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Cheap(er) and chic of the week: Shopping the sales part 2

msgm boucle chain jacket

On our first sale outing before the holidays, I covered the classics; now it’s time for the fun, not-quite-everyday stuff. Like this boucle jacket with chain details, which sits right at the intersection of French lady and rock and roll.

thakoon addition coat

I’ve been obsessing over short-sleeved coats  lately, and have had my eye on this one in particular all season. The leopard print is nice and faded out, which keeps it from coming off too costumey or retro, and the cut couldn’t be cleaner, which ditto.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 2.50.45 PM

True, I might never actually wear them. And yet part of me feels I must have them.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 3.40.11 PM

There’s nothing that comes off as surprisingly sophisticated as a well-executed dot print, and this Equipment top in red and navy gets it just exactly right.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 5.39.06 PM

There has been much discussion of the more down-the-rabbit-hole aspects of J. Crew’s collection this season (sequined sweatshirts; T-shirts studded with leather flowers; bejeweled button-downs) and this silk-embroidered cashmere sweater is definitely part of the lunacy. It looks a bit like wearing a rug on your chest—but in a way I’m actually sort of digging.

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Posted on January 2nd, 2014 6 Comments

6 Responses

  1. equilibrist says:

    Agreed, it is somewhat odd, but as an admirer of Caucasian/Kazakh rugs, I am drawn to it. When I first saw it, I gasped at the price (not that it’s so unusual for J. Crew these days), but then I saw it posted somewhere as an example of how crazy and ugly J. Crew has gotten in its latest collection, and I felt embarrassed for having admired it in the first place.

    I think this motif can actually work in a less in-your-face way in a scarf. I compromised by getting the Marraine scarf at Aritizia, which is large and luxurious enough to be worn as a shawl. I’ve even been using it as a throw when I need a little extra warmth.

  2. Lori says:

    If I could afford those boots I would totally buy them, even if all I did was stomp around my apartment listening to The Pretenders first album!!

  3. rachael says:

    two comments- 1. It looks like the only size they have the crazy Maison Martin Margiela boots in is MINE (which is a 35). That’s a sign, right? and 2. J.Crew has gone nuts these days. which is kind of awesome. I just bought a shirt there that may induce seizures in people, and have gotten so many compliments on it, and everyone is shocked when they find out where I got it.

  4. lizzo says:

    Hey, I bought (and then returned) that J. Crew sweater. It was beautifully made, but the crazy embroidery (which I loved on the model) made me look like a playing card, or something equally rectangular.

    I really wanted to love it, but I don’t do rectangle torso for any amount of silk embroidery.

  5. Mickey Drexler owns nine houses. At some point, he needs to stop collecting abodes so J.Crew can price its sweaters more reasonably.