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Things you don’t play for laughs

In better times

In better times

Maybe you guys can help me, because I’m having a tough time with this one. Why, when a public figure starts falling down the rabbit hole of madness, do we, as a culture, take so much pleasure in watching and mocking as they go? I found it unbearable when it happened to Britney Spears, and—even though I think he’s loathsome—when it happened to Charlie Sheen too. And now Amanda Bynes is going through the same drill; her every unfortunate tweet and chance encounter gleefully detailed as though she were a particularly entertaining pariah, instead of the very lost soul who either has no one left to appeal to her better self or—more likely—is too lost to listen to them. The girl is sick, and obviously so. To laugh at her is as vulgar as laughing at the victim of a car wreck.

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Tuesday links

mermaid parade 2

  • The Coney Island Mermaid Parade was Saturday, and—as has always been the case—the people watching was tremendous. (The Cut)
  • How can a high-profile TV celebrity chef  pay her black employees in beer and not expect that one day this behavior is going to come back and bite her in the ass?  (The Frisky)
  • This rundown of the all-time worst movie jobs likely bears little relation to real life’s all time worst jobs, but it amuses all the same. (EW)
  • The long national nightmare is over, people: Twinkies are back. (Time)
  • Oh Texas, why do you make it so hard for me to defend you? (Atlantic Wire)


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You can only take one beauty product on a trip. What is it?

lulu g

We’re talking makeup here. The thought of choosing just one at this stage in the game terrifies me impossibly, but I’m going with mascara. (Nifty cosmetic bag by Lulu Guinness).

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Because what’s worse than gloppy lip gloss in the stinking heat?

tarte lip smooth

Have I mentioned yet how perfect Tarte’s chubby little lip color pencils are for summertime? How they go on super-lightweight, but impart a surprisingly strong pop of color? And that they go on smooth and are quite emollient, which one might not necessarily expect from a beauty product that comes in pencil form? All true.

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Monday links

pucci uniform

  • Pucci flight attendant uniforms, pianos, wet bars, and other improbable features of air travel past. (Mental Floss)
  • There’s one thing you can never take away from Andy Warhol: the man was crazy quotable. Start off your week with some of his more memorable lines—like for instance, “Don’t pay attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”—here. (PKM)
  • Kristen Wiig, Steve Carrell, and Chris O Dowd and an errant fly prove very entertaining on the UK’s Graham Norton Show. (TOH!)
  • Check out this trailer for the Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher and then compare and contrast with this real-life footage of Jobs talking about his legacy.  (Laughing Squid)
  • Paula Deen is cooked. (Atlantic Wire)


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Crazy or cute?

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 9.20.03 PM

I wouldn’t wear these, and yet they appeal. Thoughts?

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