Sunday 17th December 2017
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Monday links

Airstream 19331

  •  Your creepy-cool moment of the day: RVs in the wild. (Behold)
  • Talk about your grave mistakes: a GPS error caused an Ohio bank to repossess the wrong house while the owner was away on vacation. (Time)
  • Welcome to every freelance writer’s dream come true: magazine articles that became movies. (Electric typewriter via Flavorwire)
  •  This guy got crazy stinking rich as a co-creator of The Simpsons (residuals are seriously the gift that keeps on giving, guys). Now he’s dying of colon cancer and leaving every last dime of his estate to charity. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • It’s not everything by a long shot, but I’m counting this as progress. (CBS News)
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  1. achariya says:

    It was moving to read about Sam Simon. He’s doing it right.