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Thursday links

edith windsor

  • If you take issue with my lefty-loo politics,this would be a good day to skip the links, because: Victory! So much victory! I love Nancy Pelosi’s priceless response to Michelle Bachmann’s statement about DOMA being struck down. Also, this story about how various corporations reacted to the ruling was not uninteresting. In addition to which: this slide show, featuring pictures from the life that 84 year-old Edith Windsor, the plaintiff in the case that challenged DOMA, shared with her late wife Thea Spyer, brings it all, quite touchingly, home. (PKM, Slate, New Yorker)
  • And good gracious, was that Texas filibuster led by state senator Wendy Davis—which killed what would have been a disastrous anti-abortion bill for the state—exciting or not? It did my expatriate soul good. (New Yorker)
  • Either Paula Deen needs to get herself a new crisis manager or fire her current one stat, because her non-apology apology on the Today show Wednesday was a crazy hot mess.  (Today)
  • This story, by an man who has written a book about how obsessive-compulsive personality disorder greatly contributed to the success of such legendary figures as Steve Jobs, Charles Lindbergh, and Thomas Jefferson, is full of amusing anecdotes. For instance, one time when Steve Jobs was in the ICU, he ripped off his oxygen mask to point out its design flaws and insist that they be remedied immediately. (Slate)
  • And finally: imagining Mad Men through the prism of  The OC.  (Vulture)


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12 Responses

  1. WCT says:

    I love the images of Edith and her partner! This was such good news after the disappointing decision from the day before. I am also bemused to hear that Bachman knows what The Almighty God intends.

  2. Kate says:

    I love your lefty-loo politics! What a round up 🙂

  3. kim | says:

    I also love your lefty-loo politics, along with cute/ugly shoe and bronzing oil recommendations!

  4. Leah S. says:

    Yes, there’s just so much! Yup, what a round up.

  5. nadya says:

    I love your lefty-loo politics too! And your shopping tips. It’s all about the balance, right?

  6. Tamara says:

    When in doubt…go left.

  7. Kate says:

    Kim, I thought about you today. I had a WWKFD moment. I’m flying cross country on Saturday with my 4 year old (and making a few stops on the way back to the east coast) and happened to find myself in a TJ Maxx. I came across a Liebeskind Naomi bag in tan for less than $50.00. While I’ve wanted the ubiquitous Longchamp bag for some time, I’ve never pulled the trigger. I saw this dreamy and lightweight Liebeskind and decided that this was the moment to pull the travel purse trigger. As I continued to browse I came across a Missoni for Bric’s duffle bag in Tobacco. I love Missoni. I love Bric’s. I love travel bags. It was less than $150.00. While I try not to buy a lot of patterns and never purchase a heavily logo’d item, I think exceptions should be made for Missoni (and Pucci). I thought “Self, WWKFD when presented with this shopping dilemma? Would she purchase both bags? Would she be satisfied with the Coach travel bag she already owns yet is terribly heavy on her shoulder and has a print that makes you wonder what drug she was was taking when she purchased said bag? Would she jump on the opportunity to own such a beautiful “forever” bag that her nonexistent daughters may one day fight over like I fight with my two sisters to use our mom’s vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy?”

    Well, I deduced that Kim France would purchase both bags, return the two pairs of shoes and dress purchased from Nordstroms Rack a few weeks ago as well priced, high quality shoes and dresses are easily found at Nordstoms Rack all of the time.

    Thanks for the imaginary shopping advice today, Kim.

  8. Dana D says:

    I like your politics an awful lot…and the pictures of Thea and Edith are lovely. And I agree that politics and beauty go hand in hand…so thank you for the wonderful commingling of critical thought and art.

  9. Rosemary says:

    Yeah Edie Windsor. You see goo gobs of couple pictures over the years but i’m taken with how beautiful they are — and how together they seem over decades. Wendy Davis bad ass person of the week, month and most likely can pre declare for the year. PD with all that dinero couldn’t spring for a crisis mgmt team from moment 1? Good riddance.

  10. muranogirl says:


  11. lindanyc says:

    Lefty Loo Loo Loo!