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What item in your closet do you not wear but can’t get rid of?


As a girl, my mother would go into her closet and kiss the dresses she never wore, because she was afraid she was hurting their feelings. I’m not quite so sentimental, but do understand the impulse: there are items in my closet I haven’t taken off their hangers—except to move residences— in over a decade; items that, truth be told, I may very well never wear again, but that I can’t begin to think about parting with, because they speak to me, or to some specific time or series of events in my life. With other pieces, the equation is simpler, and I can’t say goodbye because the item in question is just way too nice. Such is the case with two Chanel boucle jackets, both purchased for me by proxy nine years ago in Paris. Editors get a healthy discount at the Paris Chanel store, and one season, before the Lucky crew left for the collections, the fashion director and I studied the look book to plot out prospects. She ended up calling me from the store with two differently excellent options, and in a moment of lunacy, I instructed her to bring home both. That spring, I wore each frequently and with delight, mostly with jeans for a look that I hoped was very fabulous and rock and roll, like the tomboyish French movie star Lou Doillon might do. Or, occasionally, with clean black trousers and a simple tee, like Ms. Coppola here. But the thing about Chanel jackets is, you have to be pretty damn cool not to just default into matronly wearing them, and ultimately, I’m just not that cool. So there they sit. My hope is that, in another fifteen years or so, they’ll be totally age-appropriate.

OK: Now your turn.

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Posted on July 31st, 2013 78 Comments

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  1. Bex says:

    A fabulous sweater coat that I knit for myself many years ago. The colors were perfect and I found gorgeous buttons for it. I always got tons of compliments when I wore it. A TSA agent at the airport once joked (I hope) that she was going to declare it a hazardous material so she could steal it for herself. I just love it. Unfortunately, it is way too big now and it makes me look like I’m wearing a giant tarp, but I can’t give it up. I’ve thought about seeing if I can have it professionally altered or even unraveling it and reknitting the yarn, but there’s no way I can get rid of it, no matter how much space it takes in my sweater drawer.

    • Katie Lynn says:

      I would unravel before taking it to someone else to alter it. Or if it was knit in pieces I would steek and cut them myself, but I wouldn’t trust someone else with a handknit sweater! Please realize that I am a crazy person who has completed or nearly completed 3 sweaters with the same yarn (it’s held up surprisingly well) because I don’t love the finished product.

      • caro says:

        I’ve done that to! I knit my mother the same yellow sweater (out of the same yarn) THREE times because none of them were quite good enough. We call it the birthday / christmas / birthday / christmas / birthday / christmas… etc.. sweater. It took YEARS to get an acceptable end result.

  2. Laura says:

    I wish it was a Chanel jacket. Nope, it’s a 34 year old Levi jean jacket. I bought it in 1979 when I was 16 from the Camel’s Eye in Spring Lake, NJ. It is perfectly faded and still fits.

  3. Katie Lynn says:

    I have an eggplant purple silk dress that cost a small fortune, never been worn. I purchased it ahead of time and planned to wear it to a wedding rehearsal (which then became ‘casual’!). I pull it out every once in a while to see if it will work for other occasions, but so far it hasn’t made the cut. This has been about 8 years.

  4. Melissa says:

    I have a cotton Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that I bought between 8-10 years ago. I wore it a couple of times and now it’s a touch too small. But I don’t know what to do with it, so it continues to hang in my closet.

  5. The white dress I wore on my first official date with my now husband – married 27 years, the dress is 29 years old and a couple of sizes too small. But it was so pretty!! Same with the dress I wore to our rehearsal dinner.

    Also still have my wedding dress but I wear it every anniversary to greet the hubs when he walks in the door. I can no longer zip it in the back but I get the kids to pin me in.

    My fur coat. It was perfect for the 80s and is still the warmest thing I own. Also the most politically incorrect.

    Everything else gets worn or gets thrown.

  6. mary says:

    “defaults into matronly…”—-you put it perfectly!!! I had that issue with (what I thought was) a classic Armani jacket–I wore it several times with some Armani trousers, but over time I outgrew the pants (meaning I had 2 more kids.) I kept the jacket, like you, to “look cool” with jeans or something. It never happened. Hope there’s a happy thrifter out there wearing it now….

  7. janet says:

    Way too many things, beginning with the odd summer camp logo tee that somehow still fits. Another sentimental keep is the A. Smile jeans, decades old and perfectly patched that I’m afraid to try on for fear of ripping. Then, like you, there are the Chanel pieces that I would never, ever let go of. I’m not a hoarder, really!!!

  8. cedar says:

    Mine are mostly hand-knit sweaters too. I’ve gotten rid of ones that truly didn’t fit or were just plain unflattering – and even that was painful.

    I am a ruthless culler of most of my closet but there are about five attractive, decent-fitting handknit sweaters that get lovingly nestled with cedar in the out of season boxes year after year. Sadly, they just aren’t as easy to throw on as my lightweight store-bought cardigans so they languish on the shelf every winter.

  9. c.w. says:

    I have a closet editor person who comes over every couple of years and strips my closet of all my “mistakes” and things I will never ever wear again with the exception of a mink coat my muther insisted on giving me in 1982 and I wore exactly twice, but am too guilt prone to get rid of something so expensive given to me by my muther. (not to mention the political incorrectness of fur or the fact that I live in Texas during the winter where even the idea of wearing fur anything is absurd since the weather is so mild)

    I also have a Helmut Lang long black sleeveless dress with an asymmetrical cut out back that I bought as a “possibility” for a black tie event. I ended up wearing something else and have not attended anything since that would call for such a dramatic dress so it sits in my closet, but I will not give it up.

  10. Kiki says:

    A Levi’s jean jacket from 1988, black patent Gucci sling backs, Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes. I think about getting rid of them every season when I clean out my closet, but I cannot.

  11. pemora says:

    my wedding dress, which sounds more cliche than i meant it to be. it’s actually just a white, maxi, beach cover-up…i *could*, in theory, wear it any time over the summer but i never do. and i will never get rid of it either.

    i like nancie bartley’s idea of wearing it on my anniversary. i might do that this year!

  12. dkurtin says:

    All my Helmut Lang pieces from the 90s. Some I have not had the chance to wear, others don’t fit right, some are falling apart. But since I can’t replace them I can’t get rid of them.

  13. Debra says:

    Levi’s jean jacket from 1985. It’s faded and tattered but I cannot bring myself to get rid of it.

  14. edie says:

    New York closets are less forgiving, so maybe we have fewer of these items? For me it seems to be a number of things purchased at the Barneys warehouse sale. Like a Fendi dress, a Lanvin dress, and two Matthew Williamson jackets from his first year out. I flatly refuse to give any of these up, and I am almost 100% sure that they will not get worn but will get passed on to one of my two daughters (which is how I justify keeping all this stuff in the first place). They also stand to inherit the motherlode of purses . . .

    • Nousheen says:

      Oh my god, that’s my excuse too! Only my daughters are both under the age of 5, so I have many more years of “collecting” things “for them” before any of it will get worn. And it’s highly unlikely that they’ll wear any of it anyway, as they appear to be taking after their very tall dad.

    • Hallie says:

      The Barney’s Warehouse sale was a perfect storm for regrettable purchases–high pressure+bad mirrors=warped judgement. At least half the things I’ve bought there over the years never felt right and never got worn. But then there are those magic pieces–great deal, still make me feel super cool–that kept me going back. I hear they’re going to go on-line exclusively now, though, so maybe that will save me from myself.

  15. gilli says:

    A Missoni top I bought in Italy almost 10 years ago. It is too tight and short. Wouldit be sacrilegious to have it made into a scarf?

    • Helen says:

      Not at all! Absolutely, do it!

      I keep a beautiful patterned party dress for which I am really too old now. It’s so pretty, seeing it in the closet always makes me happy even though I can’t wear it anymore.

  16. Jessica says:

    I have a FABULOUS gold lame Philip Lim dress…that I bought on Gilt and it’s too big, but I obviously can’t return it. I COULD and should have it taken in but right now I have it “in case I get pregnant.” (It’s that billow-y.) I’m 38 and not dating anyone, if I want to get knocked up to wear this thing, I need to get on it. But I can’t get rid of it.

    I also have a DVF strapless orange number ALSO from Gilt that doesn’t really fit. Maybe I need to stop shopping at Gilt.

    • Kimberly says:

      I have the WORST time with the DVF fit. I just gave a bunch of DVF dresses to a taller/slimmer/younger co-worker. I hope she can make them work.

      • FK says:

        That’s funny because the DVF fit always works for me 100%, no problem, I can buy anything sight unseen and it just works perfectly. You aren’t a size 8, are you? If so, maybe we could talk… 😉

  17. Selina says:

    Ugh, Jimmy Choo high heeled gold strappy sandals. I bought them believing high heeled gold strappy sandals were a “wardrobe staple”. I think I read it in too many magazines.

    I live in the LEAST high heeled gold strappy sandal place on earth i.e. Ireland. What the hell was I thinking??

  18. blackbird says:

    An Yves Saint Laurent bustier.
    I was younger, tanned and firm.

    I call those items Relics, and when I re-do someone’s closet (which I used to do for money) I let them keep a few.

  19. ragazza says:

    A lilac satiny halter dress, very Marilyn Monroe, that I got on sale at at a very cool boutique in the East Village about 15 years ago. Never worn. (It needed some alterations.)

    Also a plaid Marni jacket, bought on sale at Blake in Chicago about 12 years ago. I did wear this a lot back then. It’s outdated, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It’s Marni!

    I was also a personal stylist for a while and don’t always practice what I preach, apparently.

  20. Terry says:

    I have trouble getting rid of everything unless it’s stained or torn. Despite this, twice a year I make myself bundle up a bunch of dresses, pants and blouses and take them to Goodwill.

    Right now, I’m considering getting rid of a black velvet dress with a lace illusion neckline. I haven’t worn it since my cousin’s wedding in 2002, but it refuses to go out of style.

  21. JC says:

    Oh, great question! I do have some things that look too old now, but I’m hoping I can eventually wear without looking silly. But the one thing I can’t bear to party with is a long, swingy gray silk skirt with lace overlay and tiny beading, which I wore to an orchestra gig one night, and after it was over some of the brass players and I wandered through the hotel, dancing in all the ballrooms. It still reminds me of that magical night where I felt like a star, and I can’t bring myself to part with it even though I’m sure I’ll never wear it again.

    • Jess Mayeux says:

      Ohhhh, that is exactly the reason to keep something! I’m very moved by that story.

  22. lorimac says:

    There is a section of my closet that my husband calls the ‘museum.’ In it is the Laura Ashley dress I wore the night he proposed, the Oscar de la Renta Quiana jersey dress custom made in the 70s, a suede fringe hippie vest; and a dress that I wore to a formal event with a boyfriend I was crazy about. Yeah, I’m just not parting with these.

  23. Caroline says:

    . My favorite is a great pair of custom leather pants I bartered for 20 or so years ago and wore to death. Can’t part with them, but would never let my daughters go out dressed Iike that…

  24. Kirsten says:

    I’m another person with a jean jacket from my youth that I keep around, only mine is Guess, not Levis. And black, though now it’s faded a bit. And I used to wear it with my mother’s diamond sweater chain, which is still attached.

  25. yunah says:

    2 anne klein suits from the mid 90s, cost a fortune, they have shoulder pads, they’ll never come back but i can’t get rid of them, they saw me through many a horrible deal.
    that’s the best photo of sofia ever.

  26. Jozelle says:

    I cannot get rid of the first date outfit that I wore to meet my husband. So sad my daughter wore the 1980’s Esprit sweater to school for “ugly sweater day” this year. Still have the black backless shift dress my mom made for my husbands and my first New Years celebration. And of course I still have my wedding dress and shoes 23 years later. But at least my 17 year old took my ’80’s black lace strapless tea length dress, took up the hem and made a bubble skirt dress for homecoming. My three teenage daughters are grateful that their mother “hordes'” clothing!

  27. Tara says:

    The dress I wore when I met my husband, a beautiful navy Ralph Lauren sundress. Not sure if I could wear it again but I still have it. I also have the dress I was wearing when we got engaged, a soft blue silk floral dress. Of course I have my wedding dress, it’s boxed up & has been hauled all over the US with us.

  28. Nancy says:

    I have my girl scout badge sash….and a hand knit Norwegian sweater I bought thousands of years ago traveling with a college friend. She bought one too. There they sit at the bottom of my camphor wood chest, never to be worn. Well, the sash I understand, but I could try and make a go of the sweater. I also have a pair of funky John Fluevog boots that they sell year after year, so I always hang onto them in the hope I might wear them, but I never do–weird shoes never seem to date. Confession complete.

    • Heidi says:

      True! I just remembered another thing I have had in my closet forever: a pair of black pointy-toe, buckle strap, silver studded shoes–with cut-outs!–from the ’80s. (Whither goest thou, Bakers Shoes?)

  29. I bought a yellow-orange moire silk dress with spaghetti straps and a slightly flared skirt while on a study abroad in South Africa during grad school. I was tan and in incredible shape, so it was perfect on me. I was poor but splurged because it was by a South African designer, who personally sold the dress to me. I returned home, put on a bunch of weight while writing my thesis that I’ve never lost. The dress lays in a box in the closet. I felt guilty making that purchase when it clearly only fit and looked good on me for two weeks. But the memory of how good it looked is enough to keep it in my wardrobe.

  30. Cathy says:

    I bought a Pucci minidress for a steal at $100 at a thrift shop in Boston in the 80s. It’s long sleeve with a pink/orange/yellow pattern on white. I love it! I’ve only worn it a few times, including once w/ my (future) husband and my parents to a West Village restaurant, where I got a few unsolicited compliments on it. I’ve considered selling it now because it may be worth something and I could use the cash, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  31. Tamara says:

    Kim you have inspired me. I have been cleaning my closets and throwing stuff away since reading this post…3 hefty bags full…and the shoes are next!

  32. Amy says:

    I have a long white skinny muumuu from my time living in Hawaii, and I can’t seem to bear to get rid of it. It reminds me of good times…

    I also have a silk black dress I bought at a vintage show a year ago, which ended up being too small, but it’s now my goal dress to wear to a wedding at the end of the month.

  33. Rosemary says:

    Susan Bennis Warren Edwards shoes black fabricey with this flouncy thing on extremely pointed toe, sling back, very high curved heel – for short money bought @ Building 19 in Burlington MA will wear them – eventually. Black Prada heavy heavy silk long dresslong sleeves laced on side fit for about a minute bought @ Filenes Basement way way back in the day before what it was was no longer. Geoffrey Beene long boiled wool black asymetrical neck and hem fitted long sleeves gorgeous also Filene’s Basement.

    • April says:

      I have not heard of Building 19 in YEARS. (I was born in Woburn :P) Thanks for a memory!

      • Susan says:

        I had forgotten about Building 19! My now ex-sister-in-law (still sad over that one) bought designer wedding dress there and then found a Bianchi at Filene’s Basement in Boston (the real one). Think she wore the Bianchi. And I from Woburn, too!

  34. Heidi says:

    A vintage black dress I bought 22 years ago at a street market in Vroomshoop, the Netherlands. Because it reminds me of a time, a place and a boy. (Shh, don’t tell my husband! 😉

  35. equilibrist says:

    My McGovern-Shriver ’72 t-shirt, which I got when I volunteered for that campaign when I was 8 or 9. I bring it out for important electoral occasions.

    Old boys’ Levis (501s? Can never keep the style numbers straight) from the late ’70s that I broke in from that brand-new stiff denim. They never fit right in the waist, but when I was in high school I overlooked that.

    A Teenflo suit I bought in Paris in 1989–as I recall it cost almost $400 at the time, the most I’d ever spent on anything sartorial. Black linen with a cropped jacket and some of those 80s shoulder pads; the pants are high-waisted, wide-legged, but the legs are asymmetrical (i.e. different widths) so that it almost looks like a floor-length wrap skirt from certain perspectives. I still think it’s one of the cooler suits I’ve ever seen. And the name Teenflo just cracked me up–all I could think of was Tampax Juniors.

  36. Lisa says:

    An all-ivory cashmere Kiton skirt suit. For the obvious reasons.

  37. Tricia says:

    I have so many things we could be here for days (including a burgundy diamante-strapped satin ballgown complete with crinoline that has never been worn except around my apartments) but my favourite would probably be my vintage sequined butterfly disco shirt. I was SO excited when I found it at a second hand shop and wore it all the time in my mid-20s. And despite the fact that I have zero inclination to wear it, I just cannot part with it. In fact I think I even have two of them – my girlfriend had one as well and wanted to get rid of it and I couldn’t even allow that!

  38. Cherie says:

    The black Nirvana t-shirt I was wearing when I met my boyfriend. I bought it in high school for $8 and should have parted with it a long time ago, but now more than ever I just can’t. Also, just about any item of clothing my parents have bought me (souvenir t-shirts, etc) gets to stay. I feel like I would hurt my parents’ feelings if I got rid of those clothes, even though some of them are seriously old and don’t fit anymore.

    • Jaclyn says:

      I hate the same problem with shirts! I have a stack of about 20 shirts from my parents that I fully intend to turn into a quilt. It’s the only thing I could think to do; I’m hoping one quilt will take up less space than 20 shirts, or at least be more practical.

  39. Rini says:

    I have a vintage 1960s black wool wiggle dress that I bought because it made me look like bombshell in the shop, but I’ve never worn it out in public because the hem hits me at a stumpifying length. If I alter it to knee-length, it would lose its 1960s aesthetic and thus be ruined.

    So I just keep it in my closet and admire it on the hanger.

  40. Mina says:

    A peasant-style dress my mother made by hand in the 70s, using nail scissors to cut the liberty print fabric. It fit me for a while in high school in the late 80s,, when somehow pre-grunge overlapped briefly with a vogue for flower-powery looks. I fell in love during that year, and I associate the dress with feeling beautiful for the first time, although I marvel that I ever wore it now (closet full of black jersey). And I associate the dress with my creative mother, who made all her own clothes for decades.

  41. Christine says:

    This is so ridiculous, but I have an Esprit dress FROM HIGH SCHOOL that I can’t part with, and I’m nearly 20 years out from high school. It was the most extravagant thing I owned at the time ($80, I think), and I got so many compliments on it. I loved the pattern too — it looked a little vintage-y even back then. The long flowy dress is classic early ’90s — there’s no way I’d be caught wearing it. But I keep thinking maybe I’ll use the fabric for something else — but I never have.

    I also have a crazy brown and cream wool coat I bought for $17 when I was studying abroad in Wales. This was before “hipster” was a word, and my friends teased me about how grandmotherly I looked in it. It doesn’t seem like a proper grownup coat to me now, so I don’t wear it. But that semester abroad was such a magical time, and that crazy coat is in so many photos. I’ve been thinking lately maybe it’s time to part with it, but after writing this, I don’t think I will.

  42. Alice says:

    Yet another denim jacket–Jou Jou, very Michael Jackson-ish, from the early ’80s.

    A pair of knee high Zodiac boots with tassel ties on the side.

    A tapestry clutch bag by Ralph Lauren. It’s got several worn places on it, but every time I try to get rid of it, something stops me.

  43. Molly says:

    I saved 2 pairs of Guess jeans from the 80’s. Saved my money and splurged on them in high school. One pair dark acid washed with ankle zipper, the other faded light blue button fly. Will make the best costume for my daughter someday! Can’t believe I saved them this long.

  44. Emma says:

    Most of my closet sits, unworn, mainly because (1) a mistake I made with a gorgeous, billowy, scraping the floor short sleeved black dress which I had turned into a maxi sundress and the dressmaker made it that awful just above the ankles length, and (2) i’ve thrown about 4 things out that i’ve deeply regretted so I’ve vowed never again (alter or throw out!)

  45. Emma says:

    I’m ruthless that way. If it’s not worn – i give it away or alter it.

  46. ChristieLea says:

    I tend to get sentimental about all my clothes, to the point where I feel guilty whenever I send any to Goodwill.

    But the most precious item of all, which I never wear anymore, is a low-riding, pleated, denim miniskirt from 2004.

    I had been overweight from the age of 12 to my mid-20s. Then I finally changed my lifestyle and lost 50 pounds.
    That pleated denim miniskirt was the first miniskirt I was ever able to wear. I was so happy when I brought it home from the store that I cried. It’s a badge of honour for me…I will never throw it away.

  47. FK says:

    My senior prom dress. I had a 1940s pattern made up for me, and the pattern was beautifully chosen and the grey-green color was great… but the fabric was charmeuse.

    When I was 18, I had the confidence for satin, but now I fear I’ll just turn into a rumpled pile of fabric… even though I still fit into it.

    I’ve thrown out almost everything else, so much of which I regret. Not getting rid of this one.

  48. Abigail says:

    I have a beautiful aqua silk, couture dress with a fishtail hem, twisted bodice and a bit of a train. It was originally $2500 and I bought it for $50 when the high-end boutique where it was being sold went out of business in 2007. It fits me perfectly, and I have never worn it. Not once. It’s a terrible waste, but I live in Seattle and we don’t really do events to which one could legitimately wear a dress of this nature, yet I can’t bring myself to just rock it at some party in case someone ashes or spills a beer on me.

  49. Mary says:

    A jaws t-shirt from the 70’s that my mother wore, then I wore almost to shreds with with short jean skirts and combat boots in the 90’s- and the tight “black party pants” I wore in college- they still fit. I try them on when I need a confidence boost! I really don’t hang onto much but these items are from some of my best/prettiest/hardest partying days.

  50. Katharine Griffiths says:

    I find it so hard to throw anything away. Whenever ‘goth’ is touted as a trend, I think of the (cheap) black lace top I gave to a friend 15 years ago and wish I still had it in my wardrobe.

    The crazy thing is that I will have an item for years, try it on regularly and then take it straight off, and yet if I get rid of it, I will totally think to myself – one month, six months, six years, later – that item would be perfect with this outfit, I wish I’d never got rid of it.

    The only problem is that I’m now reaching critical mass with my wardrobe and I’m currently on a self-imposed three month shopping ban – what was I thinking! – just because I can’t fit any more clothes into my summer wardrobe.

  51. Lori says:

    When I was in college my dad went on a trip to Morocco and brought back a beautiful black leather (buttery soft leather) skirt at a bazaar. Now, my dad has never bought me a clothing item before or since. It was a little long so I had it professionally hemmed and wore it once or twice. It doesn’t fit me now, and probably never will again, but I will never get rid of it.

    Other than that item, I ditch clothes with aplomb.

  52. Synnae says:

    I always held on to this dress even though it is a size 6, I spent most of my adult life being a size 16 and even now with over 60 pounds lost, it will always be too tight in the shoulders and boobs. But I can’t get rid of it.

    It’s a gorgeous sixties pink shift dress with silver paisley print made by my seamstress grandmother for my mother to wear on a cruise. It will never fit me properly but it is the only tactile memory I have of my gran.

  53. Leanne says:

    Katharine, I quite agree. Whenever I get the urge to throw something out I ‘rest’ it instead, and 5 years later it’s perfect.

    I have so much stuff I never wear and never throw out. Too much to list.

    Banim and Guy’s identify of ‘three interdependent views of self’ evident from women’s relationships with their clothes. These are The Woman I Want To Be, The Woman I Fear I Could Be and The Woman I Am Most Of The Time. I think a lot of us keep things because they embody the Woman I Want To Be.

  54. OMG! what a surprise to come across this post. You all remind me of a lady from New Zealand who went through the same problem – then she launched a Pre-Loved Fashion Sale and everyone donates their favourite outfit you are talking about – the one that is too good to go to welfare shop – and she holds a big sale. ALL of the money (yep 100%) goes to local projects to advance the status of women. Through working with her, I am involved with running the same thing in Australia. We give these items a new life with a new loving owner who cherishes them as much as you did and we all help our local projects

  55. Vicki says:

    Another Levi jacket-mine is from 1985ish. Also all my stunning vintage suits from the 40’s. They used to see the light of day on a regular basis but I’m a little curvier now. Although they are taking up valuable real estate in my closet…I just can’t.

  56. Daphne says:

    I cannot part with the shoes I wore in my first marathon – though I couldn’t tell you what I had on my feet in any of the subsequent 5. Also, there’s an insanely fabulous secondhand black Givenchy cocktail dress that fits twice a year, when I’m in my peak mileage marathon training weeks. The social life/training stars have aligned exactly once since I’ve owned it, but it’s good to have a barometer – and when it fits, it makes me feel like Nike herself.

  57. Anna says:

    Some 50 pairs of fabulous heels.
    I used to live in them – and owned only 2 pairs of flats – until about 5 years ago. Then I decided to start walking to work, stocked up on cute comfy flats, stopped bringing heels to work to change into, and traded in weekly cocktail parties for horses. So now I look at them wistfully, and give them to my sister for an indefinite loan.

  58. Carol says:

    Other than a few concert Ts that I’ll always keep; I have two pieces from Talbots, size 8 that I can’t part with. Got them for,my 25th anniversary after I’d lost 35 lbs. One was a tuxedo suit with rhinestone buttons – no shirt needed, and the other a stunning black sheath with delicate lace and some beading. Oh Talbots, why are you so frumpy now!

  59. Sarah says:

    A pair of Benetton jeans from the early 90’s and a pair of Fendi Japanese-esque sandals I bought in Milan in 2000. The jeans still fit (yay) but I won’t wear them (boo), lest I be mistaken for an overgrown hipster. The sandals are ridiculously uncomfortable, they have a wooden sole, but I was so enamored by labels at the time I just HAD to have them. Now, thinking of how much I spent on them I cannot get rid of them.

  60. Ashley says:

    A 1930’s black silk velvet cape. It is so beautiful and is the softest feeling velvet in the world, but it looks like something one would wear to the opera in… well, the 1930’s. I know I’ll never get the chance to wear it, but I still take it out regularly to try it on and turn it so the velvet doesn’t get crushed. Here’s hoping I go a little crazy when I get old and just wear it with everything.

  61. Sophie says:

    Ohh – sooooo many things. A late 80s Chanel ballgown, black and white with gilt buttons down the front, bought secondhand for £100 in about ’92, worn at least once … clothes of my mothers that will never fit me, things ‘to hand on’ to my very-unlikely-to-ever-be-born-daughter, Amanda Wakely ball gowns (3) I shall never wear again … I’m better at getting rid of the high-street stuff than the designer stuff but I’m still such a hoarder and I have so little space! I’d actually rather get rid of my wedding dress than the other ballgowns, despite having liked it and being very happily still married. That must be sacrilege, no?

  62. Meg says:

    A grey, wool Evan Picone suit. Unfortunately, the jacket was made in the time of monster shoulder pads that can’t be easily removed. Every 6 months or so I try on the jacket, contemplate taking it to a tailor for shoulder-pad extraction, sigh, and hang it back up. I don’t miss shoulder-pad fashion, but wish it would come back just so I can wear the suit jacket.

  63. Lauren says:

    Ralph Lauren white suede wrap skirt with fringe (think western)from the early 90s. I HAD to have it, wore it a few times and rediscovered it a few years ago when my parents moved. I still cannot part with it.