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Guest post: $150 and under with Andrea Linett

Ms. Linett likely needs little in the way of introduction to you regulars: I have posted about our many and varied expeditions, as well as her excellent style blog, I Want to Be Her!—and her very clever book by the same name. Or maybe you recall that we started a magazine together, many lifetimes ago. Andrea has always had a great eye for both style and a good deal, and everything I know about when to splurge and when to save I learned from her. Here are a few of her cheap chic week picks.


Zara coat Every season I crave a classic coat with a teeny bit of an edge. This one is perfect because of the smaller shoulder and bigger collar. The fact that it’s double-breasted makes it look even cooler when worn unbuttoned. It reminds me of Balenciaga or Celine, and is the just the type of thing that makes beat-up jeans look chic.


Asos fuzzy cardigan I’m a sucker for anything fluffy — This looks serious when you’re dressed up and all sorts of fun when you’re not.

tenthousandthings-swoop ring

Tenthousandthings ring A big sculptural ring on a woman always makes her look like she knows what she’s doing. This one is super chunky and reads arty-expensive. Shhh…


Nasty Gal cork tote Anything cork reminds me of Martin Margiela, and this bag could easily pass. Cute in the summer, but even chicer with winter gear (like strappy sandals with a menswear coat).


Tripp pants These are fun and very Balmain-like. Unless you’re 15, they’re better when worn with something classic like a white button-down or a tee and structured blazer.

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Posted on September 10th, 2013 1 Comment

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  1. Marie says:

    And how I have missed Andrea Linett too. Thank goodness you are both alive and well and doing your thing on the internet.

    I love these picks. I may have to go and get the Zara coat.

    Here is a request-apologies if this is the wrong place to post. I have wanted an animal/leopard print coat for a while now, but have had difficulty finding one that I love and that is at a decent price point. There’s one by DB (or is it BD?) Dakota on ShopBop now, but it is sort of grayish looking. Any advice would be appreciated.

    And again–so, so, so glad you are both blogging.