weekend, that’s the one I go for. So much to read and always adorable to look it. I didn’t know you could buy it outside of Australia or NZ but am very pleased to hear you can.

  51. nancy says:

    hello my name is nancy and i’m a magazine addict. here’s where i am today

    man do i miss house and garden, the one dominique browning edited
    i secretly loved domino but then began to outgrow it…
    i still stand behind vogue, it mysteriously remains an insider-y rag for the masses
    i enjoy apartmento
    new york magazine has always been my number one, it’s been relevant to me for twenty years, no matter where i’ve been in my life
    and of course the new yorker, those are my vegetables

  52. nancy says:

    oh! and cherry bomb! i was delightfully surprised but this one and i will be watching this start up to see what happens…

  53. KimFrance says:

    I am absolutely loving this, ladies. Does my heart good to see that as far as you’re all concerned, print lives!

  54. Jackie says:

    They will have to pry print from my cold, dead hands! New York, New Yorker, Seattle Mag, Food and Wine, Saveur, Traveler, US Weekly (not ashamed!), Vogue, Esquire and VF. I too miss Mademoiselle (early 90s) and man oh man, do I still miss Sassy. The original version, before the sale/redesign. I loved that magazine with all of my heart. I even saved a few issues and pull them out every few years when I feel like a stroll down memory lane. 🙂

  55. gablesgirl says:

    Saveur, Real Simple, print. New Yorker, New York, Guardian (does that count?) online. I think I aged out of InStyle but I loved it back in the day. Thinking of subscribing to More.

  56. Mockingbird says:

    Oh god, Nancy, Browning era House and Garden was so wonderful. Her editor letters were things of beauty, and their gardening column for people with only a few minutes to devote to it was genius.

    I think I may have missed at most five issues in all of Allure’s run, and it’s still a favorite. British Vogue is my splurge and I read it slowly over the month. New York, even though I’ve never lived there, print version and their blogs. Living Etc for when I want house porn, and Martha Stewart Living for when I want cleanly designed crafts. My dad had a free subscription to Time and Entertainment Weekly for a year a while ago, and I snagged the free tablet access. His subscription is long expired but somehow they still turn up on my tablet every week.

  57. y.k. says:

    new yorker, martha stewart living, vogue (US version, but i’ll check out UK now that i know kim recommends), wired.
    i don’t subscribe to people but i will dive for it @ the doc’s office.
    and, i know it’s not a magazine -BUT –
    FT weekend is the best ever ever ever.

  58. pamb says:

    What magazines DON’T I read? They vary by year, depending on what kind of deals I get, but currently: Town & Country (pure upper class escapism), O (New Age comfort), Vanity Fair (upscale Hollywood gossip), Self (so I can pretend I like to exercise), Lucky (even though I’m in my 40s), InStyle (celeb lifestyle), Entertainment Weekly (entertainment news) and Rachael Ray (so I can pretend I like to cook).

    I trade magazines with my neighbor, and from her I get: Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping (down home home and food advice) and Parents (obvious).

    Some months I read my magazines on time, others my book queue takes over. I need a pile of reading material in my kitchen, my car and by my bedside at all times!

  59. Liz says:

    NYT magazine & New York.

  60. Jen says:

    I used to be a crazy magazine subscriber, but I buy them less and less. I still get the New Yorker, Bon Appetit, and Martha Stewart. I’ll pick up Vogue, Elle and InStyle for plane trips. I read O and Real Simple a couple times a year, but they get repetitive quickly. I read People and US at the dentist and hairstylist.

    I need to re-up my Vanity Fair subscription. I might check out getting one of the foreign Vogues too.

    I miss the old Lucky too. 🙁

  61. Katrina says:

    OMG a huge, crazy-pants list – Entertainment Weekly, Bon Appetit, Food&Wine, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, Vanity Fair, sometimes Vogue, In Style, Lucky (but I’m falling out of love with it), Domino (thank god it’s back in some form or another), House Beautiful, Country Living, The Economist, The New Yorker, The Washingtonian, Art Jewelry, Lapidary Journal (whatever it’s called these days), Belle Armoire Jewelry, Bead Style, Cloth Paper Scissors, Saveur, Cooks Illustrated…the hell of it is, I’m certain I’m forgetting a few!

  62. Liz says:

    I have the Next Issue app, so I have access to all of those magazines, but the one I always get excited about is Bazaar, and only for their Day in the Life page, where you get to read about the eccentric daily habits of a different rich person every month.

    I find the strange, cutesy, pre-teen girl-speak of most current women’s magazines unbearable. The only one I can stand is Elle, but their clothes are way out of my price range. My ideal magazine would be an adult version of Sassy. Make it happen, Kim.

    • janet says:

      Yes!!! An adult version of Sassy is a brilliant idea.

      I read the NYer hard copy from cover to cover, NYT fashion & style section online, some beauty blogs and you. I’ve had to really pare down for time. Also, at the risk of sounding like a cranky pants, the lionization of super luxury and celebrity in most mags these days irks me.

  63. nancy says:

    oh yes and let’s not forget the T, the times sunday mag that appears (to me) quite randomly… it’s a warm and fuzzy moment when the T shows up on sunday morning. and that lee radziwell issue issue a year back? well that issue was like a getting golden retriever puppy with a red bow under the christmas tree for a mag freak like me…

  64. heidi says:

    British Vogue is a favorite, i haven’t read the U.S. Vogue since the September 2010 debacle. Lucky, Allure and vintage Smithsonian and National Geographic magazines.

  65. Cathy says:

    My favorite Vogue is Australian Vogue. I would love to get paper copies but I can’t find a place where I live that sells it so I have to get digital copies.

  66. Sara says:

    Everything in print:

    Vogue (US and UK)
    Bon Appetit
    Vanity Fair
    Entertainment Weekly
    Architectural Digest
    Dancing Times (British dance magazine)
    New Yorker (sometimes)
    Elle (Sometimes – still not sold on it)
    Used to love Bust but I just dont connect now that I’m a mom? Maybe Ill take it up again
    I miss my old Lucky very much!

  67. Mavjen says:

    NYT Magazine & US Weekly, both in print.

  68. Andrea says:

    NYT everyday, New Yorker, New York (favorite!), Elle decor (a bit tired of it, rarely shows homes of anyone not terribly affluent) Martha Stewart living, fine cooking, my kids read teen vogue, this blog (love!), Jezebel, about to resubscrible to Sunset which is good for us Californians. Also miss House and Garden and Domino and have not found anything as wonderful.

  69. House Beautiful
    Real simple
    My Vogue subscription has lapsed but I still pick it up at the store
    Garden and Gun
    And US weekly? my teens get it! I read it. Amazed that the kardashians get so much print for ???doing what????

  70. Sharyn says:

    Love, love, love magazines! And as much as I adore flipping through a print magazine, I’m addicted to my NextIssue app on the iPad. Where to start? My fave was & always will be Domino. But now my tops are: InStyle, This Old House, Sunset, Dwell, Real Simple, Cooking Light, HGTV Magazine, Redbook, Lucky (don’t hate me, I have given it another chance), People StyleWatch, Vanity Fair, Better Homes & Gardens, Coastal Living, House Beautiful, Parents. Glamour, Matchbook (online), LonnyMag (online)…… and now I just realized why it is that I only read ONE book last year.

  71. Ellen says:

    Lucky Peach
    Bon Appetite
    Cooks Illustrated
    New York
    Organic Gardening
    The Believer
    Art Forum
    Elle Decor
    This Old House
    I adore my tangible work/home magazines that arrive via mail.

  72. Natalie says:

    I sense this will be embarrassing for me but lots of other people seem to have a long list. I have to say I am Team Elle over Team Vogue and the UK Elle is amazing, if you haven’t read it then definitely worth picking up. They do some incredible covers.

    Also very pleased to see the love the Aussie mags have gotten on here.

    Here goes…

    – Allure
    – US InStyle
    – Australian InStyle
    – UK Elle
    – US Elle
    – Australian Elle
    – US Vogue
    – Real Simple

    If I could regularly find People Style Watch I’d also buy that but it’s hard to get. Also I do keep reading Lucky in the hope it will reach the early 2000s heights once again. Fingers crossed.

  73. Donna says:

    I subscribe but must admit I haven’t been keeping up with these:
    Make up artist

    And I seem to end up reading/snagging these from the gym:
    In Style

    I’m considering subscribing to Fitness again, too. Maybe it will get me to the gym more often. (although I doubt it!)

  74. Bex says:

    Print: Bust, Vogue Knitting, and the Sunday New York Times
    Kindle: Atlantic Monthly

    I actually love mags and used to subscribe to several, including 4 knitting magazines at one point, but they’re expensive and pile up fast because I don’t have time to read them, so I had to whittle it down to the ones I truly loved. *sigh*

  75. Abby says:

    I love reading these lists.

    My only subscription is to the New Yorker, which I get on the kindle because the overseas subscription is too expensive.

    I buy the Economist here and there and am considering subscribing again – but the weekly delivery gets too overwhelming sometimes.

    When I’m in Canada, I read the Canadian house magazines and occasionally Flare.

    In the US, I pick up Sunset Magazine (to torture myself for having left the West Coast?), and I also sometimes buy Rock and Ice or The Alpinist.

    My parents often save the NYT magazine for me and bring them when they visit – that’s always a treat.

  76. Day says:

    Lucky, Details, Vogue, GQ , Martha.

  77. mims says:

    I read a wierd mash up of MSL, Country Living, Velo news, Bicycle TImes, Red Bull Bulletin, Outside, More, Utne Reader, The Sun and Harpers.

  78. Lisa says:

    Harper’s Bazaar- my favorite US fashion magazine because of the art direction
    New York
    In Style- it’s like a more upscale US Weekly, right?
    Entertainment Weekly
    Elle Decor
    House Beautiful
    Architectural Digest
    Vanity Fair
    British Vogue- but not on the regular (too $$$)
    Digital- Domino, Lonny, Matchbook, House of 50, Rue

  79. Katie says:

    My great love will always be Domino. I cried when it was canceled and my brand new TWO year subscription was replaced with Glamour. How is Glamour like Domino? Every month – for TWO years – when Glamour arrived in my mailbox, it was like a kick in the teeth. I’ve subscribed to the revived Domino and am keeping my hopes up, although the Winter 2013 issue was a little patchy. Gift guides should describe why you would want to give the item as a gift. Not why you would want it for yourself.
    Other than Domino, I subscribe to Bon Appetite, Women’s Health, People Style Watch, Veranda (which is ridiculous and everything costs $30,000) and Harpers.

    • Bex says:

      I had the same feeling when they canceled Everyday Food and replaced it with Martha Stewart Living. MSL is a fine mag, but it’s not what I wanted.

  80. Christine says:

    Between Girl of A Certain Age, Into The Gloss, the French Vanity Fair website and Habitually Chic, my fashion, style and eye candy needs are well fulfilled.

    I get hand me downs of the New Yorkers a month after my boyfriend finishes with them. They feel less oppressive that way than getting it every week in the mail. I have electronic subscriptions to the British and American Spectators and received a print subscription to the Literary Review for Christmas to catch up on all the UK book relases.

    I do catch up on Elle, Lucky, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue at the nail salon. The only article I read in depth in Harpers Bazaar is the “day in the life” pieces in the beginning.

    The last paper magazines I read with regularity were Fantastic Man (until the interviewees became too mainstream), Art of Eating (probably nothing wrong with the magazine—maybe I’ve already hit the ceiling with what I need to know about French and Italian home cooking) and Domino.

  81. Trish says:

    Elle Decoration UK, Dwell, and Bazaar.

  82. Maggie says:

    I’m a magazine fanatic (ex editor, now in digital media), so I read/subscribe to a ton: House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, Lonny, Domino (come back as you were), Country Living, Wired, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Oprah, More, Elle (losing interest), Marie Claire, W, Bon Apetit, Cooking Light, and get a bunch from my mom: Vanity Fair, Veranda, Traditional Home, Town & country, InStyle … But most of my shelter/fashion reading I’d done via RSS to blogs like yours that I follow, probably 100 or so.

  83. Melinda says:

    I love actual, in-the-flesh magazines. Right now I subscribe to The New Yorker, Mental Floss (the BEST source for random facts to bust out at parties), In Style, Allure, Marie Claire, McSweeney’s, and Bitch. And I still miss Sassy! (Why oh why did I not keep my old issues?)

  84. Jennifer says:

    Red Magazine (UK), More, Natural Health, Psychologies, House & Home

  85. janisemarie says:

    The Week is the best! Also get The New Yorker and Bon Appetit.

  86. Lesley says:

    The New Yorker, the Times Magazine, Bon App, Saveur, Lucky, in the hopes that it will return to a shadow of its former self (tiny bit of hope now with new EIC), InStyle, Elle, Real Simple. When I need a treat to buy off the newstand, O is usually a pretty good read too.

  87. Jennifer says:

    We recently cut way back on magazines because we felt guilty that we never got to them but now I don’t have enough. Thank you so much for all the recommendations. My 2 staples are Vanity Fair – no one in my house can touch it until I go through it cover to cover & The Week – just one hour a week & you’ll know what’s going on in the world – it’s the summation of the best articles written on the hottest topics for that week. Not just US perspective either. I also outgrew Real Simple, O & Time. Now that I’m 50 & finally learning how to dress (thank you CAbi), I need styles magazines & blogs like these.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, forgot to add Conde Nast’s Traveler (won’t renew – print is too small) & House Beautiful – pictures are beautiful….

  88. Viajera says:

    You-all must read a lot faster than me! Holy mackerel.

    Now I know what to do the next time I face a quandary — I will just come here, and ask you-all!!! Genius.

    Also I love the international readers! We got Aussies, we got Brazilians. This is excellent.

    I don’t read anything that hasn’t been listed — only suggestion I have is, I’ve had good luck getting recipes from my local Chowhound site. Ask the foodies, right?

  89. Lisa says:

    The Gentlewoman
    The Atlantic Monthly
    Rookiemag(this should count, right?)

  90. Jo says:

    While I used to love magazines, they now officially stress me out. I still get Dwell and New York Mag and the weekend NYTimes and it just feels like more stuff to deal with. I am incapable of throwing the magazines away before I look through them, so I just end up with a pile of paper and clutter! Whenever these subscriptions run out I am done with magazine subscriptions! For now, anyway. I am messy enough as it is.

    • Viajera says:

      I have the same problem, and I’m sorry to say, sometimes I keep newspapers too if there’s a good piece (yikes! Learning Channel?!!! but I do this less than I used to).

      It’s a sickness, this greed to know too much. People try to say that it’s all online, only that’s not always true (text yes, pictures not always, ime). Still, this is a bad habit for me. I find it easier to let go once some time has passed. And now I realize, I don’t remember it all anyhow so I may as well not bother.

  91. Floortje says:

    I love the smell and feel of good print. Check out Stack Magazine subscriptions for a brilliant surprise every month – they send out a different random and beautiful magazine to you, often with a funny wee freebie. I love it! Also, Oh Comely magazine (UK) is a lovely read with gorgeous layout and photographs.

  92. I still read Lucky, but I don’t cherish the issues the way I used to back in 2010-2011. I doubt I’ll be renewing my subscription this spring. I don’t like (and can’t afford) the new “aspirational” designer fashion direction. That’s what Elle and Vogue are for, anyway.

    I really enjoy InStyle magazine. They show great items at a variety of price points, and realistic ways to style them even for us girls in the Midwest, and they feature women of all ages, sizes, and races.

    I wishlisted a subscription to Midwest Living and received it — nice photography, tasty stylish but solid recipes, and interesting travel ideas for my part of the nation.

    Once in a while I’ll treat myself to a particularly pretty and relevent-to-my-needs issue of Real Simple from the newsstand. I love its photography and elegant matte-ness.

    I confess to poring over People magazine and Marie Claire when I’m waiting for an appointment and they’re available. I like the royals information in People, and the beauty product emphasis in Marie Claire. But I won’t pay money for them.

    I only read magazines as solid, glossy pages. I want to curl up with them for a while and physically turn pages at my pace. I just can’t concentrate and enjoy the alluring layouts and stories on a computer screen.

  93. Paula says:

    Living Etc. is my favorite hands down! Also enjoy Frankie. Miss Domino (the old version) and Blueprint…

  94. LisaToo says:

    Great question, and great list responses. I have always loved magazines too. For me, now:
    Vanity Fair
    People (loved having the subscription, always looked forward to unwinding, Friday night. BUT, in last few years it has become more formulaic and aged-DOWN– don’t enjoy as much as I used to).
    Better Homes and Gardens
    Writer’s Digest
    And, no longer read, but used to love (and still feel nostalgic pang for):
    Seventeen (of course we read when we were 12–remember when it was jumbo, oversized dimensions before it switched to “regular” format?)
    And, dare I say? — WAY back: Tiger Beat!

  95. WCT says:

    I have always loved magazines, a guilty secret perhaps for an academic. And while I love my IPad I prefer to page through paper. The New Yorker would be my fav if it did not pile up accusingly so I had to stop getting it. I tried Vogue but as someone else interestingly commented–it makes me tired. Love the idea of house porn and yes Dwell is awesome if but the stuff dreams are made of. I like Real Simple if it is nothing like being real simple. Cooks Magazine is fun since I do not cook.
    I am probably older than all of you but I still enjoy fashion. Wish it was not all aimed at rich 17 year olds. Any suggestions?

  96. CKinSF says:

    All print, I am the last person in the US who doesn’t have an iPad.

    Subscriptions: New Yorker, Economist, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Cooks Illustrated, Oprah, Sunset

    Magazine delivered to my house for which I don’t have a subscription (drives me crazy!): Parenting [I don’t have kids!]

    Magazines I only buy at the airport: US Weekly, The Atlantic

  97. Sydney says:

    Allure since the inaugural issue, Marie Claire and HGTV magazine. I have just gone through a transitional phase and cancelled Glamour et al.